Finally, 4G LTE Network is gradually going away! So while we are still enjoying the 3G Network and others are enjoying 4G Network, Samsung just introduce a more powerful Network that beats both the 3G and 4G Network, it is the 5G Wireless Network!

Although, it is very unfortunate that most of the current Android Smartphone Vendors especially the Nigeria Best Producers such as Tecno, Infinix, Innjoo, Nokia and many others are not looking into producing or manufacturing any 5G Network Phone!

Meanwhile, most of them are having problems in launching 4G LTE Phones. The features that most Phones Producers should increase and what customers are looking for is their Camera, 4G or 5G and WiFi Wireless Network! A smartphone camera that takes high-quality pictures is required. Let’s take a more closer look at 4G and 5G network!

the history of  5G

What is 4G LTE Network?

We have to know that Mobile network technology is moving at a relentless pace, and it’s being built around not one, but two industry juggernauts: Fourth-generation wireless or 4G and fifth-generation wireless or 5G.

Anwyay, 4G LTE is also known as Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology, which is an evolution of the existing 3G wireless standard and in essence, LTE is an advanced form of 3G! The two key technologies that enable LTE to achieve higher data through put than predecessor 3G networks are MIMO and OFDM.

(a) Orthogonal frequency division multiplex (OFDM) is a transmission technique that uses a large number of closely-spaced carriers that are modulated with low data rates. While (b) Multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) technique further improves data throughput and spectral efficiency by using multiple antennas at the transmitter and receiver.

5g wireless network

What is 5G Network?

In just one word, LTE-A standard creates a bridge between 4G and 5G worlds! And also the wireless industry is broadly targeting 2020 for the widespread deployment of 5G networks.

“5G is an end-to-end ecosystem to enable a fully mobile and connected society. It empowers value creation toward customers and partners, through existing and emerging use cases delivered with consistent experience and enabled by sustainable business models.” Source;

5G Network Android Smartphones

Nigeria Smartphone producers should starts launching Android with 5G Networks! We need more faster network connection! Downloading of files and surfing the internet has been made more simple and easier for us as, Samsung is about to introduce their 5G Phones.

5g wifi phones

As of the time of publishing this Article, there is just one Android Smartphone that is supporting 5G network in all over Nigeria and worldwide. So if you are looking for the best Android Smartphone that supports 5G network, then; here we go!

Samsung Galaxy S8 Android Smartphone

There is currently no other Phone that supports 5G Network expects the popular Samsung Galaxy S8 Android Smartphone. Other Samsung Galaxy Smartphones and their Notes has been released with 4G LTE Network but the upcoming Galaxy S8 is coming with a different face.

samsung 5g network

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will not just supports 5G Network but will also supports 3G and 4G and will also surprising Supports 4G in India (Band 40). With other awesome specifications and features, the Galaxy S8 kills all other Galaxy Phones features.

samsung s8 5g

With other Amazing features of Samsung Galaxy S8 Android Smartphone, the 5G Network is among the best of specs. Meanwhile, Samsung Mobile are planning on releasing more Galaxy Notes and Galaxy Smartphone with 5G Network enabled! So looking at it, maybe, 5G may come in Galaxy Note 6, Galaxy Note 7 etc.

5G or 5Ghz WiFi Wireless Android Phones

They are numerous differences between 2.4 and 5Ghz Wi-Fi! And the 5G WiFi Wireless features is among the top 10 new features that most Vendors of Android Smartphone should focus their interests in when launching newer phone. Inclusive with Camera and more. Most mid and high end phones supports 5ghz wi-fi.

The 5Ghz band is more ideally suited for data devices such as your laptop, phone, or tablet because it can transmit higher amounts of data, and it’s naturally less congested. 5Ghz does have a downside in that it is less able to penetrate solid walls and objects, so if you go outside your house to use your phone, your connection might drop.

android phones with 5g wifi

The 2.4Ghz is very congested resulting in dropped connections and slow data throughput. However, it is better suited for transmitting data over longer ranges and through walls and other solid objects. Lets look at some Android Smartphone that supports 5G WiFi!

HTC One Android Smartphone

Among other numerous Android Smartphone that has been released into the thin Air, the HTC One Android Smartphone supports 5G WiFi. And we also expects that other phone producers such as Samsung, Sony etc has also manufactured their 5G WiFi Android Smartphone.

The 5G WiFi standard, which not only promises speeds up to 1 gigabit but also opens the door to new mobile experiences, allows the HTC One to deliver the speed, reliability and power benefits that far outpace older wireless networks.

htc one

Other Smartphones also comes with 5Ghz WiFi such as the Samsung Galaxy C5 and Galaxy C7. Inclusive with their other numerous Android Smartphones. Meanwhile, otherSamsun Galaxy that supports 5Ghz is Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S3!

And also note that any Android Smartphone that supports Snapdragon S4 Plus and Pro have dual-band wireless network. And other Phones includes Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, HTC 8X, HTC One X, HTC One S, HTC EVO 3G. Including Lumia 920, Galaxy S4, RAZR M, Verizon Droid Max 2, Google Nexus 6P, Oneplus 2, Note 4, Motorola Moto x PE.

5g network

They are many other Phones that supports 5Ghz WiFi. Because 5G WiFi is just starting to hit the marketplace, only a handful of devices – such as the HTC One smartphone – can tap into those networks. Lets stay updated by saving this page, because we might continue to update this page.

Please note that, if you know of any other phone that supports 5G Network or 5Ghz WiFi, please the Comment box is there for you to use! You can also share this to your Friend online on Social Media, such as Facebook, Twitter, G+, pin it to pinterest.

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