Battery drainage is just the new thing, the new complaints for OnePlus 6T users. Few hours ago, OnePlus 6T users were reporting a new rapid battery drain issue.

The OnePlus 6T battery drain issue has been reported on official OnePlus forum and Reddit. OnePlus 6T Android Smartphone is the latest phone from the company in 2018.

The OnePlus forum thread, labelled “Oneplus 6T battery and heating thread” contains battery drainage complaints from users of the Android Smartphone.

However, the company is yet to deliver or introduce the update that will fix the issue, battery drainage. OnePlus is yet to issue a fix for the issue.

OnePlus 6T smartphone

Keeping that aside, the Smartphone company, OnePlus are known for rolling out frequently software updates to their Smartphones. And that’s what has been keeping them outstanding.

The OnePlus 6T was officially launched in October 2018, and was among the first flagship smartphones to come with Android 9.0 Pie out of the box.

Some users are complaining that the battery drains quickly from 80 percent onwards. Another complained of a drop in screen-on time from around 6-7 hours to around 4 hours.

On a full charge it gave me 6hrs of onscreen time, by another user. On the OnePlus forum, there are different types of battery analytics screenshots to confirm the battery issue.

Nevertheless, the solution to the problem hasn’t yet been certified and confirmed. But it may be due to some apps and updates. Remove the latest app to be installed on your Smartphone and uninstall them.

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