Airtel and Mtn do not wait to get beaten by Etisalat in their own game, right now, this two tele-com company has come together to bring out the cheapest call rate of our time.

But the problem is that, you will have to confirm it first before, I will confidently tell you which is the best, anyway, people say it is Etisalat 4.0 while others say it is Mtn and Airtel but lets take a break down of all Network.

Today, for call lovers, congratulation, cheap calls are around you, all you have to is to grab them, seize them and make use of it. They are for Mtn, Airtel and Etisalat along with their activation code.

Mtn Tru Talk

Lets begin with the Nigeria No 1 most used Network in Nigeria and trust me, in this area, they somehow the best. When it comes to make cheap calls, Mtn rocks there.

This new Mtn tru talk allows you as an MTN subscribers to make call to all networks across Nigeria for only 11 kobo per second. And also you also get to call the world at 20k per second!

You have to Migrate to MTN True Talk Plus to enjoy all this awoof! Just dial this *123*20# migration code to migrate and pay a daily access fee of N5 to enjoy.To start enjoying this new tariff plan, all you have to do is to migrate to the plan and pay a daily access fee of N5.

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Airtel Smart Talk

Airtel Telecom. is another strong and tight network in Nigeria that gives and also allows one the cheapest Tariff plan currently in Nigeria.

And with this their New Airtel Smart talk, trust me, you will never think twice about it, the step by step guideline to get into this hot line is very simple.

All you have to do is to call all networks in Nigeria at 11 kobo per second (from the very 1st second) for a daily access fee of ₦5 charged on your first call of the day.

Make international calls at 20k per second to the USA, Canada, China, India and UK Landline. To Migrate to this New Airtel Smart Talk :- Dial *315# to migrate or send Yes to 315.

For Etisalat 4.0 Tariff Plan

This is widely one of the greatest and most acknowledged date bundle currently in Nigeria, that is not just cheap but also carries call other network a more faster range.

Here in this Etisalat 4.0, you are going to be charged N5 daily access fee which will be geared by the 1st voice call of the day. Etisalat Easy Life 4.0 offers 11k/Sec to call any network in Nigeria, and 20k/sec to 4 international destinations (UK landlines, US, China, India).

For Etisalat Cheap Tarrif Plan:- Migrate to Etisalat Easy Life 4.0 by dialing *420*1# and also Confirm package by dialing *244*3#.

To migrate is so simple and fast, all you have to do is to gain more access to the cheapest tariff plan, test it and tell us which one is the best.

To all your friends out there, who doesn’t want anything Free should come around because this one is cheap! Enjoy June with Unlimited Cheap Calls.

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