Christmas Wishes, Messages, Greetings, Card, Quotes for Friends and Family

Here is a comprehensive list of the top best Christmas wishes, messages, texts, greeting cards, quotes, and many others for Friends, Family, bosses, and colleagues at work.

The below Christmas wishes is for everyone. Christmas is around the corner, it is not all by sharing those tasty chicken, rice, but you can spread the greatest of all: LOVE.

Spread love to your friends online and offline, families, your boss, colleagues, and other important people that make up your life as history. Enjoy your Christmas period, soon afterward, you’d be wishing someone New Year Wishes.

Christmas Greetings

♣ Christmas shopping… they said it would be fun! They said I wouldn’t get trampled on! But hey what’s Christmas without all the crazies! Merry Christmas!

♣ It is the season to be jolly until you hit the stores and that is when all chaos breaks loose!

♣ What do you and Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer have in common? You both shine bright during Christmas for those around you.

♣ Mr. and Mrs. snowmen say thank you for allowing them to spend this Christmas with someone special… You!

♣ What better way to spend the holidays than dancing with the snowflakes! May you have a wonderful Christmas in the snow!


Christmas Messages

♣ “Spirit of Christmas not to be found under the mistletoe but into the hearts.”

♣ “Joy to the World… The Savior is born.”

♣ “Christmas is forever and for everyone,
No hard feelings, no regrets,
Just pure heart with the spirit of forgiveness,
Leading us towards Joy, love, and brotherhood.”

♣ “Christmas is forever showering upon everyone with eternal bliss,
Not just for a moment but lifetime,
All you love, share, and care should be through the year and not only for Christmas day.”

♣ “Nothing is upsetting in this world than to awake Christmas dawn and not be a teen.”

♣ “May your gifts for the Christmas season be peace and joy at this Christmas Eve, and the Almighty keeps showering his eternal blessings upon you all year coming year.”

Romantic Christmas Wishes

♣ You are the frosting to my Christmas cookie and the star to my Christmas tree. Whether it’s the holiday season or any other time of year – you complete me!

♣ No matter how cold and snowy this holiday season gets, I’ll always be warm when I’m with you! Merry Christmas!

♣ Before I met you, I felt like the grumpy Grinch. But now that we are together I feel my heart is bursting at the seams! Merry Christmas!

♣ I enjoy singing Christmas carols just like anybody. But my heart sings the loudest whenever I’m with you!

♣ When I’m with you the Christmas tree grows a little brighter. And candy canes taste a little bit sweeter. You the put the “merry” in Merry Christmas!

♣ Snuggling with you close to a toasty fire would be the perfect way to spend Christmas. That would be the perfect way to spend the rest of winter!

♣ I don’t need you to send me a Christmas card or even buy me a present. All I want for Christmas is to have you right next to me!

♣ The presents will soon be unwrapped, and the Christmas cookies will all be eaten. But my affection for you will endure long after the holidays! Merry X-mas!

♣ I love the lights of Christmas, and I love the songs of the holidays. But most of all, I’m in love with you!

♣ I don’t care where we spend our Christmas. As long as we are together, that will be the best gift!

♣ I am ready to deck the halls and go dashing through the snow. The only thing that could make my Christmas better is to be with you!

father christmas

Merry Christmas Greetings

♣ May God’s peace fill you this Christmas, may you have a blessing of hope, and may your faith be strengthened at this amazing time of the year.

♣ The season of Christmas is one where we love to give, one that we celebrate with friends and families, one that everyone seems friendlier and full of love. May the love of the season fill your heart and your home.

♣ The years may have separated us in distance but not in thought. While it may not be possible to be together this Christmas Season, it does not mean that I’m not there in spirit. My wish for you is stuffed full of good cheer, good health for the coming year.

♣ Here’s wishing that every family member (uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews) the very best Christmas that each of you deserves. You all mean so very much to us and so we send our love and good cheer for this Christmas season.

♣ When I count my blessings, I count you twice. Distance and time may be void but that makes our expected time together even more valuable. Best of the Season until we meet again.

♣ It is with glee
That I’ll tell thee
You, my dear, are my delight
I wish, oh wish that your day be bright.
From above it is this I know
You’ll always give a special glow.
To me, you know you mean the most,
So always know that I’ll be your host.
Merry Christmas!

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