The BlackBerry Hub+ is the first pure software offering from the new Mobility Solutions Group. The new Blackberry Hub+ Software is really amazing wonderful. The software can perform a lot things and it comes with 30 days free trial at first!

Blackberry Hub+ suite of applications was announced yesterday and it wasn’t made only for Blackberry Phones but it is now available for all Android Smartphones and guess what, it is up and running for all Android Phones arriving with Android 6.0+ and maybe, it might arrive on Android 7.0!

Blackberry Hub+ app

And you can now use these apps free of charge and ad-free, but not for long though but at least for a limited time. And inside this suite is the Hub app itself, the unified inbox that helps users keep their email and messages organized, while also secured.

The Hub, which combines email, messaging, social networking, and other accounts together in one dashboard, was previously only available on BlackBerry’s own Android and BlackBerry 10 devices, such as the Priv or the newly released DTEK50.

The BlackBerry Hub+ is allowing everyone to download its Password Keeper application, Calendar, Notes, Tasks, Launcher, and more. The apps are the exact same you would find on any recently launched BlackBerry Android device.

Blackberry Hub+ Software

Maybe, BB intends to monetize them, a free 30-day trial is available for the suite, but after the trial expires, the apps will contain advertisements. However, if the ads aren’t your thing, you can pay $0.99 a month for usage of the entire suite with no ads.

And you can now download the apps on your Google Playstore HERE. To me, this is a welcome developement from Blackberry despite the serious problem they are facing!

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