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Facebook Lassa app, allows you to share funny but short videos – How to download

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In a bid to win the teenagers world back, Social media giant has launched a new application, known as Facebook Lasso app. Anyways, the app is available for Android and iOS device.

So today, we will provide the complete and upcoming features of Facebook Lassa app, and how to download Facebook Lasso.

Statistics conducted in 2017, shows that 71% of the teenager confirmed that, they were still using the social media app but in 2018, everything changed, where it decreases to half of the teens. Obviously, Lasso is not just competing with TikTok.

Other similar platforms, such as – Snapchat and Youtube are also in target. That was the main reason, Lasso has been made available to US users first.

Other statistics shows that 69% US teenagers use Snapchat, 72% uses Instagram and 85% uses YouTube.

What is Facebook Lasso?

The Facebook Lasso is a simple platform, where you can easily share your short, funny and latest videos, and also watch other short funny videos.

The company said that all profiles and videos on the app would be public.

Lasso is a new standalone app for short-form, entertaining videos — from comedy to beauty to fitness and more. We’re excited about the potential here, and we’ll be gathering feedback from people and creators. Facebook Lasso allows users to get entertained with funny videos.

You may decided to add more daring and intriguing filters that awesome video, Facebook Lasso allows you to do that. Before sharing the video, you can easily add filters and special effects.

Facebook Lasso is a direct answer to TikTok, who are keen on completely overtaking teenagers world, and everyone knows the important of a platform, where you can share and watch funny short video. Although, TikTok became much more popular and familiar in the past year.

facebook lasso app

Facebook Lasso Features

Facebook Lasso is much more like the 15-seconds video app, TikTok. If you have used and understood TikTok, then you can find those features of the 15-seconds video app on Facebook Lasso:

*. Video-editing tools -hold and record
*. Fast-forward and slow-down segment functionality.
*. Videos with filters
*. Videos with special effects
*. You can add text
*. You can add music to your videos
*. Record yourself dancing
*. Record yourself lip-syncing to music
*. Record short clips like Vines
*. Autoplay video as you pass by them
*. Hashtags are displayed on the bottom
*. You can also filter content with tags
*. You can share Lasso videos as Facebook stories
*. You can share Lasso video as Instagram stories (To come later)
*. You’re also unable to make your profile private.
*. You can log in using Facebook or Instagram accounts.
*. Ranked feed of public videos uploaded from the app.
*. Shoot videos from the camera.
*. Profile view which includes the videos you have uploaded and some insights.

How to login to Facebook Lasso

Being part of Facebook platform, you can easily log into Lasso with any of the below Faceboook’s companies:

*. You can login via your Instagram account
*. You can login via your Facebook account
*. Then, you will authorize the app to allow access:
– To your profile page
– To your photos, and
– To your videos
*. After that, you are done.

Using any of the above method to sign into Facebook Lasso is legal, and will automatically allow you enjoy those unlimited and tons of short videos that autoplay as you pass by them. They are bunch of other feature available to Facebook Lasso.

How to download Facebook Lasso for Android

Fortunately, before the official launch, Facebook Lasso has made the beta version opened to users. Right now, you can find top notch and wealth of content on Lasso. Here is how to download Facebook Lasso for Android:

*. Switch on your Android smartphone
*. Download from Google Playstore HERE
*. Log in via Instagram or Facebook
* You are good to go

Note: If you found this notification, “This app is incompatible with all of your devices.” and it doesn’t show the ‘Install’ button, don’t worry, the app will be available soon to everyone. But for now, it is available only in the US for now, according to Bowen Pan, a product manager at Facebook.

It has over 1000+ downloads and install, and will still counts sooner or later. Meanwhile, it requires Android 5.0 Lollipop OS, anyways, the app current version is This is the best for all devices.

Facebook Lasso

How to download Facebook Lasso for iPhone

Facebook Lasso is definitely a new video app that lets you create short, fun videos and share them with friends. But thankfully, you can now download it for your iPhone iOS via Apple app store:

*. Switch your iPhone
*. Download from iTunes HERE
*. Log in with either Facebook or Instagram
*. You are done

Facebook Lasso for iPhone is quite big, the size is 247.8 MB and it is compatible with iPhone running on iOS 9.0 or higher. Devices includes iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Although, Facebook has also been interested in teenagers, they had launched TBH but it has bee shut down.

Are you searching for alternative to TikTok? Then you can start with Facebook Lasso, where anyone can create and share short videos with fun filters and effects. You can download and save the videos using a Facebook online downloader and share them on all other social networking apps like Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp.

Follow creators, search hashtags, discover popular viral video trends and join in by putting your own spin on them.

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