An app helps you to look at how cloth will fit you before buying

Technology is revolving each day by day and applications are not left away including our Fashion trending mind. This application helps you see how clothes will look on you before buying them, incredible right?

Now, you don’t need anyone opinion to to see how cloth will fit on you inside the Fashion store, all you need right now is your Mobile Phone installed with this awesome app.

HYDERABAD want to check how the clothes would look on you before you decide to buy them, all from the comfort of your home. Hyderabad-based startup Trupik Virtualisation has developed this app, where one can get to virtually drape clothes on a 3D replica of himself.

Do you want to try it out? However, Trupik has partnered with 16 brands like Raymond’s Allen Solly, Wills Lifestyle, Indian Terrain, People, Van Heusen, Peter England, Laven and plans to add more in coming days.

Claiming to be offered for the first time anywhere in the world, Trupik has branded the personal assistance technology as SoFia, which stands as an acronym for “So Fashion I am”.

see clothes first before buying

“This is the closest to being real experience sitting where you are while choosing your favourite garment from your favourite brand and the nearest store,” Sridhar Tirumala, co-founder and CEO of Trupik, told IANS.

After downloading the Trupik app, one has to feed the details like size, skin tone, choice of stores/brands. It takes millimetre-by-millimetre measures and creates a 3D replica of the person.

Providing garment shopping with trial-room and in-store experience on mobiles, it currently serves only men and the company plans to soon offer the services for women.

Since the launch in October last year, the free app which uses 3-dimensional body-mapping has registered over 25,000 people.

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