How to download and use FCMB Mobile Plus on Android, iOS and Blackberry

The FCMB mobile plus is online mobile banking which works perfectly on all mobile handset that is connected to the internet. And you can carry out transactions right on your mobile phone.

First City Momentum Bank might not be the best bank for everyone, but it helps to grow your market and business idea. And it also helps to save your income and salary left-over.

The bank’s motto is ‘My bank and I’ and of course, they are living in that amusing world. In order to reach everyone on the internet, here is the FCMB mobile plus.

The FCMB mobile plus can be downloaded and installed all types of smartphones, starting with Android, iOS iPhone, and Blackberry mobile handset.

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What is FCMB Mobile Plus

The FCMB mobile plus is an online application that allows you to complete all your bank transactions on the internet with the help of your token.

FCMB customers who have already created their internet banking profile can use their existing credentials to access the App, thereby giving them a unique experience across both channels.

With the FCMBmobile plus, customers can upgrade their USSD mobile banking experience from FCMB transfer code, to internet online banking.

Download FCMB mobile plus on Android

To download, install, and use the FCMBmobile plus on your Smartphone, which is powered by the operating system, Android. Then you need to follow the below procedures.

Understand that FCMB online mobile app is also known as FCMBmobile plus app, which is available to Android, iPhone, and Blackberry format.

To download the FCMBmobile plus on Android, then you need to visit the Google Playstore app and search for the FCMB mobile plus, then click on Install. It requires Android 4.4 and up.

Download FCMB mobile plus on iPhone

It has got a bunch of negative and positive reviews from both iTunes and Android, but the FCMBmobile plus is just a standalone app for your FCMBonline banking.

To download, install, and use the FCMBmobile plus app on your iOS iPhone device, then you can log on to the iTunes app store and search for “FCMBmobile plus” without the quotation mark and search.

The app is just one stop for your bank transactions, making internet banking and online banking much simpler and easier.

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Download FCMBmobile plus on Blackberry

On blackberry store, you can find the FCMBmobile plus app, and it can be download on your supported device without hesitation.

It is much simpler and easier to download the FCMBmobile plus, and it is just 3MB. Which is quite smaller and easy loading.

You can download the app on your Blackberry phones, from the blackberry world. Just launch the app and search for “FCMBmobile plus” without the quotation mark.

Benefits of FCMBmobile plus

With FCMBOnline, customers can:

*. Check their account balance

*. Real-time access to accounts

*. 24/7 round the clock transactions

*. Transfer funds directly from their mobile devices

*. Bill payments (such as Cable Network, Electricity Distribution Company Bills, Airtime Post Paid bills and Internet Data Services bills)

*. Airtime top-up recharge purchase for self and third parties.

*. Branch locator. The App will help users locate the closest FCMB branch via the Map.

How to activate the app

The company essentially noted that FCMBOnline is very secure, and the private login credentials required to access the App, a transaction password is requested to validate any mobile transaction.

It also guides against unauthorized access to customer’s accounts, and it is important to protect bank details securely. Here is how to activate the app:

1. Activating the App only requires Username

2. Account Number and a

3. Registration Code will be sent to the registered phone number after the first authentication stage.

This is totally different for existing FCMB Internet Banking users, because, it is only the Username and Password are required.

FCMB Mobile Plus

How to register FCMB Mobile Plus as a new user

1. Switch on your data connection

2. Download the app from your app store

3. Install the app

4. Then register as a New User

5. Now click on “I Agree” to accept Terms and Conditions

6. Fill in your Phone number, Account number, and other required areas.

7. Click on CONTINUE to receive an authentication code on your registered phone number.

8. Input the authentication code and create a transaction password

9. Your registration is now complete

How to register as an existing user

1. Switch on your data connection

2. Download the app from your app store

3. Install the app

4. Register as an Existing Internet Banking user

5. Click on “I Agree” to accept Terms and Conditions

6. Fill in your Account number, Login Name (or username) and Login Password as registered on Internet Banking.

7. Click on Register

8. Your registration is now complete

Please note, your daily transaction limit is currently set at N5, 000. To increase your limit, you can easily use the new FCMB self-service, or you can visit a branch, or simply call our Contact Centre on 0700 329 0000, or send an email to [email protected].

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