How to download/Install & Enjoy Features on Latest Palmchat 5.2

Here is how to download and Install Palmchat latest Version on your mobile smartphone, all that is required is internet browsing. The latest version is Palmchat 5.2!

Palmchat version 5.2 is the latest version from Palmchat. It is like a messenger chatting application for Android, in the likes of Whatsapp. Palmchat 5.2 is available for Android and iOS users on the Google app store and Apple store.

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New Features of Palmchat 5.2

Palmchat is one of the world’s most popular messaging services Palmchat, and they have successfully upgraded its app to a new version called Palmchat 5.2

*. Broadcast Message

Palmchat arrives with personalized features such as in-app Palmstore and totally retooled ‘Locals’ and ‘Broadcast’handles which enable users to send broadcast messages. Tired of typing long texts? Palmchat 5.2 allows you to send voice messages, images, and many more of them.

*. Follow up on Trending events
Yes, users love this type of feature. From now on, users can also sync the new Palmchat 5.2 app with their phone book which makes it easy to connect with existing friends.

And also, they can enjoy customized hashtags for their posts on the broadcast. With this hashtag feature, users can view hot tags and follow up on trendy events, which simply keeps them up to date with the latest gist, innovations, news, gossips, etc., in town.

How to Download the latest Palmchat 5.2 version

Downloading the latest PalmChat is simpler, easier and shorter. As you all know, Palmchat is the world’s most trusted messaging application for both BB, Android, and many others.

You can go ahead and download/install the latest Palmchat 5.2 version.

All you can also download it from Google Playstore. To download from Google’s AppStore, Click HERE!

Finally, start enjoying the latest Palmchat version. There are free calls, video calls, a lot of emojis to choose from and yes, it has end-to-end encryption for your messages sent across the app itself. There are other lovely and enticing features, that you don’t want to miss!

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  1. what’s wrong with afmobi or what’s their name, creators of Palmchat, I never am able to download Palmchat on phone or computer, why can’t they just make things easy and simple


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