Latest news on telecom’s statistics in Nigeria – MTN keeps loosing customers

It is quite apparent that, MTN keeps loosing customers from their platform for the past few months. Every statistics reports from then to now keeps going against MTN Nigeria.

Anyways, the actual good news is that Nigeria’s national telecommunications operator, Globacom, is now the second largest telecom operator in the country.

Before reaching that point, Glo Nigeria had to beat Airtel by gaining more 1,945,846 new subscribers in September. All thanks to the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) new statistics reports.

Globacom new subscribers base is 49,211,628, from the 47,265,628 subscribers in August, while the former second largest subscriber base is now 48,909,678. Which pushes them to the third position.

glo bundle plan 777

Although, Airtel Nigeria is added 987,787 new customers in September but it is still in-comparable to the massive Glo’s 1,945,846 new subscribers in the same month.

On the other side of the statistics reports includes MTN and 9mobile, where the both has lost a considerable amount of subscribers. Unfortunately, 9mobile data plans aren’t that attractive.

From the 65,707,899 subscribers in August to 65,328,104 in September, MTN Nigeria lost 379,795 subscribers. We can’t confidentially explain the situation in their lost, data plans, tariff plans, or the South Africa Xenophobic might have contributed to the massive lost.

While 9mobile, who were formerly known as Etisalat also lost 268,159 subscribers in September, from 15,602,255 in August to 15,334,096.

Sincerely, I can’t explain the Globacom gaining more subscribers, after all, the company’s network service is really poor and bad. Is it the cheap data plan?

On the other hand, Am literally expecting Airtel to gain more subscribers than ever before, since the company just revamped their current data plans, that suits the masses, low-budgeted and economic-friendly.

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