Diamond bank is literally among the top best Nigerian bank, and due to that, they have successfully provided various ways of reaching out to them.

On this article, you will learn how to reach out to Diamond, contact Diamond bank and layout your complains before their desk. And they are very quick to pickup your question.

Diamond bank customer care service number is just active, and vibrant among others. They have provided different ways to contact them.

Of course, they are bunch of reason why you need to contact your bank. Banks aren’t perfect and you as the customer isn’t perfect too.

You can contact your bank due to the reason that your Diamond bank transfer code has stopped working, cheque retrieval, cancelling of debit card when stolen, your bank transfer pin has been changed and many other numerous reasons.

Ways to contact Diamond bank?

You can also contact Diamond bank via Email, Live Chat, SMS and Social Media.

*. Phone number

*. Social websites like: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

*. Email address

*. Live Chat

For your protection, please do not write your full 16 digit credit or debit card number in any correspondence with us.

Before you contact Diamond bank, please read this:

Please “mask” your 16 digit card number by providing the first 6 and last 4 digits when you write to us (e.g. 496029******1234). You should also never disclose passwords, PINs or Online banking security codes to any third parties. Diamond Bank would never ask customers for such information by email, phone or in person.

diamond live chat

Diamond Bank Customer Care Live Chat

The Diamond bank customer care live chat is quite easier, and much more faster. Where you can log on and chat with their customer care live and direct.

*. Go to Diamond live chat platform HERE.

*. Enter your name

*. Your email

*. Your phone number

*. Then enter your message, which most contain your account number.

Please when filling out the form, enter your name that is the same with your Account name. Your phone number must be associated with your bank account.

Contact Diamond back Online on Social media

Another platform of contacting Diamond bank customer care service is via social media. And twitter has been reported to be the fastest among them.

*. Twitter: @DiamondBankng

*. Facebook: DiamondBankNG

*. Instagram: @diamondbankng

Diamond Bank Customer Care Number

Diamond bank customer care number is 07003000000, while there is the (+2347003000000 outside Nigeria). If you’ve got any problem, please proceed by calling the aforementioned number.

Well, Diamond bank customer care service can also be called “Diamond Care” And the organization explained that “Diamond Care is Diamond Bank’s multimedia and interactive Contact Centre”

And they also boasts that Diamond Care phone lines are available 24/7 and you can speak with us in English, Pidgin, Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba.

Support customer care

Diamond bank customer email

If you still insists, you can also contact Diamond bank by using the below contact email. Please read the instructions before messaging Diamond bank.

*. [email protected]

*. [email protected]

*. [email protected]

Diamond Bank Office

Diamond Bank PLC (Head Office, PGD’s Place)

PGD’s Place, Plot 4, Block 5, BIS Way, off Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lekki, Lagos

Telephone: +234-01-4489830, 0700-300-0000

Fax: +234-1-2619728

Always know that Diamond bank Swift Address is DBLNNGLA. And you can always visit any Diamond branch for more information.


  • Good day, I was debit 10,000 without paid using keystone bank ATM on the 21/12/2018. Which I went to a Diamond bank branch to complained severally but nothing has been done. I regret banking with Diamond ever since they migrated to Access Bank. I’m planning to sue them to court if they didn’t reverse the money before march end.

    • I sent 1000 airtime to someone and he didn’t receive it and he has called Mtn customer care and they said that the money didn’t come in so I want my money to be reverse back please

    • I transfered 500 naira to 0233623218 at around 7:45am,I was debited and the money has not been credited in that account
      My account number is 0097844771
      Access bank
      Bingila tamarau-enetenane

  • I have not been able to use my mobile app, it keeps given me this error “Internal System Error” this is so frustrating. I have to go to the bank for small bank transfers. you guys need to get your act together.
    PS: This have been happening for 2 months now!

  • i made a withdrawn (3,100) form a POS (First Bank) on the 5th of march 2019. i was charge but i was not paid so i did it again the second time it paid me. now the first withdrawn, the money has not bonus back to my account i have a patient for some time, am not happy about it at all. i have gone to my bank several times and nothing has been done about it i even gone to the place where i made the withdrawment form until now nothing has been done please help me

  • Someone paid money into my account since Sunday 30th June, 2019 through Western Union Until now no alert

  • someone tried sending me money since on the the 2nd I have not received an alert and I even checked my account balance ,and they have Debited the person

  • Some issue me a cheque, on getting there the cashier wrote DCR on it, what is the meaning and why I didn’t get paid because the cashier refused to explain to me. What happened ???

  • Pls i used access bank pos and my transaction wsnt completed, but i was debited, since three days now am yet to see the refund, pls u guys should do somthing fast about this

    • Hello James, it usually takes days, or at least a week for failed debited transaction to be refunded. Anyways, if after a week, there is update from your own bank, then you have to reach your bank’s customer care service, either by calling, messaging or visiting them concerning the issue.

  • Please they debit me since last month and I was not paid have went to the bank to complain about this issue but not solve please help me out thanks

      • I want to do transfer on my phone but I’m unable to do it they ask me to contact my bank please I want you to make the correction for me so I can be able to make transactions in my convenience time and I want ID number for online mobile banking

    • Hello, if you haven’t receive the message or email, then check your Diamond bank account balance and if its not there. You can still wait through out this week, and if it still doesn’t appear, on 16th, Monday quickly lay your complains at the nearest bank address.

  • My concern is why would the body in charge of banks allow diamond bank to be debiting people and not refunding our money within the stipulated time, it shows they are incompetent and should not operate as a financial system, I was debited 3300 and 7000 on two occasions from a POS transaction, I already don’t put money into the account again

  • i want to contact you for a failed business transaction- I sent money on Monday the person has not received the money. I tried calling you, your phone is not going through neither is your so called live chat and the accompanying email. everything is grounded. how do you serve people like this? it is so annoying. please try and up your game. it is not every body that is playing some are very serious with their business.

    • Please understand that we are NOT AFFILIATED or ENDORSED with/by DIAMOND BANK. Contact the bank straight via their Twitter handle, calls, email or visit the nearest branch. Thank you.

  • I made a transfer 20,000 naira from wema bank account to my diamond bank account number 0096978855 yesterday but up till now I have not seen my account credited. Owolabi Olajide Stephen is my name

  • My using mobileApp just one day asking me my device not registered of which have been using and I tried to re register yet i didn’t receive the verification number and I continued three times I was finally disabled. So need urgent assistance

  • Tried recharging my phone and was debited 1,000 naira but didn’t get the airtime niether did the money reversed. This happened on the 20th of October.

  • please someone send me some money since almost five days ago now and I have not been credited in my account and I have made a complain through the customers care service and yet they have not found any solution about it

  • I want to complain that someone send money to my account but i did not see the alart. I don’t know if the money have enter

  • Please I want you to help me close my esusu account and then credit the money in the account back to my account. Thanks.

    • Please Godwin, we are not affiliated with Diamond bank, but you can either contact Diamond Bank via any of the above ways. Or you can easily visit the bank address and ask them to do this.

  • I made a transfer to someone on friday and up till this present moment the person is yet to get it , honestly your banking system is the most worst ever since the merger .lodged several complains and nothing is yet to be done on it …pls am asking for your kind response on how to get this solved .cause i wont mind creating a scene if i should go back to the banking hall even at the detriment of ……..

  • The send money to me from pos since money , the money refuse to drop and i need my money have been using my ATM to see if the money is there . till now i dont see any money in my account

  • I want to do transfer on my phone but I’m unable to do it they ask me to contact my bank please I want you to make the correction for me so I can be able to make transactions in my convenience time and I want ID number for online mobile banking


    • Hello Rita, if the money has been deducted from your account. Please, do understand that Diamond Bank may not be the cause. I suggest you login to your DSTv Dashboard account and clear that error message. Thank you.

  • Good afternoon. my name is Okechukwu O Okemini with account number 0103688230 I tried to buy airtime of 1000 from my access bank account with my phone the respond that i got was connection problem or invalid MMI code which made me to try it again without any positive result. only for me to be debited three times three thousand naira ( N 3000) by access bank 30 minute later yet my line was not credited.

  • I want to make a standing order on my account and I went to the branch, they are requesting a letter from the beneficiary bank even when I have the remita. Is this right? And I need this to be done immediately… Its my account and I have that right

  • i lost my phone and i want to have my account number before i go to the bank next year….. this is my new phone number 08126278370

  • I lost my bvn number. I registered under diamond bank. D number i used in collecting my b.v.n number has been issued to another person. I really need b.v.n number to open my account

  • Good evening.. pls money was transfer into my account ,since afternoon and i have not received it ,also another one came in i receive alerts but didn’t see the money in my account pls ungentle need the money .

  • I just received a debit alert on my phone without making any withdrew and my ATM card is with me. Pls what could av happened.
    The message started with a code which reads; EXRVS/ some digit numbers.

    Pls I’m very far from a bank location. What do I do??

    • Don’t worry, the money should be refunded within one-two business days, but it doesn’t appear, call the customer care. Ensure that your MasterCard isn’t in the wrong hand.

  • good morning my name is okeke victoria anazogini please i need to open my diamond bank mobile app and i have go to diamond bank get my internet banking id and also fill form for the mobile app and also tom printing on 24 /1/2020 and i have not receive my registering code and am not in Nigeria now so if i try to open it is telling me that my user profile is not allowed to be used on the app this my account number 0092736945 please tell me what is the problem because am not in Nigeria and i need the mobile app

  • Good day here! I made a top up on my go tv account on 30/01/20 through diamond mobile bank and I was told error but my account was debited but my go tv account wasn’t credite( my account number is (0103230983) I also wasted #500 airtime in the course of reaching u through phone number I can’t believe this

  • Good evening,pls I have been having series of debt alert and I have been calling customer care line no response. Pls I need an assistant.

  • I won 2400,Baba ijebu premier loot. I want to transfer to other bank the method has changed,and please forget my account number ijust remember 7788—-203

  • Please I forgotten my online banking ID and password how can I get it back… And i don’t have atm card

  • Sincerely I am not satisfy with the way you people are handling complaints on refund of money of failed transactions, I tried to load one thousand naira 9mobile card I was debited and d airtime was denied and I complained Several times yet to no avail despite d fact that SMS was sent to me that my complaint has been resolved. This is fraudulent and uncalled for. If my one thousand naira is not refunded I will tell d whole world about it.

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