Cocospy Review: Best Spy App for iPhone

Ever wondered if you can have an extremely handy app to spy on someone? An app that can track each and every activity of your target under remote surveillance? Well, if you’re around looking for best spying apps for iPhones, you’re at the right place.

There are a lot of spying apps one can choose. You need to look for an app that has a web-based design and works extensively on iPhones. Cocospy has carved a unique niche owing to a user-friendly design and richness in its features.

Cocospy, the no.1 leading spying app in the market, has been used by millions across the world. It not only keeps tabs on what’s dear to you but does it with 100% discretion and security.

With as tight security as an iPhone, Cocospy won’t give you a hard time. You can get more information from Clickfree.

Cocospy is a feature-rich app, extremely handy and convenient for it’s iPhone or iPad users. Not only does it make the spying easier but it also puts security and confidentiality first. This means you can totally trust this leading spying app to track your children or employees.


For iOS devices, you don’t even have to install the Cocospy app. Cocospy iPhone spy app, being a completely web-based monitoring application, allows iPhone users to directly access it through any browser.

Follow these 3 steps to start using Cocospy:

Step 1: Visit the Cocospy website and create your account. Go through the plans and choose the one suitable for you the most.

Step 2: Enter the target’s iCloud credentials and verify the iCloud ID. Choose the device you want to spy and wait for it to sync.

Step 3: You will see a dashboard with all its features. Click on the left side menu to start spying by using any Cocospy feature according to your needs.


The spy app space is quite overcrowded and it can get confusing to choose. Most importantly, you have to choose an iPhone suited app that caters to your needs in full security. Below are some reasons why you should opt for Cocospy.

  1. No jailbreaking required

    One of the most helpful and distinct features of Cocospy is, you do not need to jailbreak your iPhone in order to use it. This app is completely web-based. You can access it from any browser which makes this app very easy to use.

    All you need to do is, make your account on Cocospy by using an existing email id and password. Thereby, enter the iCloud credentials of your target to start tracking their activities.

    You will see options on the control panel of the Cocospy dashboard from where you can access all its amazing features like geofencing, tracking social media interaction like Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat or FB. You can track messages, calls, locations and whatnot.

  2. Stealth mode

    One of the essential requirements of a spying app should be of concealing and keeping all the information confidential. Cocospy comes with a stealth mode that makes it undetectable while it silently runs in the background.

    There’s no battery drain due to this app because it’s not at all heavy on the phone’s storage. Neither will it reveal your sensitive data to anyone. There’s nothing to worry about when you use Cocospy because of its amazing feature Stealth Mode.

    Once it’s on, there’s no way anyone can find out that they’re being tracked. Every aspect of this app helps in keeping the user’s interest secure and protected.

  3. Cutting-edge monitoring features

    Due to its variety of features, Cocospy should be your go-to spying app especially for iPhone users! You can take a sneak-peak at saved contacts of your target, track SMS, even get to know the time stamps between calls.

    With its cutting-edge monitoring features, you can check browser history, website history and be 100% invisible with its stealth mode. After setting up Cocospy, use its extensive features to remotely track your employees or kids.

Some of the most amazing features that Cocospy provides are:

  • Access all saved contacts, call logs, timestamps of calls and messages of your target including iMessage even the deleted ones.
  • Real-time location and history of all the visited places using the in-built GPS tracker of Cocospy or geofencing feature which notifies when your target crosses certain boundaries.
  • WhatsApp messages, Instagram, Snapchat and FB messages access, basically all the third party social media platforms.
  • Stored photos and videos of your target from their photo gallery.
  • SIM card information and other location details.
  • Through Cocospy’s keylogger feature, you can literally get to know all the details while your target is typing in real-time including passwords.

Cocospy allows you to keep a tab on every little activity done by the target on his/her iPhone. With the help of these advanced features and a user-friendly web-based design, it is the best app to target an iOS device..

  1. Cocospy has a name in the market!

    Cocospy is a famous spying app popular amongst millions of users worldwide. With such a massive user base, you can definitely trust Cocospy. It’s extremely reliable and trustworthy and will keep your information 100% safe and secure.

    In fact, Cocospy has also been recommended and trusted by top media outlets like CNET and Tech Advisor. A very safe and flexible app to use, it’s affordable and user-friendly.

    Also, being a parental control app, helps parents to keep a check on their kids in this technology-driven world. It is also used by employers to keep an eye on their employees and get the work done on time.

    With these in mind, you can come to a common conclusion that Cocospy is the best spying app ever and there’s no reason not to opt for it. It’s the favorite app of millions of trusted users who have given amazing feedback after using it.

    With its high customer satisfaction rate and very helpful customer support team, Cocospy is the leading spy app popular in 190+ countries. It works without putting you at a risk and takes care of your security needs.

    Choose Cocospy for carefree, easy and convenient spying. It’s the best!

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