Claritta Net is dead, you can’t login, register, recover money or passwords

Claritta Net ponzi scheme website platform is down, is not secured, has crashed and collapsed since February, 2017. This is a notice to everyone that is still searching for this after three (3) good years.

Like any other scam platform, Claritta is a Ponzi scheme of fraud that lures investors and pays profits to earlier investors with funds from more recent investors.

Claritta Net makes its own victims to believe that profits are coming from product sales or other means, and they remain unaware that other investors are the source of funds. No Ponzi Scheme is worth your N5.

Similarly to Claritta Ponzi scheme are, Get help Worldwide, Twinkas, ecooperative, and even the popular MMM. The funny thing is that, they have all crashed!

Unfortunately, Claritta was no difference. It gives you the platform to register, create an account, login and start making money online. But it money doesn’t come freely.

claritta net crashed

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Claritta Net is no longer working

We reported a similar situation like this with e-cooperative, including get help worldwide, and even ultimate cycler. Like this websites, Claritta Net website has crashed and stopped working.

When you go to the website at www. claritta. net -you will be greeted by Bluehost web hosting banner displayed at the top. Scroll down, you will also notice some links that leads to different stuff.

This means, you can’t recover your passwords, neither can you recover your lost money. During its collapsing time, thousands were said to lost millions of Naira.

How Claritta Net worked

On registration, Claritta will match you with 2 other existing Claritta com members / participants. After that, you will expected to make a donation of N1,500 to that member you’ve been matched with.

Then your Claritta account will be activated, allowing you to dive into their referral program easily. Believe it or not, you can make up to 3 times donations at the same time.

You can receive N15,000 in total, when you make two (2) donations like N1,500 each, then in 7 days time you will get matched with 8 people that will pay you that same amount of N1,500 each.

Another instance, if you pay in N1,500, you will get N6,000 in just seven (7) days time. Invest N1,500 twice, and get N12,000 in 7 days time. Put N1,500 three times, then you get N18,000 in 7 days time.

Note that, after registering and making up to 3 donation at a time, Claritta matches you in just 1 week time with 4 members who donate same amount each to you donated.

For referral purposes, bringing in a new member who registers, joins and invest, like N1,500, then you will receive N4,500 in 3days, from 3 Claritta members who will each pay you same amount you invested to you. The bigger the people, the bigger cash you earn.

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Claritta Net Crashes

On 9th of February 2017, Claritta was confirmed dead! As at that time, no one could pinpoint the actual reason that contributed to the disappearance of Claritta.

But like said, it is just another Ponzi scheme and statistics suggested that more than 20,000 people must have losts hundreds of millions of Naira (NGN).

Well, the website came back around but later on, it still went back to its own doom. Claritta owners were reportedly from Nigerians, who used the profits from MMM to begin the broken company.

People are thereby advised by Ponzi Scheme researchers that the platform has always be deceiving, and people should be careful about where they invest their hard earned money. No Ponzi Scheme is worth your N5!

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