Some people may say that retro games should be left exactly where they allegedly belong – in the past. But we know that that there is no future without the past, and to keep our modern video game industry going we should be mindful of classic games, which laid the foundation of all computer games. More and more players get back to classics created by such companies as Nintendo, Sega, PlayStation, and Atari.

You may be wonder what there is so special about those naïve, simplistic, ancient-looking games that once made a splash with the world video game industry and won the hearts of millions of gamers all around the world. You may keep on wondering, and in the meanwhile, thousands of retro gamers will keep on playing Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil, and other legendary games that are undoubtedly destined to live forever. But, if you’re one of those avid retro gamers who cannot imagine their life without playing classic titles, you may want to learn how to maximize your retro gaming experience, make your gameplay even more exciting and unforgettable, avail yourself of our useful tips.

Use Reliable Emulators

As you know, emulators are special programs designed to emulate the work of vintage consoles or arcade machines’ hardware. Emulators help you run your favorite classic games on modern devices, such as PCs, smartphones, and tablets. If you want to make the most of your gameplay, the first thing you should pay your attention to is your emulator.

There are plenty of emulators available on the market. Some empower you to run SNES classic titles, while others promise to present you with the best Dreamcast emulation experience. Take care to use only time-tested, stable, and reliable tools that have been created by people who, just like you, are mesmerized by old-school games and want to save them from oblivion. Among the most reliable emulation programs are RetroArch, MAME, higan, KEGA, Project64, and others. Find the one that can help you emulate your favorite console or opt for a cross-platform solution to be able to enjoy immortal creations of different video game systems.

Use Controllers

Use Controllers

A lot of retro gamers appreciate authentic experience and therefore they use gamepads and joysticks wherewith they can control their games. Of course, they can use a keyboard and mouse for the same purpose. Still, in such a case, the romantic spirit of retro gaming will disappear. With many emulators featuring gamepad support, any connoisseur of old-school titles can control their games with a joystick and thus feel as if they are back to childhood.

● Presently, gamers have such handy tools as keyboard and mouse simulation programs at their disposal, which allow controlling any PC game with a joystick, steering wheel, dancepad, gamepad, or any other USB-controller. One of the most popular keyboard and mouse simulation programs is Xpadder. You can download this utility for free from RocketFiles and map your keyboard keys to your gamepad buttons. Xpadder features force feedback, wireless and chorded input support. The program enables you to quickly toggle preassigned buttons, improve emulated mouse moves, create, save, and load multiple profile settings. So, should you want to play any game without external controller support, you know what program to avail yourself of.

Make Use of Shaders and Filters

Make Use of Shaders and Filters

Lots of emulators feature various shaders and filters that come in handy when you want to achieve some kind of visual effect and add peculiar charm to your games. You can opt for CRT filters, if you’re into sharp images and strong scanlines. Avid retro gamers will appreciate an authentic look of their games if they enable the pixellate shader, while GBA fans can take advantage of a special Game Boy shader replicating the dot matrix of Nintendo’s legendary console.

Of course, we’ve mentioned only several tips that can help you spice up your gameplay. There are plenty more ways to maximize your retro gaming experience we merely cannot cover in one article. You’re free to explore other options and try out various recipes for more exciting and fun gaming.

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