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Looking for ways to check your Airtel tariff plan? the below tutorial will guide you through and provide a detailed and comprehensive steps to complete the task: how do i know my Airtel tariff plan.

Getting to know your network carrier current tariff plan, which is available on your mobile phone is as important as anything else. For instance, you noticed a better tariff plan, the next step is to easily check your current tariff plan, for confirmation.

How to check my Airtel tariff plan?

How do I know my Airtel tariff plan is answered, below are the few steps:

*. Insert your SIM
*. Switch on your phone
*. Dial *121*3*5# and
*. You will receive “Your Tariff Plan is…”

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Another method to check your Airtel tariff plan is to dial *121# and select 3 and then choose 5, to check current call plan on Airtel. It will immediately be displayed on your screen for easy sight.

About Airtel

Bharti Airtel International B.V., doing business as Airtel Africa, is a holding company and a subsidiary of Indian telecommunications company Bharti Airtel. Through its subsidiaries, Airtel Africa provides telecommunication services in 15 African countries.

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