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How to cancel MTN CallerTunez subscription

MTN CallerTunez are one of a kind. The sounds are really amazing and quite impressive but unfortunately, they are also heart breaking and airtime consumer.

Paying N50 continuously to a music, I really can’t hear is quite frustrating. The use of the CallerTunez is out of question, because there is none!

One certain stuff is MTN subscribes us to their CallerTunez without our knowledge. Here is how to stop MTN CallerTunez subscription?

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How to cancel MTN CallerTunez subscription

It is much more simple and easier to avoid. This is guidelines on how to easily deactivate MTN CallerTunez subscriptions.

All you have to do is to SMS NO to 4100. Immediately, MTN will send you a confirmation and all your Tunez subscriptions will come to an ultimate stop.

Sincerely, this will easily save you a lot of money and airtime. My parents easily complains that N500 doesn’t go anyway, but when I decided to look into the issue, I discovered the holes.

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