Computer data is an extremely important form of data and it sometimes can accidentally get lost or deleted. This is extremely troubling for anyone that depends on the data for research or as a means of income. What if your entire client list got erased and you didn’t have it backed up? Sure, you could likely rebuild the database, but this could take months maybe even years depending on the size of your database. Well, these are the exact situations where data recovery software can come in handy. This software will not only recover lost data, but it will recover data that has accidentally been deleted. Anyone that knows anything about this type of software will tell you that there are many different impressive versions available. However, it really is the EaseUS Free Data Recovery Software that stands out. Below, you will learn about this software and everything that it can offer you.

Available Platforms

The first thing you need to know about EaseUS Data Recovery Software is that it is available for a variety of platforms. It is available for Windows computers and this version is called Data Recovery Wizard Pro. It lets you recover data from computers that won’t start due to issues with boot partitions as well as accidentally deleted files. The version available for Mac is called Data Recovery Wizard Pro for Mac. There are versions available for iPhone and Android devices as well. These software platforms are called iPhone Data Recovery and Android Data Recovery.

Free Trial Version

One of the most impressive things about EaseUS Data Recovery Software is that the company that makes the software offers a free version. However, the only bad thing about this trial version is that it only lasts for thirty days and it will only recover 2GB of data from devices. However, the good thing is this trial version will provide you will a trial run of the software. It will help you determine if your lost data can, in fact, be recovered prior to making the full investment.


EaseUS Data Recovery Software certainly does offer an impressive array of essential features that you won’t find available with other recovery tools.

Accidentally Deleted Files – Sometimes it can be possible to accidentally delete files. Your computer might even get hit with a virus that triggers your hard drive to start wiping itself. Well, EaseUS Data Recovery Software can quickly recover data that is lost from unexpected attacks or data that has been accidentally deleted.

Formatted Recovery – Sometimes users might find themselves in a situation where they have to format their hard drive. Well, formatting a disk hard drive does not mean that all the data is gone. You can still retrieve that data with the help of EaseUS Data Recovery Software.

Lost Partition Recovery – Even if your whole partition is missing or cannot be recognized by your system that data is still retrievable and EaseUS Data Recovery Software can help you get it back.

Hard Drive Damage – It is possible for your hard drive to become damaged or corrupted. When this happens you simply won’t be able to access it, but EaseUS Data Recovery Software can help you retrieve the data that you need to rebuild your system.

OS Crash Recovery – EaseUS Data Recovery Software even offers Windows users a downloadable WinPE bootable media so that they can start their computers and recover lost data when their operating systems crashes.

RAW Partition Recovery – Even if your partition suddenly become RAW and you cannot access your files EaseUS Data Recovery Software can retrieve your files. As you can see, the features are quite impressive, but this software is missing a few things. It does not allow you to recover data from optical storage like CDs and DVDs and it doesn’t offer the ability to add new recoverable file types. However, the files that are supported are word, excel, power point, PDF, JPEG, PNG, RAW, Photoshop, Illustrator, MP3, WAV, AIFF, AAC, Ogg, MPEG-4, Quick Time, AVI, WMV, Zip, Gzip, RAR, Stuffit, FAT, NTFS, HFS, and HFS +.


The Recovery Process

The software relatively operates the same on both Windows and Macs systems. Once the application opens it will prompt you to pick a scan location. You can either choose from your desktop, Windows libraries, an external drive, or a specific partition.

EaseUS Data Recovery Software is different than most other recovery programs because it doesn’t require you to run a full hard drive scan first. Once you choose your recovery option you simply just choose it and the program will begin a quick scan then launch into a deep scan. There will be a progress bar that appears at the top of the screen to show you the progress of the scan. There is also a countdown timer that will tell you exactly how long the scan is going to take, which is pretty nice.

Another neat feature is that you can browse and preview the files as they are recovered. This is also good because most of the files will be assigned a generic name. When the scan is completed you can access all the files by file tree or category. Content that you personally deleted will be in the recycle bin folder and other content will be marked to their corresponding folder. For instance, RAW files will be in a RAW folder. Recovering the data is simple and easy as all you have to do is put a check mark by the data that you want to recover, hot the recovery button, and choose a recovery location. You can even recover files to an external drive if you want to.


On a 518GB, NTFS-formatted partition with 379GB of used space EaseUS Data Recovery Software can recover a word document, a .jpg files, and a .mp4 video in just a matter of seconds. However, a deep scan can take up to one hour and forty- five minutes. This is still much faster than some other recovery tools out there and it is very thorough. It seems that quick scans only really scan to see if anything has recently been deleted, but during the process, it does build entire directory structures of intact files.

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