Gionee Mobile is one of the biggest leading phone manufacturing company in Nigeria and other Africa, Europe, Asia countries. Their devices are the best selfie camera, they are designed perfectly, have big battery capacity and fast and are also affordable compared to other company’s flagship phones.

But however, phones are not reliable and can give in to any damage at any given time, it affect both big and small company’s, none is left out. You can buy new phone and within some days, weeks, months, year, it develops some issue, well, the fault most times, comes from either the user or the company during the production and setting of panels.

gionee center

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This is the complete locations of Gionee Mobile service centers in Nigeria, their addresses, phone numbers, where you can repair your phones if it happens to get damaged at any point. And they are available in all most all the states across the nations. Before we begin, this is their;

Official Head Office in Nigeria

Address: Suite B12, Asset Corp Plaza ; 21 Obafemi Awolowo Way, Ikeja,Lagos.
Phone Numbers: +234 8025959521 / +234 8175240616

Below are the full addresses of all the Gionee Service center to repair your phones, buy spare parts, accessories.

gionee service center

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Contact them

E-mail: [email protected]


  • I bought a Gionee X1S phone a week ago. The phone is overheating and the battery does not last for up to 6hours. Please I need help immediately.

    • Hello Joseph, the battery life of the X1S is an excellent one for such smartphone and is expected to last for longer time but if the case seems to be the other way round, then you have to check it yourself, it is either you failed to charge it appropriately before using it or the battery is faulty from the manufacturer.
      The battery is one of the issue affecting overheating in phone. Follow the above steps and if there is no change then take it to the nearest technician around you.
      a. Turn off unused apps on your phone
      b. OFF your data, when you aren’t using it.
      c. Avoid direct sunlight to your phone
      d. Activate airplane mode or turn it off
      e. Don’t turn your brightness up
      And also check your phone charger, avoid over-use of apps and camera.
      We need feedback from you.

  • My p8w battery i bought is not strong pls, help me out. Though d original dat came with it got damaged recently. But, i avnt get another better one.

  • My Gionee M5 went off by itself on my way to work this morning and it has not powered on since then. The only thing showing on the screen is “Gionee Smart Phone” but it’s not coming on and it cannot be switched off. its been like this for about three hours now. Kindly assist.

  • I bought Gionee s11 lite and the screen broke recently where can I get a good repair here at Ilorin and how much does it cost

  • please how can I get Gionee f205 DIY back case, I have search all over ikeja and alaba market they don’t have it,
    I’m presently in Delta State pls if they is way I can get it somewhere in Delta, I Will appreciate
    I really need it before my phone back get scratches because it already having bit by bit scratches, pls help

  • My Gionee A1 plus I but a week ago
    from Jumia is given me problem, every five minutes the network will charge me 20 to 30 naira for sms, Airtel and Etisalat advice me to flash d phone, but I’m afraid to do that, pls I need help

  • Your care center in Kaduna does not have Sim card tray slot for S6s and am badly in need of it.if it can b made available in Kaduna please mail me.Thanks

  • gionee phone is a product that has very reliable battery but the only problem am havin wt my own phone presently is the issue of hangout application that doesn’t work on my phone,that is d only problem am havin.

  • Good day. I bought Gionee X1S from Jumia around May,2018 through Gionee. After 4 months I discovered that the phone will just went off even at 85,90 or 95% battery after putting on my data to browse for some minutes. The battery had already swell up at the back of the phone. Please what is wrong? What can I do? Thanks in anticipation for your reply.

  • Please i bought gioness s10lite but I’m having issues with inserting the both sim card and memory card together, i need assesstance to resolve this issue.

  • Danzo Bankole
    I’m using Gionee M5 I want to keep some pictures secret and I encrypted them and then I could not find anywhere in the phone please how do I decrypt to get back the picture

  • Good day my Gionee f205 screen was broken…… and want to know how can I get the screen….cos I still have a year warranty on it

  • I got a gionee s10 lite through jumia balck Friday some moths ago. The phone went off yesterday and hasn’t come up, it only comes up when I plug it and once I unplug it goes off and the battery is full.

  • I use GIONEE M6 and for over a year I have been looking for its pouch you buy for the phone without success. I have been checking GIONEE service center at Simbiat Abiola Street at Ikeja without Success. The pouch for M6 is part of the phone and without it you miss some of the functions.
    It seems GIONEE cannot support its products it markets in Nigeria with Spares. That is unfortunate. Please speak and let me know where I can find GIONEE M6 pouch to buy for my phone.
    Regard. Ogbemudia Christopher.


  • My Gionee M6 phone recently can no longer browse the internet, open my emai account and download files. Please what could possibly be the reason?

  • Pls i need gionee M5 marathon screen i have issue with my own since last year and i have been calling the office at ikeja but they have not given me good feedback cos they keep telling me it is not available until now, i live at satellite town Lagos, thanks

  • Please I need help, I bought gionee s8s a month ago, and since I bought the phone the screen shot is not working and also I can not make use of the camera for video only pictures, I love gionee phone and I have been using the product since about 4 years back I’m just surprise to see this one like this please help me out thanks

  • My gionee f5 screen sometimes stop working when pressing ….. It start working again only if I press the power button to off the screen and on it again

  • Pls my gionee s10 front camera is not switching… I need to know where to repair this problem in kano… Thanks

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