On JerryRigEverything – BlackBerry KEYone fails the bend test

blackberry keyone bend test


Although, the phone has been selling off since its arrival to the market. Various people have been making use of the Phone without reporting a bug or whatever but there is something new!

This clearly shows that not all Smartphone are meant to be tested! The Latest Smartphone from Blackberry, the KEYone was tested by the Youtuber, JerryRigEverything and it was a total disaster at last!

At first, the testing looks cool, it passes the Fire or Burn Test, Scratching test, Abuse Test but when it got the Bending Test, Boom!! The phone’s display quickly popped out of its frame. And yes, it stopped working. Watch:

We did hope, TCL and BlackBerry do something about protecting their phone display units just like the Galaxy S8 and many other smartphones out there that has passed the test successfully.

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