Mozilla Firefox 63.0 is now available to all users, and the browser is looking forward to provide more power and privacy to your online presence. It is the latest version of the desktop browser, on all platform.

Firefox are known for pushing more advanced features in form of update to their user’s platform. Last time, they updated the Android platform by adding a Siri Shortcuts. The new desktop update is known as Firefox 6.3.

Past months, the company has been interested in providing subsequent updates that blocks third-party trackers, and gives you more private time on the internet. The main feature of the latest update is the Enhanced Tracking Protection.

The new feature, Enhanced Tracking Protection is much more like day-by-day ad-blocker, which can be downloaded from Firefox app store via Add-ons. But in this case, it is quite different, it is now built right into your browser.

The Enhanced Tracking Protection, it is an optional feature that blocks third-party trackers and cookies to increase your privacy online. And like usual, you can easily create a whitelist or exceptions for sites they trust.

Other updates includes: New Tab page, which pins users’ top sites, Siri Shortcuts and Windows 10 OS Dark and Light modes. And they claim, it is much more faster now! Mozilla Firefox isn’t the first browser to have this in-built feature, Apple’s Safari has already done it.

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    My Infinix note 3 pro is suddenly went off and refused to come on after I rooted my phone. My phone was set on automatic upgrade. Is it possible that this is what made my phone crash and how can I get my phone to come back on?
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