Glo Increases Data Bundle from 1GB to 1.2GB for just N1000

Globacomm Tele-communication is really trying when it comes to cheap data bundle for all smartphone, system that is laptops, windows, ios, iphone and the rest.

No other network has done this, just as of recent GLO launched a new data bundle, where you will have to use N1k to subscribe to 1GB of data bundle, but this time, something has change around, for good!

Thank God that, the change is not for bad but it is obvious that the change is for the betterment of Nigerians. Before, you will have to use glo 1k to get 1gb but now, it is 1k to get 1.2gb! isn’t that great?

Yea, to me, it is great oh. To enter the data bundle of rich family, just recharge with the expected amount of money, that is N1000 on your Glo line and dial *777# and that is all!

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