BlackBerry to launch Athena, Luna, and Uni Mobile Phone at MWC 2018

Some few months ago, Blackberry concluded on not launching newer Android Smartphones due to some specific reason which was broadcasted on almost every platform of technology information, but after the launch of some key Mobile Phones, we don’t know what to believe.

We had the Blackberry Keyone and the Blackberry Aurora that arrived with some cool specifications and later on, the Blackberry Motion was officially launched priced at $450 and it was tagged as “one of the most expensive smartphone” with slated specs and features.

The Mobile phone from Blackberry might debut during the MWC, March 2018. Anyways, we are sure that, BlackBerry Mobile has officially stated two new keyboard smartphones will arrive in 2018, but the code names are BBE100-1 and BBF100-1.

Rumors of Blackberry Athena, Luna, and Uni

Right now, there is something more amazing coming on and up till date, the name of the Blackberry Smartphone isn’t certified, everyone is looking at Blackberry Uni, meanwhile others is Athena, Luna and these are just code names.

BlackBerry Priv.
BlackBerry Priv.

Blackberry Athena

One of the most expected code name is the Blackberry “Athena” and may arrive with a physical QWERTY/Z keyboard which will be positioned as an offering meant to compete in the upper mid-range segment of the market.
*. 6GB / 8GB of RAM
*. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 660 chip
*. 64GB of internal flash memory expandable via a microSD card
*. April or MWC 2018 debut

And the rear panel of the device is said to accommodate a dual-camera setup. And the above specifications seems to go with the official BBE100-1 and BBF100-1 model numbers (code names)

Blackberry Luna

The other is the BlackBerry Luna, which is said to be an Android-powered mid-ranger previously identified by the model number BBE100-1, with the handset being expected to feature a physical keyboard.

Rumors, it is said to be planned for an August launch, indicating a debut at Berlin-based IFA 2018 is likely. TCL is expected to announce at least one BlackBerry-branded mobile offering at this year’s iteration of MWC scheduled to open its doors to the public on February 26.

Blackberry Uni

We are all looking at the possibility of getting the “Uni” as the code names among others but it turns out, according to crackberry, that the word “Uni” means something significant to Alcatel. It is known as Uni360, an Alcatel VR headset.

Rumored Key Specs

*. Screen Size: 5.4-inches
*. Physical keyboard will sit below the display
*. OS: Android 8.0 or 8.1
*. Processor: Snapdragon 660 chip
*. RAM: 6GB
*. Storage: 32GB and 64GB variants
*. MWC 2018

So that means, if the Blackberry still push forward to getting any of the phones out there to the masses with the “Uni” as the code name then, they meant be having some troubles with Alcatel, probably, flying confusions.

And the Uni might have identical resemblance to the BlackBerry Priv with its physical design and softwares. Anyways, take this as a pinch of salt.

When we hear more about the Blackberry Athena, Luna, and Uni, we’ll be sure to update this section.

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