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What is DSTV Box Office and how it works?

DSTV Box office offers over 15+ movie at a go. Although, they all have expiring date, but one thing is sure. The Box Office is always equipped with movies 24/7.

The DSTV Box office is available to both Smartphones, tablet, PC and DSTV explora. You can rent movie on DSTV box office and watch it online!

How to Fund your DSTV Box office account

What is DSTV Box Office?

Hey, what’s there? It is a normal question, I wasn’t aware that one could sit at home and watch movies that are only displayed to CINEMA, and it can be purchased at a cheaper price, until few months ago.

DSTV Box office is a movie rental home, where you can watch special movies, films but works only on Video on Demand (VoD) service. That is something, that few Satellite tv don’t have!

The service is brought to you by DStv and is open to anyone in Nigeria with access to a broadband Internet connection. BoxOffice offers an extensive catalogue of movies, ranging from New Releases and Classic blockbusters.

The DSTV box office is not only available for DSTV customers, but also for non-customers. So, it isn’t necessary to be part of the great service, customer of DSTV, before you could enjoy DSTV box office service.

But to rent and watch movies, films on with DSTV Box office on your DSTV decoder, you need to get the DSTV Explora! This is where, you will actually pay more to get access to it.

dstv box office to rent movies

How does the DSTV Box office work?

It is quite simple and understandable. Box office as made clear above, it is a flexible and an online movie rental VOD service, where you can rent best blockbusters movies and watch from the comfort of your couch, available to both DSTV customers and non-customers.

For instance, you can watch Black Panther on DSTV box office, on either your Smartphone, Tablets, PC or via DSTV Explora. Here are some important questions and answers;

Will I pay for my first movie on DSTV Box Office?

If you are new to DSTV Box office, your first movie is on DSTV, that means, you won’t pay for your first movie. Rent it and start watching for free. From next, you will have to pay!

Will I retain the rented movie from DSTV box office?

And after renting a movie or a film, you can watch it over and over again, but in the next 48hours. And after that, it will automatically disappear, as you will have to rent it again, to watch it back.

Can I record the rented movie from DSTV box office?

If you are wondering, if you can record the rented movie, while watching on DSTV Explora, sorry, this isn’t your lucky day. You cannot record any rented movie on DSTV box office. That is the down side!

But, you can subscribe to DSTV Box Office download option, where you will have access to a downloaded movie for 30 days.

Prices of DSTV box office renting movies?

Don’t worry, are you curious about the price? Enjoying life most times, come with a price but with DSTV box office, renting film, movie and watch it at your own convenience is somewhat cheap.

Some box office movies costs N400, for example The Black Panther, Gnome Alone, Lady Bird etc and others such as Journey the mysterious island costs N200.

The cost of renting each movie varies depending on whether you’re renting a New Release or a Classic movie.

Can I watch movie trailer on DSTV box office?

Know what you are purchasing. DSTV allows you to watch the movie trailer and anyone that suits you among the listed movies, you can then move ahead and purchase your likes.

How many DSTV box office movies are available?

At a time, you are provided with 20 blockbusters on your DStv Explora PVR and seriously, one must be your spec. Each movie has an expiry date, as old one are going out, newer ones are being uploaded for you!

How to register and pay movies on DSTV box office

If you have more questions or inquiries, you can visit the company official box office FAQs HERE, to learn and understand more.

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