Happy new month Every One! Happy New Success Tips! Happy New ideas for the New Month. April Fool! Do you know the definition of FOOL: Fine, whether you know it or not, the meaning is knowing the truth, seeing the truth, but still believing the lies.

Anyway, I am not a Fool, because I know the truth, I can see the truth but I’d never believe in lies because I am right here trying to bring to you, what I believe it is going to work!

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So today, just like many other days. We are going to review to you the Cheapest Nigeria Data Bundle for Smartphones, iPhone, PC, Tablet which includes from MTN, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat.

All you are expected to do is to please, try and find out where your Network belong and check it out. After confirming it, SHARE IT!

Cheapest Data Bundle for Smartphones, iPhone, PC, Tablet – April 2016

Mtn music plus

*. For MTN Users:- You can also use the MTN Music Plan because it also works perfectly. Where you can get 6GB for N600!

And also, you can use the MTN 0.0kobo and Browse Unlimited because it is working flawlessly especially on Smartphones, iPhone, PC, Tablet. All you have to do is to follow the link and then the guidelines.

If you really need to browse the internet then using the MTN 1hr Unlimited Internet Browsing Plan is advisable. With MTN 1hr unlimited plan, you can browse the internet within the range of 1 hour. To subscribe to this bundle, you’ll need check for eligibility first by dial the *567*59# USSD code and replying 1 to the prompt. It is 150 per 60minutes.

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And lastly, Mtn 3GB For N300 Weekend Data Plan is another great data bundle for iPhone, PC, Tablet although, Android phones users can make use of it.

To get activated and started then just recharge with N300 and dial this Code *131*1*5# and that is all. Happy New Month Mtn Users!

Airtel Monthly BB Complete

*. For Airtel Users:- If you don’t browse too much, then using the Airtel timely bases data plan, is the best data bundle plan, it is also cheap but isn’t for iPhone and the rest of them.

This is how the plan goes, you can get 5min for N15, 10min for N30, 30min for N90 and 60min for N180. Dial *439# and follow the prompts.

While for Pc, iPhone, iOs users, Airtel 4GB Data For N1500 is another great data bundle. Which would last longer. And it also, comes with Free N2,600 Airtime Credit!

To activate yours, recharge your simcard with N1,500 using this code *555*pin#, you’ll be given bonus of N2,600 to call Airtel to Airtel + Free 1GB. Remember that your N1,500 won’t be used. After which, you can then subscribe for 3GB by dialing *440*16#. While, 6GB For N2,500

Using this medium, note that the Airtel 1k for 3Gb is NOT Working! So don’t fall a victim, because when you dial that code, you will get activated but it won’t work!

Another good date bundle is this Airtel 1hr Unlimited Data Plan, which goes hand-in-hand with Timely Based Data Unlimited Download Bundle! With Airtel 60 minutes unlimited plan, you can browse the internet and download within the duration of 1 hour, it is NGN180 per hour. To subscribe to this bundle, send 60m to 439 or dial the *439# USSD code to select it from the options.

Using the Airtel New Weekend Data Bundle is also among the best. It works like Airtel Hourly Based Plan.

To activate the code for Airtel Weekend plan, then dial the code for each plan. 1hour plan, dial *481*1#, 3hours plan, dial *481*2#, 6hours plan, dial *481*3#.

Another great and precious data bundle which is very cheap and fast in browsing is this Airtel Always On Plan. It doesn’t require person that browse too much.

Airtel time based data

With Airtel Always On data bundle plan, one can get easy access to the internet at a very cheap price, every subscriber is given 1MB on daily basis for just N5. When you must have exhausted the daily 1MB, you can now browse at a pay-as-you-go billing of 1 kobo per kilobyte – 1MB should amount to about N10 in charges.

To opt into Airtel Always Plan,, you have to dial *401# or send the keyword “ON” to 401. Meanwhile, to Opt-out of The Plan, just go ahead and dial *401*1# or send the keyword “OFF” to 401. And you will be successfully opt out.

Using this Airtel 1GB for N100 is also advisable. The newly timely based data plan allow you to do everything online, it comes with 1024MB (1GB) for just N100. It’s specifically meant for weekend meaning if you subscribe today Sunday, it expires next week Sunday 11:59PM (usable only during weekends).

To activate your sim, please recharge with N100 on your airtel sim and dial *474*1#… Your data will be activated
To check your data balance, dial *140#.


*. For Glo Users:- It is no longer news that Glo have stopped Blackberry Comonth Subscription of N1,000 for 3GB. But currently, there are many other things to be done. And also, the Glo Overload Bundle Plan was actually a Promo and now, it has ended fairly.

But aleast, we still have the Glo N1,400 or N1,500 Absolute and Complete plan respectively. Dial *777# and follow the prompt. Or dial *777*23#.

There was a time, Glo 1Gb with N500 started breaking the internet. It has been long sha, almost 7months ago. So weather it is going to work or not, I am not sure of it. The Glo N1k for 1GB was launched about 5month ago. Working or not,we are not actually sure of it but aleast, the recent Glo Comonth N1,000 For 2GB is expected to be working.

Then, when Glo saw that they were kind of losing enough customer, they combined and Increases Data Bundle from 1GB to 1.2GB for just N1000. Although, this one went well.

The cheapest Glo data bundle that I can boast off, is this Glo Weekend Plan 3GB For N500! Click on the link, to see the activation code and how it usually work.


*. For Etisalat Users:- If you are using either Smartphone, PC, Tablet, iPhone, iOS and the rest of them, then browsing with the Etisalt plan of 2gb for N2,000 or 1GB for N1,000.

To activate it, you can dial *229*2*9# to get the 2gb or dial *229*2*7# for 1gb plan and it works in all devices.

You can use the Etisalat N0.0k on Psiphon App and OpenVPN! It is still blazing like fast. Click on the link and see how it is been done.

This Etisalat Easyblaze data bundle and the Subscription Code is another awesome and amazing. Click on the link and see how it is been done.

While in N200 plan, you opt in with this code: *343*4*1# which lasts for 24hour consecutive. In SMS, you will send dchat to 343. All SMS to 343. To check your status, dial *343#. To Opt Out dial *343*0#.

Click on that link For More Cheaper Etisalat Data Bundle. Stay tuned with us. As we provide you, the best cheaper tariff plan for the month of April.

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