With the way apps and websites just consume more and more data these days, access to Cheap and Affordable Data plans is getting even more crucial by the day.

It is 2019, and we all need the internet, whether we’re browsing websites and blogs looking for information or we’re downloading files, music and videos. Let’s not forget social media, we need to keep up with the latest on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the rest of them. And then every once in a while, we might need to live stream a program, either because we’re on the road, or we don’t have access on our TV to watch it.

Today, this article will focus on how you can get RELIABLE cheap data bundles with ease. Rather than talk about highly unreliable network cheats and tweaks to get free data, you will be shown how to get your legit data at the cheapest prices ever.

It provides more easy steps on how to buy Data on your iPhone, modem, and Android devices using different channels.

Introducing Mighty Data…

Mighty Data (www.mighty.ng) is a fast growing online service that provides Nigerians with cheap, fast, and reliable internet data on all networks in Nigeria. We offer affordable data deals for all users, whether it’s MTN 2GB at just N1100 or Glo 12.5GB for N3700, Mighty Data has something special, just for you. Great right? Other networks are also available, in all instances you will always get a Mighty amount of data for LESS!

Why Choose Mighty Data?

1. Cheapest Data Plans: You need cheap data plans, period. Mighty Data provides you with the cheapest data plans, period. Our Cheap Data plans ranging from 500MB upwards works on all your devices including android smartphones, iPhone, laptops and PCs, Modems etc.

CHEAP MTN DATA PLANS (www.mighty.ng/data/mtn)

Bundle Old Price New Price
MTN 5GB N3500 N2600
MTN 4GB N3000 N2100
MTN 3GB N2000 N1600
MTN 2GB N2000 N1100
MTN 1GB N1000 N600


CHEAP GLO DATA PLANS (www.mighty.ng/data/glo)

Glo 7.2GB N3000 N2400
Glo 4.2GB N2000 N1800
Glo 2GB N1000 N900
Glo 1GB N700 N500


CHEAP 9MOBILE (ETISALAT) DATA PLANS (www.mighty.ng/data/9mobile)

9mobile 5GB N4000 N3200
9mobile 4GB N3000 N2600
9mobile 2GB N2000 N1400
9mobile 1GB N1000 N700


CHEAP AIRTEL DATA PLANS (www.mighty.ng/data/airtel)

Airtel 5GB N2500 N2400
Airtel 3.5GB N2000 N1900
Airtel 1.5GB N1000 N950


To get your data, follow any of the links above or visit Mighty Data website:https://www.mighty.ng/data/

2. Fast Data: Mighty Data provides a faster and easier way to get cheap data bundles. Using the Mighty Data Top-Up App, you can subscribe instantly on any network of your choice.The app is free, easy to use and requires no charges to download.For android users, visit www.mighty.ng/app/ to download the Mighty Data Top-Up App.For everyone else, like iPhone and desktop users, the Mighty Data website is available for your fast, instant data bundles.



3. Reliable Data Plans: You can rely on Mighty Data 24/7 for your cheap data plans across all networks. Mighty Data Customer Service is available 24/7 every single day including public holidays. We are always here for you. Please feel free to contact us.


Phone – 07033044456, 09097619649.


Email[email protected]


How Can You Get Cheap Data Plans?


Getting your data bundles has never been easier and faster.With Mighty Data, you can get your data in any of 2 ways:

  1. Mighty Data Website (www.mighty.ng/data): Just browse to the website, enter the details, and get your data. It’s fast, easy and instant.
  2. Mighty Data Top-Up App (www.mighty.ng/app): For those on android, you can use the Mighty Data App. It’s even faster and more convenient. Download the Mighty Data Top-Up app today from the Google Playstorewww.mighty.ng/app/playstore.

Make Money As A Data Agent (Reseller)


Aside from providing thousands of internet users with cheap data every month, Mighty Data also has a reselling platform. Mighty data plans are already among the cheapest, but our resellers get their data plans at an even cheaper rate. If you have lots of friends who buy data frequently, or have customers who might need data, you can take advantage of this platform right now.You can become a Mighty Data Agent today and start earning extra income today. The good news is that you only need little capital to start a Data Reselling business with Mighty Data. Visit www.mighty.ng/agentto get started.

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