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You can now download UC Share file transfer app

We have bunch of apps that target app sharing within two mobile phones but Alibaba Digital media is still interested in the market and thinks, it is vulnerable and in order to gain users in the market, they launched a file transfer and sharing application, called UC Share.

As expected, the app can share images, songs and movies but the unexpected, is that, it transfer at a very high speed, claims it can transfer a file at 0.2 seconds for an image, a single second for a song, or 22 seconds for a movie and also scale to a speed of up to 21 MB per second, with an average file transfer speed of 5MB per second.

That is incredible but this all depends on the amount of files, you are about transferring. Thankfully, the app isn’t a huge file at all. It takes less storage of your memory device, you can download the 1 MB right now and as usual, users can also link up with others via an icon or a QR Code.

UC share

Also attached to it, is the friends section for managing transfers and adding friends who will regularly be receiving and sending files. There’s also a self-management “Me” section for adjusting settings, providing feedback, exploring on-device files, and viewing file transfer history.

Users can share files any time, anywhere and in any network condition, without increasing their data consumption. It is a free app and you can download it HERE from Google Playstore.

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