One of the fast growing Smartphone company in Nigeria, Fero Mobile, has indecisively forget the Nigerian markets, leaving for a much more greener pasture, which will hopefully be an impeccable spotlight.

Fero mobile is an affordable phone maker and distributor in Africa, and Nigeria. They have successfully announced different types of Smartphones!

This isn’t the first time, companies will be leaving Nigeria and unfortunately, it won’t also be last (I pray it is). Fero leaving Nigeria is an unfortunate news.

Fero mobile is not just leaving Nigeria market, but they have successfully rounded up everything, by closing their portals, and shops also.

When asked the reason for their immediate action, Fero mobile could only provide one direct answer to question, The Economic!

Fero Royale Y2 Lite

Saliently, the economic of the Africa, including our dear Nigeria isn’t encouraging And Fero mobile can no longer comprehend, neither can they cope with the market, they are only left with one CHOICE!

Actually, the market atmosphere of Africa, and Nigeria are not friendly. For reference and informational purposes, Nigeria have over 30 mobile phone companies.

The Nigerian markets has wide-range of options, but the citizens are only open to few mobile phone brands. The popular ones includes Tecno, Infinix, and the rest.

Fero mobile has closed their social media account, they have also announce their departure, closed shops, and concluded other necessary details to make it legit.

Anyways, Fero mobile wasn’t the first company to announce their departure in Nigeria, Innjoo, Zoto, Dealdey was actually one of the many.

Fero mobile has launched various types of impressive Smartphones series, which includes stupendous specs and features, there Fero Royale series, A-series, Power series, Iris scanner and Pad-series.

Nevertheless, we have experience different phases of mobile phone companies in Nigeria. And we are all hoping for the ultimate betterment of the continents, Africa and our beloved country, Nigeria!


  • How can I get my Fero vibe phone repaired in Nigeria ?
    I the screen replacement and what is the possibility of ordering for the screen

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