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Free WPS Office 2016 Personal Edition – For All Devices

        WPS Office 2016 Free is a powerful office suite which includes a word processor, a spreadsheet program and a presentation maker. These three programs can help you easily deal with office tasks.

Office task for example such as:
*. Writer – Efficient word processor with PDF Reader and PDF creater;
*. Presentation – Multimedia presentations creator;
*. Spreadsheets – Powerful tool for data processing and analysis

wp office 2016

WPS Office 2016 office suite is for Microsoft Windows, Linux, iOS and Android OS, and it is developed by Zhuhai-based Chinese software developer Kingsoft. WPS Office is a suite of software which is made up of three primary components: WPS Writer, WPS Presentation, and WPS Spreadsheet.

The personal basic version is free to use, but a watermark is printed on all printed output after the 30 day trial ends. A fully featured professional-grade version is also available for a subscription fee. The current version of WPS Office is WPS Office 10.

WPS Office 2016 Free supports English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese,Russian and Polish languages. Language switch is as simple as one click.

How to Download WPS Office for Windows PC, iPad and iPhone, Linux and Android Smartphone

*. You can Download the Free WPS Office 2016 and enjoy all the new specifications and features. Fro Windows, iPad and iPod and Android Smartphone.

*. You can Download Mobile Office Suite for iPhone and iPad and see all your document being handled carefully. Download on iTunes Store.

*. You can Download Mobile Office Suite for Android Phone on Google Playstore.

*. You can Download Mobile Office Suite for Linux.

wp office 2016

New features of WPS Office 2016 Free

1. Improved WPS Office stability and fixed a bug that caused a crash when opening some documents.
2. Supports correcting and formatting text as you type (Options-> Edit-> AutoCorrect-> Replace text as you type-> Option).
3. Supports select text font for Delivery and Return Address.
4. Supports align text to the left by default for all new blank documents.
5. Bug Fix: Slide show issues resolved when opening a PPS/PPSX/PPSM document.
6. Bug Fix: GIF background picture issues resolved when running a slide show.
7. Added support for Spanish, French and Portuguese.
8. Fixed the bug that text font is changed after inserting special symbols (Insert -> Symbol).
9. Fixed the bug that messy codes appear when first enter numbers using Croatia, Romanian, Hungarian or other keyboard.
10. Fixed the bug that users cannot disable “Capitalize first letter of sentences” feature under “AutoCorrect” option.

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