Cheapest 2018 MTN Data Bundle Plans for Android, PC, iPhone & iPad

Hurray, you are here, reading this article, looking for the cheapest Data bundle that can keep you up till throughout the year.

Looking for the Cheapest Mtn Data Bundle Plans for 2018? Then you are in the right place. So today, I will be sharing with you the cheapest MTN Data bundle that will work on Android Smartphones, Blackberry Smartphones, iPad, iPhones, Windows or PC System.

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Cheapest 2018 MTN Data Bundles Plan

Mtn Nigeria has been trying lately, after noticing that Glo Data Bundle are the cheapest plans for Nigerians, and that Glo won the best Nigeria Telecom providers for the first 3months of 2018, then and there, MTN woke up from their slumber.

And sooner or later, we will be expecting Mtn to launch their long awaited 4G LTE network in Nigeria. And this news become more official after Mtn Paid FG N18.96bn For Broadband Aquisition. Lets look at the data bundles below.

Since then, MTN has been launching cheapest data bundles both for Java, Android Smartphones etc Below are the data plans for both Light and Heavy Users.

For MTN Light Users in Nigeria

Just as I have already said, I will be differentiating the two important users such as Heavy and Lights User. So I will be starting from the Light Users.

Anyway, “they are those people that don’t browse too much, they may browse too much, but they don’t download. All they do is to goto Whatsapp, 2go, Facebook, Google and then Off their Data Bundles”

A. Mtn Light Users Using Android, Blackberry and & Tablets Smartphones

Below are the cheapest MTN Data bundles for Android Smartphones. Note that, this is for the Light Users only, while for the Heavy Users are categorized below, as I have already said.

*. 10GB or 11GB for N1k; This is one the best and cheapest data bundle. Although, it works on devices but for light users who want to download unlimited, the MTN 10GB for N1000 is the best bundle plan. Click on the “10GB or 11GB for N1K” above for more information.

*.  N1000 to get 1.5GB; This is another cheap data bundle plan for Light Users. And the amount is cheap, all you have to do is to SMS 106 to 131. Please Note that, it is valid for 30 Days.

*. MTN 500mb and 150mbUsing Java, Symbian or Android Smartphones, then this bundle is the best data plan for you. It even works on both iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and the rest. With N100, you can get 500 MB. While the 150 MB is just free of charge. To subscribe to the plans, click on the above click “MTN 500mb and 150mb)

*. N100 to get 30MB; All you have to do is to SMS 104 to 131 for a day.

*. N200 to get 100mb; Getting 100mb with N200 is somehow cheap but not affordable. All you have to do is to SMS 113 to 131 for a day.

*. N500 to get 750MB; This bundle plan is the best plan for all devices, all you have to do is to SMS 103 to I31 for 7days.

*. N500 to get 1GB; You must be on iPulse Tariff plan to get this data. To migrate, dial *406# and after migrating, you will dial also *406# and then 2 automatically the 1GB will be activated.

*. And lastly, Mtn 3GB For N300 Weekend Data Plan is another great data bundle for iPhone, PC, Tablet although, Android phones users can make use of it.

mtn xtrapro tariff plan

B. Mtn Light Users Using , iPhone, iPad and Windows or PC Devices

Bigger gadgets attracts bigger responsibility. Are you using iPhone, iPad and Windows or PC? Then the below data bundle plan are the best for you. Actually, when using bigger device like this, then your data bundle will have to increase dramatically.

You are using iPhone, iPad, Windows, PC, System, Laptops devices, then below plans are the cheapest data bundle plans for you, all you have to do is to see the best for you, the plan that’s suit you and activate it.

*. The cheapest data plan is the -N1000 to get 1.5GB- Although, it is not that big but is cheap and affordable. To activate this plan, then SMS 106 to 131. Automatically, your money will be deactivated and your MB will  be given to you.

*. Another best and cheapest plan for your device, is the –N2k to get 3.5GB-  To activate this plan, recharge your sim with N2000 and SMS 110 to 131 and it is valid for 30 Days.

*. After the 3.5Gb, the next cheapest plan is the -N5k to get 10GB- As I have said above getting 10GB for N5k is not a plan for light users, but we just wanted you to know this, just SMS 116 to 131 for 30 Days.

For MTN Heavy Users in Nigeria

Do you love watching movies online, funny videos, amazing videos and the rest of them? Then the below Heavy Plans are the best for you. As I have said, Heavy Users are those that browse 24hours with their devices, watch a lot of movies, videos and download much.

C. Mtn Heavy Users Using Android, Blackberry and & Tablets Smartphones

Below are the cheapest Data bundles for MTN heavy users using Android, Blackberry and Tablets Smartphones devices.

*.  The N2k to get 3.5GB;  is the cheapest and best data plans for you using Android, Blackberry, Tablet, iPhone, iPad, then this plans is the best. All you have to do is to SMS 110 to 131 for 30 Days.

*. The next cheapest data for heavy users is the  N5k to get 10GB; Getting 10GB for N5k is one of the best plan for heavy users just SMS 116 to 131 for 30 Days.

*. MTN just introduce MTN Night Plan for heavy subscribers. Don’t sleep and browse from 12am to 4am in the morning with just N25! To activate, just Migrate to MTN iPulse package by dialing *406# then send NIGHT to 131. That is all.

*.  The N10k to get 22GB is also good. To activate it, just SMS 117 to 131 for 30 days.

D.  Mtn Heavy Users Using , iPhone, iPad and Windows or PC Devices

Using Windows, PC, iPhone, iPad devices. Then the below data plans are the best plans for you.

*.  N5k to get 10GB – SMS 116 to 131 for 30 Days
*. N10k to get 22GB – SMS 117 to 131 for 30 days.

MTN Bundles Plans For all Mifi Users (3Months)

MTN 50GB For N20,000 (Valid for 3Months) SMS 118 to 131
MTN 85GB For N50,000 (Valid for 3Months) SMS 133 to 131

There are more other plans as the MTN Data Plans. Tell somebody about this plan using the below share buttons. And also subscribe to our email newsletter to receive more news about MTN DATA BUNDLES.


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