How to chat with GTBank customer care number line on WhatsApp Banking

GTBank Whatsapp banking is now available for all her customers, including non-account holders are eligible. You can now chat and bank with GTbank on Whatsapp.

Guarantee Trust Bank, Access Bank, Union Bank for Africa were among the top first commercial banks in Nigeria to take banking to the most populous instant messaging platform, Whatsapp messenger.

Well, Guarantee Trust Bank plc, has different platforms of reaching GTBank customer care number and customer care line but the newest way of reaching the bank is via Whatsapp messenger.

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What is GTB Whatsapp Banking

Guarantee Trust Bank, GTB allows you to quickly complete a few basic banking transactions via Whatsapp without any fault and seamlessly. With this platform, you don’t really have to visit the bank at all times.

You shouldn’t be afraid of your messages or details getting leaked, because Whatsapp messages are end-to-end encrypted, which means the messages can only be seen by two persons, you and the sender.

This is equally more reason why you should use the Whatsapp messenger app to talk more to your bank manager. It is quick, fast, efficient and tends to provide more accurate results.

gtbank whatsapp banking

Benefits of GTB Whatsapp chat

Below contains features and benefits of chatting with Guarantee Trust Bank on Whatsapp messenger:

1. Dispense Errors

2. Products Enquiries

3. Service Resolution

3. Account Opening

4. Check account balance

5. Ask a series of questions

6. It is very quick

7. It is very fast

8. It is efficient

9. Airtime Top-up

10. Basic Banking Services and many more.

How to chat with GTBank on Whatsapp

Well, Guarantee Trust Bank did not list out all the basic steps to activate your Whatsapp banking with them, but here are few tips to get started:

In order to connect with GTBank on WhatsApp, customers simply have to:

1. Save the mobile number 09060001601 or 07016974994 as “GTBank” on their mobile phones.

2. Open your WhatsApp mobile app and

3. Request for any banking service using the advised prompts.

All service requests will be treated instantly, depending on the internet connection of the user.

P.S: Note that Guarantee Trust Bank Whatsapp banking is only available to chat with her customers between 8 am – 5 pm from Monday to Friday

whatsapp customer care line

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GTBank said it a blog post, that “The Bank was the first financial institution in Nigeria to set up a fully interactive contact center in 2006 and has, since then, led the finance sector in driving customer interaction across online and social media platforms”

The company went on to say “Guaranty Trust Bank plc, is leveraging the WhatsApp Business Solution to offer Nigerians an additional channel to connect with the Bank for inquiries, requests and to access other basic banking services. This is in line with the Bank’s continued efforts to enhance service delivery and offer a superior banking experience to customers wherever they are.”

With the cooperation of Nigerian commercial banks with Whatsapp from Facebook, we do hope that Whatsapp will bring one of its best features, WhatsApp Pay, that is designed to run on the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) to Nigeria markets. It is extending to its biggest market, India.

79 thoughts on “How to chat with GTBank customer care number line on WhatsApp Banking”

  1. Please I made a transfer on 26 of this month to a palmpay account and the person did not see it and it has not been reversed back to me
    And the WhatsApp number of the customer service is switched off, what is happening

  2. I did transaction of #2500 since February which was declined but my account was debit up till now am still waiting for reversal

  3. Hello
    Someone sent me money since yesterday it’s not in my account and the person has been debited
    And no reversal was made

  4. I don’t kw wat is happened to gtapp that i want to create is telling me my account has been blocked 0259896626

  5. what is happening to Gtb very useless bank v transfer money to palmpay since Friday av been debited the receiver has not been credited

  6. Hello I did a transfer from my gtbank account to a keystone account since on Saturday, the reciever has not recieve the money yet and they debit my account.

  7. I still haven’t received a reversal of a failed transaction since on Monday 23/01/2023 which I was debited on.
    Please call my number 08085853028

  8. You people like scamming poor people how can I to transfer my own money but you keep telling me 50 naira transfer limit is excided when I have not even see that amount this week if you don’t want us as customers we are happy to change bank but just give us our money period

  9. I still haven’t received a reversal of a failed transaction of yesterday which I was debited on.
    My number is 07039571878 pls call

  10. Good morning
    On the 9th of April which is on Saturday, I got alert on my phone and it was a debited alert from Gtbank and they debited me 4000narian, why did they debited my without any withdrawal. What’s going on

    • Am having the same issue ooo,and am trying to chat them up on WhatsApp but they keep talking nonsense and sending codes I don’t understand

  11. I withdraw since 26th of march from first bank ATM and I was debited with sum of 10k have go to bank to complain telling me after 8 working days,and more than 8 days now not yet received my money back.

  12. My phone was stolen some months ago, I got a new phone 2 days ago so I tried to download GTB app while logging in I couldn’t fill in d correct details, so my account was lock. Please how can I open it back. Thanks!

  13. On the 23rd of September, I got a alert of 2000 naira from my brother and I went to the pos the same day to withdraw it but unfortunately unable to dispense and I was debited immediately, so on the 24th,I went to the bank to make a complain and I was told to fill form and I did all what I was asked to do but they haven’t refer my money back, please for God’s sake, I really need the money

      • I withdraw since 26th of march from first bank ATM and I was debited with sum of 10k have go to bank to complain telling me after 8 working days,and more than 8 days now not yet received my money back.

  14. I couldn’t make transfer using *737#
    It just saying unable to validate
    account details ……..
    Pls what can I do ……..

    • It is easy to open a GTBank account, I have one right now and it was simple. Walk into the nearest bank branch with two passports, and your ID card, either a driver’s license, Voters card, etc, and ask the bank’s personnel for the account opening form, fill it and submit it there. If you have not created a BVN, you will be asked to. That is it.

      Note: We ( are not affiliated with GTbank, so we can’t provide any other basic information, aside from this. Thank you.

  15. Hello ,if want to open domiciliary account number with GTB ,how much will it cost me ? Presently, I have saving account with GTB

  16. please have not been receiving an alert since lock down i went to the bank were i opened my account at my gtb branch and laid a complaint and i fill an alert form and i did all that was asked of me and up till now i have not been receiving an alert and have made several transactions hoping i will get an alert to no avail please do something about it.

  17. Please they call my dad this morning that he should send his acct number that they want to upgrade it for him should we send it or not

  18. Please I have a complain to make since on the 8 of June which I have received a debit alert without the ATM machine not paying me. And I have being going to the bank to lodge complain but till now I have not being able to make it in to the bank because of the much crowd due to the covid 19 issue affecting all banks right now. So please I hope with this getting late to make my complain, I hope my money will still be reversed any time I made it in to lodge the complain?

  19. Am so sad and extremely angry with the services rendered so far by Gtbank. I made a complaint twice now for a POS debit dispense error since March, visited the bank twice, and up till now, nothing has been done.

    • Hello Amara, if you don’t believe the article, please do well and believe the image that was sent my personal email by the official GTBank email address. Thank you.


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