First Bank of Nigeria Customer Care Number, Email and Online Live chat

Today, we will list and outline the current and original First Bank Nigeria customer care Phone Number, Email and Online chat.

These are the ways on how to contact Firstbank Nigeria. Thankfully, you can contact them via different ways and platforms.

Of no doubt, First bank is literally among the top best banks in Nigeria, if not the best of them all. Well, Diamond bank will merge with Access bank anytime from today.

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Ways of contacting First Bank?

You can easily contact First bank by any of the following ways:

*. Phone Number

*. Via their Email

*. Online live Chat

*. Via your local branch

*. Via Whatsapp

*. Via Social media

*. Contact Form

*. etc

With First Bank Customer Care, it makes banking experiences easier and faster. You really don’t have to suffer waiting for the queue, when you can easily stay at home and call them.

first bank in nigeria

Why you need to contact Firstbank

They are bunch of reasons, why you actually need to contact First bank of Nigeria, below contains the reasons and what First bank can be contacted for:

*. ATM Dispense Error Complaint

*. POS/Web Dispute

*. Careers & Job Vacancies

*. Complaint

*. Enquiry

*. Feedback

*. Investor Relations

*. Online Banking

*. Mobile banking

*. First bank transfer code error

*. Products & Services

*. Subsidiaries

*. Others

Contact Firstbank via Online Live Chat

You contacting First Bank of Nigeria has been made easy. Say hello to the Live Chat feature, where you can basically talk to First bank via Online.

If you are ready, then you can quickly Contact Firstbank via Online Live Chat Here.

You can present all your case online, ensure that you are brief with what you are saying or asking. To conduct this, you must:

*. Be Online till the chat ends and

*. Have a strong internet connection

That are just the two requirements, if only you want to follow this method of contacting First bank of Nigeria.

Contact Firstbank with Phone Numbers

Like it, leave it or kill it, but the most easiest method to contact first bank, is via their official phone numbers, which has been displayed on their website:

*. Tel: +234 700 FIRSTCONTACT (+234 700 34778 2668228)

*. +234 1 9052326

*. +234 1 90520000

*. +234 708 062 5000

*. +234 1 448 5500

Contact Firstbank via Email

Electronic mail has been tested and working. You can easily reach out to First bank, by contacting them via their email addresses.

This is where you can quickly send e-mail and get answered within few hours or days. That means, if you need the answer at that moments, it is NOT advisable to make of email.

Email: [email protected]

Just outline your complain briefly, and you will receive the response before you know it. However, it is advisable to send it to the original email address above.

Contact First Bank via Social Media

These has been certified the best of the best, where you can easily contact First bank and you will get quick response without wasting a second.

*. Contact them via Twitter Handle, @FirstBankngr.

*. Contact them via Facebook Page, @firstbankofnigeria

They are also available on Instagram via their official Page. But we aren’t sure, if this is use to contact them.

The company boasts of 24×7 customer care handle for FirstBank Nigeria, but this when you are using Twitter to contact them.


Contact Firstbank via Contact Form

Another profitable way of contacting First Bank of Nigeria is via their own official outlined contact form. To do that, you must enter the following details:

*. Go to First Bank Contact Form Page

*. Select the type of Complaints

*. Select the Channel

*. Select your title

*. Enter your First name

*. Enter your Last name

*. Where do you live?

*. Your age range

*. Enter your occupation

*. Enter your e-mail address

*. Enter your phone number

*. Enter your City

*. Your type of complaint / comment is required

*. You must answer the question

*. Click on “I’m not a robot” and then Submit.

When they receive the message, you will quickly be notified and your answer will be provided.

Firstbank Head Office Address

– Address: Samuel Asabia House, 35 Marina, P.O. Box 5216, Lagos, Nigeria.

You can also contact First Bank of Nigeria via the branch that is located around you, if you are looking for the nearest branch around you, please try using this tool that contains all First bank branches in Nigeria.

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117 thoughts on “First Bank of Nigeria Customer Care Number, Email and Online Live chat”

  1. Was debited by POS in a ShopRite a week now declined not yet reversed .
    Last time same thing please kindly check and refund me back

    Date 20 Feb 2023
    Thank you

  2. Good evening sir/ma…..My name is Musa Raimo mojisola I collected loan from first credit January #10,000 and they have removed it from my account February last week and they are still sending me messages to make payment….pls help me to work on that and make amend…pls

  3. Dear sir,my name is Olaniyi Owolabi Emmanuel please kindly check my account for me people have been sending money in to my account but it doesn’t reflect 3056179302 please kindly help me to rectify it,Thanks

  4. Good morning
    A declined transaction from POS and I was not reverse 3 days now why!!! I’m frustrated already.
    Account name: Adam sufyan Suleiman
    ACC no: 3083064307 first bank
    Amount #25000
    Date: 14/02/23
    Time: 04:27 sec 24 pm

  5. On 26th of January 2023, I wanted to buy airtime of #500 through my first bank account , I used my phone but my account was debited no airtime and the money was deducted this is not the first time please refurd my money ooo. Account number 3044249509

  6. I wanted to add money from my first Bank account to my opay Account but it wasn’t successful only for me to see the debit alert first Bank sent ….. please help me look into it

  7. Please I’ve send money to someone they didn’t send me debit alert but when i check balance they have deducted it and the person never received the money am calling your costumer care it’s not going so plz help me check it out

  8. Am on a able to access my BVN and av Dial *565*0# is not respondon and l need it since yesterday for an important transaction

  9. Please someone sent me money since day before yesterday and didn’t get alert up till date or seen money and his successful from that person

  10. I tried to does airtime to 08145282939 but it don’t reach the sim but they have deduct it from my account please rever it back to my account

  11. First bank am not happy at all ,,,how can U debit me since Friday nd haven’t revered my money please l need my money,,am tired of this first Monie wallet U people introduced

  12. Good morning first Bank
    Pls I need refund to my amount back ATM machine debited me and not bring money out 3141839227

  13. Good morning, I subscribed my dstv yesterday night on my first Bank account and they av deduct the money in my account and till now my dstv didn’t show till now .I call dstv online and they said I should contact my bank which is first Bank please help me out 3022825837 adebimpe muhydeen yisau my distv number is 7029021168

  14. Hello, I want to open fbn app on my phone and they’re telling me that the current access programs is full,there’s no space……pls what can I do to open it without visit any of my branch

  15. I mistakenly recharge this number 09831221369 instead of 09031221369 using mobile app less than an hour ago.
    Pls I will love to have my money refund

  16. Hi Oladosu Jelili oladele, mistakenly send money to another first bank account number and I want you to help me to recover my money back which is #40000 and the account number that I mistakenly sent the money to is 3169568727 acc name:Abudu michael ikhianosimhe

  17. hello good afternoon ma/sir.i Instructed my kid sis to help me make a transfer with my phone but it keeps telling her that I can not do the transaction without an ATM card that I should contact them pls I need to make that transfer now because it’s extremely a nursing mum so I need for my child’s medication.thanks

    • Hello, we can’t help you, because we are not endorsed by First Bank. We advise you to add your ATM card and create your pin, because that is what every bank do. You can visit the nearest bank branch for more enquiries, or you can contact them via Twitter.

  18. Hello Ma/sir,My sister sent money to me three times and the money doesn’t reflect in my bank app nor reversed to my sister

  19. i did a transfer at airport road Benin branch but until now, i have not receive alert for it. Kindly furnish me the phone contact to call at the branch

  20. Hello sir/ma my friend transfer #500 to my firstbank account on 24/10/2020 i saw the alart but the money it’s no in my account please i need your assistance i,m student return the money 4 me thanks

  21. Hello,l brought airtime since afternoon and u ve debited me since then,l ve not gotten any airtime, me am pissed off,pls refund my money to my account .thks

  22. I tried withdrawing money with my ATM card in a POS on 7th August, the transaction was declined but my money was debited from me. I have been expecting my money to be reversed but it has not reversed. So please, can u reverse my money for me. Thanks

  23. Hello good morning…. I went to pos to withdraw money on 14-AUG-2020 they debited me that money,And i need a refund of my money that was debited ‘it is more than 24hrs now.pls help me reverse my money back.
    my account number 3077588501
    acc. name Godwin Egharevba
    phone no 08033183501 thanks

  24. Hello , I made a transaction on the 11th of August 2020, at around 09:43 from the first bank mobile app and it was successful but only for the beneficiary to call and said he didn’t receive it. Pls what’s going on . Is there any infiltration in the mobile banking app? How can you help reverse my cash pls. Thanks.

  25. I was debit when I’m try pay for DStv account through DStv app on the 27th of July 2020, and they have not reverse the money. This debit alert that I received (Your Acct 305XXXX273 Has Been Debited with NGN6,975.00 On 27-JUL-2020 06:56:37 By ONLINE PAYMENT-283795080313792/www.payu..)

  26. First bank is a crimal bank and very soon u will HV no customers if u think dis ur fraudulent act will make u bank to move forward how would u deduct money without sending it to d appropriate channel, u people are criminal, pls refund the 10,000 DAT I transfer to my account back, account number is 3146859068. Criminals

  27. Hello good morning…. I went to pos to withdraw money on 27/7/2020 they debited me that money… Same thing yesterday…they debited me…. And they haven’t refund the money… Why first bank is doing like this

  28. I lost my SIM a couple of years ago and re-registered a new SIM.But i can’t get my BVN. What do i do?

  29. Good morning firstbank pls I trf money from access bank to firstbank since on 18 June 2020 up to day no receive yet alert pls help

  30. Helo firstbank. Pls help see to this because it is getting out of hand. I deposited #7,500 into my account since early last month through p.o.s transaction but up till date, i’ve nt seen the money. I’ve been going to your bank at eket branch in Akwa Ibom State for the complain yet they’ll keep telling me they sent a mail to firstcontact. I even went to querry the p.o.s agent and he mailed his bank and the transaction was found successful yet nothing was creditted into my account. This was their confirmation session ID: 100003200414092608000002028233. my account is: (3036589091 Nnah, udo luke).

  31. Plz my account number keeps showing invalid account lately, I can’t pay online as it tells me I can’t pay with the bank account and I should contact first bank and then today,couldnt withdraw with my ATM,it said card not smart

  32. This to bring to your notice that my money was withdrawn in my account 3052853309 by unknown person
    have called first contact,visit to oregun branch 4 times,and also send a mail as well noting have been done since may 29th,
    this involves a lot of money,

    am under pressure

  33. Please help!!!
    Is there any way I can get my forgotten account number back.
    My name is Owoeye Samson Akintunde,
    phone number is 07031382586

  34. i use pos yesterday to withdraw money frm my atm card nd they debit my acct nd later said declaine .how wil i get my 4k back please

  35. Good afternoon pls I tried to fund my carbon wallet yesterday and it was not successful but my account was debited and it is more than 24hrs now.pls help me reverse my money back.

  36. Good evening, concerning the  Complaint with reference number  FBN-0804204697892, i received a mail that it has been solved and my money wasn’t credited still.

  37. I want you to reverse my money they deducted my money in stabic ibtc bank and I didn’t received any money….kindly reverse my money back….thank you

  38. Pls I made a transfer on 4th of April 2020,I made transfer of #4000 to my Opay account,but I try to make the transfer its write duplicate,but to my surprise the money was deducted but didn’t credit my Opay account and I call the customers care but they said its would be reverse in in 48 hrs but nothing.
    Also on the 7th of April I also made another #9500 transfer into my Opay account but its also show duplicate but its was deducted but not credited into the Opay account. The account I made the transfer from is 3102889207 olaiya adijat kuburat into Opay account 08099036001 olaiya Kenny.pls do something about it cos that’s the money left for feeding my family. I begged you in the name of God

  39. Hello First Bank.
    Good Morning.
    I recharged this line 08147756486 with #300 via my account since 30/03/2020 by 11: 53pm and I was debited but the number was not credited.
    Please I want my money refunded.
    Thanks in anticipation.

  40. Dear sir/ma
    Yesterday 24th March 2020,i requested for #500 from my account number 2012664106 to boost my airtime,but surprisedly my request was not granted and I was deposited the money requested.sir/ma,I shall be very grateful for the necessary corrections.Thanks.

  41. Re:I want to remind d management of my earlier complaint of not receiving salary from my bank fr d past 3 months becose of d loan i collected,pls i need help.Innocent A David, 08027846151.

  42. In regard to my earlier complaint about how first bank stop me from collecting remainimg stipend left in my salary as a way of frauding me b/cos of the loan that was granted to me.This happen at first bank,Gracebil Road Eket,Akwa Ibom State.My A/c: no 2002978921,Name: David Innocent Akpan.Please treat as urgent,I count on the coperation of the management to pls resolve this matter becose i can not bear it any longer,(3) months without take home pay is hell for me and my family.Mobil no 08027846151.

  43. I sent 50000 Maura to someone this morning,I was debited and the money was deducted from my account but the person I transferred to didn’t see alert and the money in his account

  44. Please I need a refund of my money, I tried recharging my dstv with first bank, but it deducted my money without recharging the dstv. I recharge 4k package, family. It happened on yesterday been 4th of November. And I have the debited alert on my phone

  45. Good morning,please i want you guys to stop this idea of stealing by tricks of my hard earn peanuts,often times u guys just take away money,N200,300,500 etc.
    This morning at about 7am,i purchased a recharge card of N100 on line from my acct with you 3081147396,before the purchase i was having 3,780.96 and after you guys gave me this balance 3,416.69.this has been your practice,stealing peoples money by tricks,my colleagues at work also complain about this your fraudulent act..i implore you to investigate this and refund my money otherwise i will treat u guys the way i treated ACCESS bank recently before they refunded my 3k. thanks

  46. Hello I used a pos on 11th of September Wednesday, I was debited 1000 twice (2000) the payment was declined but the money has nt been reversed, I have been calling your customer care line with no response, pls kindly help me look into it

  47. Hello. I made payment via POS on the 19th of August 2019 at the Badagry General Hospital and the payment declined. Up till now the payment has not refunded. Please help me to refund the money

  48. hello ….i am a Nigerian student studying in Russia ..i just lost my first bank atm card here in Russia….what can i do to get another card???

  49. Hello first bank.i tried making a withdrawal from access bank Atm with my first bank card on the 2nd of September 2019,cash didn’t dispense but iv been debited and no reversal until now.pls help

  50. please first bank I went to the pos on the 3rd of august to withdraw money I was credited but the money wasn’t given to me they said the money is hanged and have been trying to reach them since then no respond please help me out

  51. I have issues on Friday I send 2400 to a bolt driver and I have not yet received the debt alert and the driver said he doesnt seen it and I contact first customer and they the money was Suceess so please kindly send me the attached of the receipt so I can send email to bolt customer so they we see the transaction receipt

  52. Hello firstbank my brother transfer money to me yesterday and he was debited and I have not seen the alert till now. Please help me to find a solution to it

  53. Good a.m
    pls my friend went to paga to transfer money to me, he as seen the message that his transaction has succesful bt i don’t see the alert

  54. Good morning first bank.
    I predicted on the match between Nigeria and South Africa yesterday being 10/07/2019 to be 2:1
    Please i am yet to see my reward

  55. Evening I ‘m owokotomo olubukola Helen am one of ur customers pls I tried downloading mobile application on my techno W2 but telling me my device is not compatible pls help me out I really nid the application

  56. Firstbank is the most craziest bank i have ever seen for my life……to recharge it was successful…to transfer small amount it will be done sharp sharp on your mobile app now to make big transaction which is very urgent nah problem….by that time they will be telling you maybe is duplicate transaction….but there was nothing like that when dealing with small amount and recharge card….like seriously i hate firstbank and i will soon stop using the bank itself…I promise.

  57. Pls I need opt sent to my line my phone is 08066041026 pls I need pay some bill account name akanimoh enefiok Isaac account no 2021082081

  58. How do I enable my ATM card for online transaction? I have done it at the ATM stand yet unable to transaction online.

  59. please I wanted to buy fuel with my ATM card,, I was debited from the account… but right declined for there pos

  60. Hello First bank Plc,please I tried withdrawing from fidelity thru my First bank ATM but it says error and my money was debited from account.pls kindly look into it.

    Joy onome Etaduovie

  61. Good Morning, please I need your assistance it has happened severally to me but this one happened recently,I recharged my glo line and my wife mtn line with 200 naira each from my first Bank account and I was debited immidietly but up till now we’ve not seen the credit pls do something about it,is becoming much. Account details, Opuene Tony 3103823372

  62. I have transfered a certain amount to my wifes access bank account 2days ago. She got a credit alert but couldnt find the money in the account. My first bank account has been debited without reversal. Now we could not locate where the money has dropped, She was at her bank yesterday she showed her credit alert message, still they claimed such amount did not drop in her account. She printed her statement of account for the last 1week and the credit did not reflect. what do i do.

  63. Good day. I have transfered a certain amount to my wifes access bank account 2days ago. She got a credit alert but couldnt find the money in the account. My first bank account has been debited without reversal. Now we could not locate where the money has dropped, kindly enligthen us on what to do.

  64. Good evening, pls i need a refund.. I recharge from my account to my airtel number since 8:42AM av bin debited and yet to be credited

  65. Good evening… pls i need a refund,i transferred #1000 to my airtel number since around 8:42AM,i was debited n i wasn’t credited…pls i need a refund

  66. Pls ,first bank,I was trying to buy data for my phone on Tuesday preceding worker’s day, I dialled two times using first mobile, I was charged #2600 but data was not sent to me. Meanwhile, the money has been deducted from my account. Please, can I get the money back since I was not given the data? Thanks. 08023672069.

    • Good evening first bank? Am Akande Adekola Bulihamin from Oyo state Ibadan with first bank account number 3081969965. Make this quickly complaint concerning the unpaid atm transaction from 31st of march,2019 till date. I visited one of your bank around Iwo Road on 4th of April, 2019 for complain. Till now not refunded please!

  67. am stella otigbe pls i need you to alert me on my new mail because my old mail is not functioning since then have not receive my account balance.

  68. Pls you old cargo bank, you should try to return my money back. I transfer card to third party since 13hours and he didnt see the card. So i want you to return my money to my account. I wont mind coming to my branch to harrasing you. Try to monitor some of your staff or bank manager they are all behind this fucking shit. Im given 12hours to return my money back. Bye


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