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Facebook is introducing a new design to its messenger app today. The upcoming design is just a revamped version of the current design but with extreme basic beauty and sense of home. Facebook don’t want you to be distracted with their money-making-machines.

The simplicity of Messenger at its first stage was overwhelming and encouraging to join, but sooner, the company entered into income-fetching-collaborations with other services. Hence, making it hard for users to escape them, but the new design is definitely home welcoming.

David Breger, a product manager on the app said “Messenger is really powerful, But if you look at something like this, I don’t know if the first word you would use is ‘simple.” After all, the app is used by more than 1.3 billion people a month.

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Finally, lets see the recent changes in the Facebook Messenger:

– Photo / video button: Recall that large and mighty big photos and video button on the bottom of the screen? It has been replaced by a small camera icon next to the icon for sending a new text message.

– Combines those tabs into three.

– Discover / Business: Those revenue services has been consolidated and not removed.

– A new tab called People can be known as a contact book. It first shows users who are using the app frequently, and you send your friend a wave. Anyways, that hand emoji button is next to their name.

– Facebook stories: The new Facebook messenger shows you stories above your chats, and then again in the people tab. Hence, showing you stories twice.

– Chats: You can now change the color of a chat to be a gradient, so that the color changes as you scroll up and down.

– Nickname: You can also give anyone in any chat a nickname now.

Here are the recent changes, it is brought down to its basic. The new redesign messenger app is worth relaxing and breath-taking. However, Messenger will introduce the dark mode design sooner or later. For the main time, lets make welcome the new messenger design.

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