Best 5 places to buy Tecno Android Smartphones in Uganda

Yes as the Tecno Phantom 6 and 6 plus would be arriving sooner or later and we really want you to know the best store to get it! So today, we will be introducing the top Best 5 places to buy Tecno Android Smartphones in Uganda!

Although, the Phantom’s will not be launched first in Uganda but we really want you to get hold of this information. Meanwhile, the Tecno Phantom 6 and Tecno Phantom 6 Plus which will be launched in Dubai and subsequently in Nigeria are rumored to be packed with features and at prices that will blow competition’s recently launched devices into the water.

Well, i personally can’t wait to get my hands on the devices! The Tecno Phantom 6 “Beauty”, is really getting me crazy maybe because every Beast wants a beauty in his life.


Before we begin the introduction of the stores. Note that, this also contains the address of the offline stores. Let’s begin:

Best 5 places to buy Tecno Android Smartphones in Uganda & Address

Everybody wants a good original Smartphone. Nobody wants to buy fake or counterfeit Smartphone. So these 5 places are the best stores to get any Original Tecno Phone of your choice, actually it doesn’t involve any technical search.

#1. The Tecno Store – Trusted and Certified!

Meanwhile, in Uganda, one of the best and trusted stores is the Tecno Store which has a wholesale shop with a retail section at Plot No.20 William Street Rene Plaza, Kampala. In the Tecno Store, you can find the most recent/all Tecno phones and accessories. And moreover, it is a wholesale store, they do not have experiential tables so you will hardly have a chance to experience the devices before purchase.

#2. The Banana Phone World – Trusted and Certified!

Another trusted store is the Banana Phone World and this is a vendor that sells Tecno and Huawei phones. They have 3 branches in Kampala. The first is on Kampala road next to BiPlous. The 2nd branch is also on Kampala road opposite Crown house near Nandos restaurant. The 3rd store is ta Lugogo Mall next to the UTL and GAME Store

#3. Jumia Uganda Store – Trusted and Certified!

The Jumia Uganda store is an online store that lets you browse through lots of deals from multiple vendors. Chances are that most of the vendors mentioned in this post sell on Jumia as well. So if you do not want to move all over town looking for device, you can just log on to Jumia for all Tecno devices listed. You can place an order and they will have it delivered to you at your convenience.

tecno mobile

#4. MTN Uganda and Airtel Uganda

Well another store is the telcos they also sell Tecno devices particularly MTN Uganda and Airtel Uganda. I am not sure if they keep up with the latest devices but we can confirm that they sell Tecno devices. It’s also important to note that the prices will vary from store to store.

#5. Kaymu Uganda – Trusted and Certified!

The Kaymu Uganda is also an online store that has listed most of the best Tecno deals from various smartphone vendors in Kampala so you do not have to do a lot of moving. You can order online and they will deliver whatever device you purchase to you. If you want to get the best deals without leaving your desk or home, Kaymu will make that very easy for you.

And please, we would like you to note something. (Whenever you are buying a smartphone, always ask about the guarantee and demand a receipt for your purchase.) Countdown to #Phantom6launch. It is remaining 4days! Stay Upadted!


  1. i want spark k7 @ w5
    what iz there price

    • In Ugandan, the price of the Tecno Spark K7 goes for UGX 310,000 while the Tecno W5 goes for UGX 450,000.
      Price may tend to differs due to Locations or Time different.

  2. I need tecno camon x pro, tell me the price and am in gulu

  3. hi, how much is tecno cx, and how can I get it, am in Moroto

  4. how much is tecno spark k7 am in kansanga

  5. Ello guys am in Tororo I nid tecno L9 what’s the price and were can I get it from.

  6. i need a good Techo smart phone of about 200,000shs where can i get it. thank u.

  7. MA only problem am having Is the which have just bought some thing like 6 month back of pop 1pro model of F3 it’s battery is very weak since I bought it but I don’t know if you do have a solution for that

    • Hello Isaac, it is quite late, the battery capacity is just 2400mAh capacity, which is increasingly small. All you can do is to minimize your application and enable battery save mood.

  8. How much is an original Tecno F1

  9. Are their fake spark 2 phones in the market and some phone seller told me that those finger print devices can freeze is it true

  10. Are they fake spark2 phones on the market?
    How much is the price of an on original one.

  11. Are they fake spark2 phones on the market? Some phone seller told me that spark2 phones can freeze is it true?
    How much is the price of an on original one.

  12. hey am in uganda kansanga where can i get the tecno L 9plus and how much is it please reply

  13. where can I get tecno pouvoir 1 urgently and what’s the price

  14. What is the price of Tecno WX3P

  15. What is the price of Tecno y.2

  16. Is it true that when u return a phone to the office within the speculated warrient time they give another phone and u add them some money some money

    • Hello Charles, We don’t have the resources to confirm this alleged question. Please to be sure, you are advised to visit Tecno’s experience center.

  17. hello i need to buy at whole price cause i want many.
    i need to know where i can get wholesale for techno shop in uganda.
    Thank you

  18. Mathias tabamuzigu

    Why is whatsapp not functioning in my thoughts techno y2.

  19. How much is camon X. Model CA7 .i am I mbarara where can I get it.

  20. Do you have tecno M3? And how much is it?

  21. Helo admin , at how much can i get a new tecno w5 & are they still many in stock/market as current relating to where u are in k’la?

  22. Am ziryawula Paul,I wish to buy idroid simu, can u order it for me via online and how much can it cost me

  23. How Much z tecno camon x and camon x pro

  24. How much z tecno camon x and tecno camon pro

  25. I am in need of technoy2 in good condition price 100,000k only or less

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