Some might just and say “all this Nokia Symbian, S40, Nokia Asha 200 And 205 Phones are all gone” but are you aware that, it is not everybody that loves using Android Smartphone or the finance is not there.

Few percent of people are still making use Nokia Symbian Phones which are not touchscreen or smartphone. So today, we decided to give it a thought, and share the step by steps guide on How to Download and Install Whatsapp for Nokia Symbian, S40, Nokia Asha 200 And 205 Phones.

As, we are all aware, that Whatsapp Messenger Application is one of the best and most used Application for chatting, including sending of messages, sending of numbers, a group chat, sending of videos, pictures and the rest.

whatsapp for nokia phones

Whatsapp is a free messenger app, that allows you to send and receive messages from one another. It also notifies someone immediately the message is sent, if you are on Android platform, you will get the alert once you on your mobile data but on other platform, quickly, you will be notified!

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Whatsapp status app is almost 90% of the world’s known best chatting application because it has so many features such as playing videos, sending video , and so many others.

Download Whatsapp for Nokia Symbian, S40, Nokia Asha 200 & 205 Phones

Below are the step by steps guidelines on how to Download and Install Whatsapp for Nokia Symbian, S40, Nokia Asha Dual 200 And 205 Phones. The steps is not too hard, it is a few steps and you need an internet connection.

Download Whatsapp for Nokia Symbian and Nokia S40 Phones

Whatsapp has enabled Free Download for Nokia Symbian and Nokia S40 Phones without following any step by steps guide. The download link is on the official Whatsapp Page.

*. To Download for Nokia Symbian – Visit the Whatsapp for Nokia Symbian Page and that is all. But you must have a working internet connection.

*. To Download for Nokia S40 Phones – Visit the Whatsapp for Nokia S40 Phones. Remember that, you must have a working internet connection.

If there is anything, you will love us to know about then you can make use of the comment box to express your view.

Download Whatsapp for Nokia Asha 200 And 205 Phones

The steps to download and install Whatsapp for Nokia Asha 200 And 205 Phones are very simple. Although, you will kind of see some hard steps but if you can read careful, then it will be like a easy thing. You can also checkout this Whatsapp for Nokia or you can Click Here to Download also.

#1. Download the Raw Zipped File file HERE.

#2. After download, unzip the file and copy the whole folder to your memory card. It would be best, if you can make use of your laptop or computer to perform this tutorial but X-plorer is still a good choice only when well operated.

#3. Now goto the folder and DO NOT launch the whatsapp application.

#4. Copy the application from the memory card to My Apps or Games Folder.

#5. Go back to the initial folder and just delete it.

#6. Go to the Whatsapp Messenger Application located in your phone and just tap the update version but wait for some minute to get a successful update and just launch the application.

whatsapp download

Are You Having Some Problems – Then Follow the Below Tutorial and Steps

i. Download this File and this File.

ii. After download, copy them to a folder on your memory card, then rename them like this WhatsApp_jar will now be WhatsApp.jar then WhatsApp_jad will be WhatsApp.jar

I Can’t still Install the Whatsapp including the zipped and unzipped file?

iii. Download Whatsapp Messenger from Nokia store.

Are you In India and getting error on Updating

iv. Look for a Nokia phone with a Working Whatsapp Messenger App.

v. Copy the application to the phone memory card.

vi. Proceed by removing the memory card and insert it back into your mobile phone and Copy the Whatsapp Messenger to your phone.

The steps is kind of confusing but if you have any problems then you can make use of the below comment box. Stay Connected and we will continue to update you on all other Technology ans Whatsapp Latest News!


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