FCMB Transfer Code – How to transfer from FCMB to other banks

First City Momentum Bank is one kind of banking system that allows customers to enjoy every single offer. And to make mobile banking much simpler, FCMB introduces USSD Banking! FCMB transfer code makes banking transactions go smoothly and is secured.

In this article today here are the guidelines, FCMB transfer code allows you to transfer money from your FCMB account to another account, just with your phone number. Not just that, how to check your FCMB account balance online.

The official FCMB code for transfer is *329#, with this code, you can make use of the FCMB mobile transfer code to other banks. It serves as your FCMB transfer pin and FCMB shortcode. With this, you can also buy airtime and do many other tasks.

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fcmb transfer code

How to create FCMB USSD code transfer

Anyways, you have to first activate your FCMB USSD Mobile Banking. To successfully activate the FCMB USSD mobile banking, you have to dial *389*214#, activate with an account, and follow the command prompt until you receive this message ‘Start using and enjoying FCMB Mobile service’

What is FCMB transfer code

After you must have created the account and received the necessary information and details, you can now go ahead and purchase airtime for your number with FCMB by dialing *329*Amount#, this will allow you to top-up your mobile phone.

How to buy airtime for other number with FCMB code

If you can purchase for yourself, then you also do the same for others. To buy/purchase a data plan for your friends, families, and relatives, then you can go ahead and dial *329*Amount*Mobile number#, this will allow you to top-up other mobile phones.

FCMB USSD transfer Code

Uses of FCMB USSD Code

*. Dial*329*Amount# to top-up your mobile phone.
*. Dial *329*Amount*Mobile number# to top-up other mobile phones.
*. Dial *329*Amount*Account number# to transfer funds.
*. Dial *329*00# to check balance.
*. Dial *329*0# to reset your pin.
*. Dial *329*1*Mobile Number# to buy data on your phone.
*. Dial *329*2*Smartcard Number# to pay for DSTv or GOTv subscription.
*. Dial *329*8* self-service, 3 to increase or reduce the transfer limit
*. Dial *329#, select self-service, select block card to block debit card
*. Dial *329#, select self-service, select block account to block account.
*. Dial *329#, select self-service, select link BVN to link BVN.
*. Dial *329#, select statement, select full statement, then select the duration (up to 6 months). Your statement will be sent to your registered email address instantly.
*. Dial *329#, select statement then select mini statement to view your last five (5) transactions instantly.

How to transfer money from FCMB to other banks

This is the FCMB transfer code, only usable with the available FCMB USSD transfer code. Before you continue, you have to learn how to activate the FCMB transfer code. To transfer from FCMB to other banks, dial *329*Amount*Account number# to transfer funds.

How to check FCMB bank balance

Like others, it is quite simple and short. With this USSD code, you will be able to check your recent amount balance on the go without too much hassle. With this FCMB balance code, you can check your amount balance by dialing *329*00# to check your balance.

How to increase / limit transfer limit

With Fcmb code *329#, you can easily register using any phone type and carry out your transactions on the go. But the bank tries to limit your transactions as one of the ways to tackle fraud or anything else.

Normally, FCMB reduces your transfer limit to N20,000/transaction but you can increase the limit up to N50,000/transaction. If you feel it is too big, you can also limit the increase with the same setup.

*. Dial the FCMB code, *329#

*. Enter 8 for the Self-service

*. Then 3 to increase/limit increase

*. You can then follow all other procedures like entering your pin for confirmation. You are done.

fcmb bank transfer code

FCMB Self-service via *329#

You can also access the bank’s self-service from FCMB code, *329#. From FCMB self-service, you can block the card to block the debit card, change and reset the pin, block the account, and many more.

The purpose of this self-service is to allow FCMB customers to perform some self-transactions without reaching their customer care number. Here is how to access the service from the FCMB transfer code.

*. Dial *329#

*. Enter 8 (Self-service)

*. Enter 1 (Change pin/transaction code)

*. Enter 2 (Reset pin/transaction code)

*. Enter 3 (Limit increase)

*. Enter 4 (Block card)

*. Enter 5 (Block account)

*. Enter 6 (Link BVN)

*. Enter 7 (Enable/Disable transactions)

fcmb transfer code

What is FCMB reset pin code

In order to reset your pin on FCMB, you can dial *329*0#, this will allow you to reset your pin. Please call the Contact Centre on 01-2798800 or visit any FCMB branch for more information. Or you can call the center number to generate your PIN and it will be sent to your mobile phone within minutes.

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  1. Please how can I transfer money from my FCMB second account to either the first account or to another account of mine in another bank using the same phone number?

  2. Good day, I when to the bank to filled mobile transfer form, but when I want to make the transfer or recharge it will tell me that I have been denied from my bank, so what can I do to get my mobile transfer back

  3. if i have 2 accounts how do i get the different balances, because each tim i type in the code, it keeps bringing out the balance for my most frequent account.

  4. If your transfer is telling you sorry we are unable to process please try again later for more than 2days what should I do

    • Hello Kalu, dial *329# from the phone number associated with your FCMB bank account number. Follow the onscreen instructions and get the money credited to your account instantly.

  5. FCMB you can’t afford to do this to me and my family pls. Am stranded in Keffi. I can’t make a transfer to someone account to withdraw for me. FCMB help out pls

  6. Am so disappointed with FCMB. I have been trying to transfer little amount of money left in my account for the last twelve days but you guys keep denying me access to my money. I regret having anything to do with your analogue bank.

  7. Afternoon, am ogunlaja sulaimon olumuyiwa I just buy this phone and am trying to transfer from my bank to another bank but is giving me either user or password is in correct. Pls i need your help


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