Bitcoin was created with the aim of making our lives easier. Recently, the cryptocurrency is being hyped as the next big global revolution. And Bitcoin is certainly performing up to that expectation. Though Bitcoin initially failed to live up to all the hype, 2014 witnessed a triumphant return of the cryptocurrency. And since then Bitcoin has been unstoppable, it has become a currency everyone wanted to invest in. Some cryptocurrency enthusiasts believe that Bitcoin will go mainstream in 2019, and a few cryptocurrency-related companies including CoinCola have moved to get people involved in the new way to buy Bitcoin.

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The conventional method of buying Bitcoin can sometimes be intimidating and cumbersome to the average citizens, especially layman investors. As the cryptocurrency has no special standard, it is traded on lots of cryptocurrency exchanges and its price varies as much as 10% from one exchange to the other. More so, there is a mystery about how Bitcoin works, which confuses most people. As a result, only about 7% of willing investors have actually purchased any Bitcoin.

Linking your banking details to an unknown exchange just to purchase Bitcoin can be risky and frightening. CoinCola, a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange, understands this and has developed a new solution – enabling interested investors to easily buy Bitcoin with gift card online. The Bitcoin purchased with the gift cards can be easily transferred into any digital wallet and either held as an investment or spent anywhere Bitcoin is accepted.

It is a imperative need of the moment to get the best marketplace to purchase Bitcoin easily, conveniently, and affordably. According to CoinCola, the goal of this new solution is to make Bitcoin purchase painless, easy, affordable, and simple for those who which to invest in Bitcoin but does not have a full understanding about how it works. These prospective investors, however, understand how the gift cards industry operates. Hence, the Sell gift card for Bitcoin feature creates a perfect way to transit Bitcoin into the standard retail environment.

Any prospective cryptocurrency investor who wants to buy $20 worth of Bitcoin fast can now easily do so on CoinCola with any of the following gift cards: Amazon Gift Card, iTunes Gift Card, Steam Wallet Gift Card, Google Play Gift Card, eBay Gift Card, Wal-Mart Gift Card, Sephora Gift Card, etc.

Are you looking for where to sell gift card for Bitcoin? Then CoinCola is the best OTC gift card Bitcoin marketplace for you to buy Bitcoin with gift card online.
CoinCola peer-to-peer marketplace has an interactive user interface, where there are a variety of options that enables users to sell their gift cards conveniently. Users can filter based on the following:

§ Buy BTC or Sell BTC
§ Currencies: USD, Nigerian Naira, Euros, HK dollar, etc.
§ Gift Card Type: Amazon Gift Card, iTunes Gift Card, Steam Wallet Gift Card, Google Play Gift Card, eBay Gift Card, Wal-Mart Gift Card, Sephora Gift Card, etc.
§ Offer Tags: physical card, Cash only, e-codes, Receipt, No receipt.

All a vendor has to do is to buy Bitcoin with a gift card is to create a buy or sell offer, which is very easy and fast.

Safety is Important

Being a peer-to-peer marketplace, one may be concerned about risks, frauds or spammers. However, transactions on CoinCola marketplace do not pose any risk to users. CoinCola understands that not everybody is equally trustworthy or respectable on the platform. As a result, it set in place safety features to safeguard transactions and keep users safe and potentially free from all forms of fraudulent activities.
For the safety of users, CoinCola uses an escrow account for the transaction. This means that during any transaction, Bitcoin is held from the seller into the escrow account.

Once the transaction is completed between the buyer and the seller, the Bitcoin is released from escrow to the buyer. Should in case the transaction is canceled by the buyer, the Bitcoin is released from the escrow back to the seller. The seller cannot cancel the transaction at any point. This makes CoinCola a safe, easy, and convenient marketplace to sell gift card for Bitcoin without any hassles.

To support those who do not have in-depth knowledge about Bitcoin, Coincola offers simple, self-explanatory, and easy-to-understand guides on how to buy Bitcoin with a gift card on their platform.

Nonetheless, on the part of the buyer, he or she must establish a firm communication with the seller before making payment. Also, personal details should not be exchanged and the gift card details should not be given out to the sellers until the escrow payment is confirmed.

The buy Bitcoin with gift card feature on CoinCola is not designed for big investors, but for the small investors who want to invest a little bit – $20, $50, or $100. Are you looking for the best OTC gift card Bitcoin marketplace to sell your gift cards for Bitcoin? CoinCola is your best option.

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