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DELL EMC E05-001 exam leads to the Associate –Information Storage and Management (DECA-ISM) certification. This certification is targeted at those who want to learn how to design, deploy, manage and control DELL EMC servers, storage, data protection and complex infrastructure both in an on-premise and off-premise environments. It is an associate level certification exam that gives a learner an opportunity to advance to a specialist and professional levels. In this article we’ll focus on the exam objectives, skills necessary to have, courses to take, tips to pass and a bit more. So, let’s start!

Exam objectives

The learner is expected to sit for Information Storage V3 Exam covering the following areas:

  • Data Center Infrastructure(15%)
  • Storage Systems(29%)
  • Storage Networking Technologies(20%)
  • Back up, Archive and Replication(23%)
  • Security and Management Replication(13%)

Target audience

As an associate level exam, it is designed for anyone who wishes to be DECA-ISM certified and to pursue a career in designing, deploying and managing data storage infrastructure.


No prerequisites. Anyone without any basic IT knowledge can take the course and sit for this exam.

The EMC E05-001 certificationexam prepares one to proceed to any of the following specialist level certifications:

  • Cloud Architect(DECS-CA)
  • Systems Administrator(DECS-SA)
  • Technology Architect(DECS-TA)
  • Implementation Engineer(DECS-CE)
  • Technical Support Engineer(EMCTSE)
  • Platform Engineer(DECS-PE)

Reasons to become EMC E05-001 certified:

Introduction to a great career

EMC E05-001 exam certification ushers a learner in to specialist and professional certifications. Depending on your area of interest, this entry level certification is designed to prepare you to become a data scientist, a cloud architect, a cloud administrator or a storage engineer. All these are professionals that are on high demand.

A hands-on experience

The training and exams leading to the EMC E05-001 certification are very comprehensive and thorough. They prepare you to become a hands-on professional ready to use your expertise in handling business storage, management, protection as well as data analysis needs. The approach focuses on concepts that are useful in all IT environments.

Attractive remunerations

Any field that requires expertise in providing solutions to businesses attracts good pay. As an expert in your area, you will be tasked with helping businesses meet their data storage needs. As a technician level professional, you will attract a salary of between $100,000-140,000 per year making you one of the highest paid entry level experts.

DELL EMC E05-001 certification is so popular because it gives you a chance to obtain a certification and become an expert who can provide storage solution needs to business enterprises. This certification is very valuable because it is based on a rigorous and a real world experience. By the time learners conclude their training, they are already equipped to work in a real world environment. The exams are meant to prove their readiness in DELL EMC technologies that involve designing, deploying and controlling company servers, storage and data protection and converged infrastructures.

Exam format

  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • 60 questions
  • Pass score: 61
  • Exam center: DELL EMC Pearson Site

How to pass your DELL EMC E05-001 exams

  • Find a certified trainer

Having someone to traingives you an upper hand in passing your exams. DELL EMC training courses are very detailed and cover all the requirements of the EMC E05-001 exam. DELL EMC offer paid for stringent and rigorous trainings. You will receive training through videos. There are also free e-learning courses that give you a general view and understanding of various DELL EMC technologies.

  • Use practice tests

There are free practice tests found on DELL EMC website. Use them to gauge your understanding of the required concepts and also to gauge yourself on your preparedness for your official exams. These practice tests are available for everyone. You are only required to register on their website.

  • Join the DELL EMC online community

The online community discussion forum consists of students and professional discussions, practice tests, policies and resources for DELL EMC training and exams. From this online forum you can also learn the benefits of these certifications from the knowledge shared by others. DELL EMC also has an active Facebook page and a Twitter account that could be of great help to you as a learner as it helps for your exam preparation.

My personal experience of passing my DELL EMC E05-001 exam

This is one exam that I had really looked forward to. Prior to that, I had made use of the available online course and exam resources found on DELL EMC website.I completed my training days to my exam.I used the exam syllabus to help me understand more about the exam policies and requirements. I also used the practice tests and sample questions to help me gauge my preparedness. The practice tests helped me to know the areas that I was still weak in and I managed to work on them. Soon it was time to do my exam. The exam was a bit tricky but I was confident that I would do well. True to my expectation, I did very well and managed to obtain aDECA-ISM certification. I’m now looking forward to proceeding to the specialist level soon.

Training Courses for EMC E05-001 exam

The following courses prepare learners for this associate level exam:

  • Information Storage and Management v3-Instructor led
  • Information Storage and Management v3-Video based
  • ISM v3 e-learning series- Module 1-16

These courses are offered by DELL EMC.

Are EMC E05-001 exam dumps helpful?

Yes, they are. They are updated as often as it is possible to ensure that they continuously meet the objectives of the EMC05-001 courses and exams. One such resource is the PassCert E05-001 practice exams. They are available online for downloads. also provides free as well as premium test exams and can be downloaded online.

Top web resources for EMC E05-001 exam preparation

  • Information Storage and Management v3 Book
  • Dell EMC Information Storage and Management Sample Questions
  • Dell EMC Certification and Practice Tests
  • DELL EMC Information Storage and Management(DECA-ISM) Exam Syllabus

Providing storage and management in a business data center, and providing cloud based, virtualized and on-premise data solutions to business is an area meant for rigorously trained and certified IT professionals. The training should be on-point and must conform to the changing norms of the data storage world. That is why there is need to continually provide a proper framework and laid down procedures that guide the training, the administering of exams and the certification of individuals responsible for providing these data storage solutions. DELL EMC has put such kind of arrangements in place, thus making their professionals highly regarded in the job market all over the world.

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