Now that everyone is typing on their phones, you may be wondering what they are saying on the other end. It’s sometimes even annoying when your kid can’t obey because they have a Snapchat conversation to catch up on.

Also, with too much typing from texts to social media, most of the information is enclosed in accounts. If you don’t know the username/email and password, there is no entry. If you ask your other what he or she is typing and they shrug it off, then something is up.


It would help if you had a solution that will fetch the information for you right from their iPhone screens. That solution is none other than the keylogger.The good thing is that you can capture typed details from Apple devices.

Here we have a tool that will you do that and more – the Cocospy iPhone keylogger.

Part 1: What is Cocospy iPhone Keylogger

First, if you have not yet grasped what a keylogger is, here is a simple explanation. It is a software or part of a large software that helps you capture keystrokes made on a device.

So, an iPhone keylogger will help you get the tapped letters and numbers on the targeted iPhone. That is what Cocospy’s iPhone keylogger does, only that here, it is part of a larger software.

Cocospy solution is the larger part. It comes with a plethora of features all meant to fetch information from your target’s phone. So, apart from the iPhone keylogger, you will also get call log info, messages, and iMessages, location, among other things.

If you need to use the Cocospy keylogger for iPhones, you only need to set up an account with Cocospy. No download or installation is required. The only thing you will share with Cocospy is the iCloud credentials of the phone you want to spy on.

Cocospy is also a non-jailbreak solution, which means you don’t need to tamper with the phone before getting to Cocospy. The setup and dashboard access are via Cocospy’s website. You can do it using any browser on any device.

Since you are not touching the targeted phone, your spying intentions using the keylogger will always be unknown. That is how the iPhone keylogger achieves stealth mode operation. Now, do you want to know how to view the keylogger results remotely using Cocospy?

Here is the process to follow.

Part 2: How to Use Cocospy iPhone Keylogger

We will discuss the requirements and steps in this section.

2.1 Requirements

● The iCloud details of the iPhone you want to monitor
● The iPhone should have iOS version 7.0 and above
● Make sure two-step verification is disabled on the phone
● Once you have the above list ready, proceed to the following steps.

2.2 Step-wise Process to Start Using Cocospy Keylogger

Step 1: Go to Cocospy website and register an account using your email and password. Select the Apple icon in the next step to continue to the available plans.


Step 2: Choose a suiting plan and make the payments. You will receive a confirmation email with login details, set up instructions, and the receipt.

Step 3: After the confirmation, login back to Cocospy. Input the iCloud credentials of the iPhone you want to fetch typed information.

Step 4: Select the device you want to monitor to continue. Wait for Cocospy’s cloud to synchronize with the iCloud before seeing the dashboard.

Step 5: Once you see the panel, it will have features on the left. Scroll down to access the keylogger feature. Click on it to view all the typed information from the iPhone.


The information you get is grouped depending on the application where it was typed. If you want to access the Facebook login details, just go to the FB icon, and click on it to reveal.

Part 3: Why Should You Get Cocospy’s iPhone Keylogger

Now that you have seen what the iPhone’s keylogger can do, you may be asking why we are recommending it. Here are a couple of reasons why you should consider it:

Quick setup: It will take you less than 5 minutes to set up Cocospy account and start using the keylogger.
No download or installation: Cocospy iPhone keylogger will start recording the phone’s keystrokes with the iCloud credentials only.
No jailbreak: You don’t need to jailbreak the iPhone or iPad to access the typed information in the log files.
Web-based remote viewing: The dashboard is web-based, which means you can access it anywhere, at any time using any smart device.
No battery drain: Cocospy does not consume the battery while syncing the information with the iCloud.
Real-time updates: You will get updates as soon as something is typed on the phone.
Remote uninstallation: You can stop monitoring the targeted iPhone remotely via the dashboard.


If you now want to see what your kids or employees are typing, you can do that comfortably while away. Cocospy’s keylogger will already be your third eye when you can no longer access their phones.
The best part is that you can start using it without any downloading or installation. If you want to learn about other keyloggers besides Cocospy, check this post for more best keyloggers for iPhone.

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