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Today, we will be showing you the top best tablet in Nigeria, the specs and prices. The Android tablets presently here are all pocket friendly, although not so great but they are really good and should provide you value for money.

Tablet in Nigeria is really going far in Nigeria. But it all depends on your choice and your pocket. You can buy tablet of 80k but as Nigerian who wants the best and the quality of a thing, then tablet under 20k to 25k is good.

But before,one could go and buy tablet in Nigeria, you must note that they are things you must consider. For instant are:- Android, Android KitKat 4.4, Windows 8.1, Android Jelly Bean 4.3, Android Lollipop 5.0, Windows, iOS and many other things.

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Top Tablet Phones Under N20k in Nigeria for 2018

There are many other things you must consider when buying Tablet in Nigeria. E.g; the RAM is too important, some are 1, 0.512, 1.5 and also the Inches;- 7.0, 8.0, 10.1, 7.9, 10.0, 12.0, 9.0, 9.7. Below are the list:-

Innjoo F1 Tablet Dual core

Innjoo is a real good and popular brand in Nigeria and here, we are presenting you as the first cheapest tablet of 2018. Innjoo F1 comes with Dual core, 7 inch, WiFi, Bluetooth, call Tab, 0.512.

innjoo f1

And also, Innjoo F1 also arrives with Ram,4GB internal memory supported up 36GB external memory,3mp camera front and back,easy to handle, can also fit in a pocket.Free MTN DATA SIM. The cost is ₦16,990

Alpha 7072 Android Tablet – Gold

Alpha is another awesome tablet in Nigeria although, they are not popular in Nigeria but if any Nigerian who is a lover of tablet and gadget would love this device after its first use.

alpha tablet phone


Specifications of Alpha 7072 Android Tablet

*. Display: 7″ Full HD
*. Processor: ARM Dual Core
*. Memory: 8GB; RAM 0.512GB
*. OS: Android KitKat 4.4
*. Camera: 2MP (Back)
*. Connectivity: Wi-Fi, 3G
*. Colour: Gold
*. Operating System:- Android KitKat 4.4
*. Warranty :- 1 YEAR
*. Price:- ₦15,190

iMose X-1 Android Tablet – Gold

iMose is not popular in Nigeria but I am sure that they can break the internet with their Android tablet smartphone.

iMose X-1 tablet comes with 7 inches HD display, and a processor of ARM Quad Core MTK 8312; 1.3GHz Processor Speed and Memory of 8GB HDD with 1GB RAM.

imose x-1

But without doubt, iMose X-1 comes with Operating System of Android and Camera of 5 MegaPixels. And the price is not really big, iMose X-1 costs ₦ 15,500.

Innjoo F3 Android Tablet

Innjoo are really good which includes both smartphone and tablet. Although, it is not yet popular to whether Innjoo has released their official 15.6 inches laptop but 10.1 inches has been launched.

innjoo f3

Some of the important features of Innjoo F3 are:-

Display Size: 7 Inches
Processor: ARM 1.3GHz Mali-400MP
RAM: 0.512GB
Operating System: Android 4.4
Camera: 2 MP
Price:- ₦ 16,290


PadKing – 7 inch dual SIM – 8GB – 3G Tablet

Padking comes with a 7.0 Display Size ‎(‎inches‎)‎ and a call video, music, browse on 3G network, very fast tablet.
Also arrives with 8 Hard Disk ‎(‎GB‎)‎ and a 1 RAM‎(‎GB‎)‎ including a Processor Type of MTK.

padking tablet

Camera are also one of the things you have to consider when buying tablet and this one comes with a 5.0 back, 2.0 front Camera. Also with an Operating System of Android 4.4. The price of Padking is ₦18,500

The above are the best top reviews, we could give for the main time. But- as the year goes on, we will continue to update you on the current tablet both for kids and others.


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  • I want to buy PadKing – 7 inch dual SIM – 8GB – 3G Tablet that comes with a 7.0 Display Size ‎(‎inches‎)‎ and a call video, music, browse on 3G network, very fast tablet.
    Also arrives with 8 Hard Disk ‎(‎GB‎)‎ and a 1 RAM‎(‎GB‎)‎ at the price of N18,500.00. please how can i contact seller

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