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APN Settings for Airtel Nigeria for Android Phones, PC, iPhone, iPad & Nokia

If your Airtel APN setting is not configure properly, you will not be able to connect to the internet using the Airtel Nigeria network even if you subscribed to Airtel data plan. So if you are using Android phone, PC or any of the above mentioned devices, you can now properly set your Airtel APN setting correctly and enjoy browsing on your device!

Does Airtel BB complete works on Android Device?

A lot of people who subscribe to the Airtel BB Complete Plan, and were unable to browse with it, you can try the old zain APN (which is similar to Airtel APN) to browse with BB subscription on their Android Phone. (See details at the button of the post.)

Automatic Airtel Nigeria Mobile Internet Setting Code

APN Settings for Airtel Nigeria for Android Phones, PC,, iPhone, iPad & Nokia

You can request for the Airtel mobile internet settings to be send to your mobile phone automatically and get automatically connected to the internet with Airtel 3.75G network if you save it as your default settings.

Code To Get Airtel Nigeria Configuration Settings Via SMS

If you don’t know how to request for the Airtel Nigeria automatic internet configuration settings on your mobile phone.
You can do that by sending “internet phonebrand model’ to 232 eg “internet Nokia 3310” to receive your settings via SMS.

Although, once you insert your Airtel SIM in your Mobile phone, the airtel Nigeria settings are automatically configured. If not, follow the steps above to get it done.

But if you are in the category that your device cannot receive Airtel Internet automatic settings. This may varies from different device, but the settings is almost the same.

Airtel Internet Browsing Settings for Mobile phone

You can manually configure your Mobile Phone with Airtel settings by following the simple steps below;

– Account Name: Airtel Nigeria
– Username: leave blank
– Password: leave blank
– Access Point Name (APN):
– HomePage:

Airtel Nigeria APN Setting

APN : or
Username: internet
Password: internet

To get Airtel BB data bundle to work on Android smartphones, you can use as our APN.
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51 thoughts on “APN Settings for Airtel Nigeria for Android Phones, PC, iPhone, iPad & Nokia”

  1. I have tried d Bbm cpmplet plan and it’s not working, I changed my APN settings as required still not working. And I hv 6GB worth of data just wasting away.

  2. I sub for the Bb complete stuff … #1000 for 3gb and it can’t be use and if i check the balance by dialing *123*175# it shows that i have 3Gb and it’s useless please what step should be taken? on Android Gionee p4

    1. Hello Omo oba, this doesn’t has to do with the Airtel APN setting but it has do with the area, you are settling on right now? so to test whether it is or not the area, get around and confirm it first!

  3. Please, the data charges on the BB plan is too high. When i checked my balance after two days, it showed that i had used up to 1.9 gb… But tge data usage app on my fone shows i only used 400mb. Please how can i fix this ???

  4. bro,though I using airtel 0812…but even after changing the APN as you’ve directed, still did not work,rather the internet is consuming my call airtime while the 3072mb is there.
    It pains loosing that 1400.
    Is there any other way around for it to work?

  5. I subscribed for air tel bb 3gb while d 2gb has not expired. d 3gb was allocated but could not be accessed. what can I do to remain connected ?

  6. Please help o,I did d 1400 mainly Cus I read it online dat I can use it on ma pc ,but now ave tried everything possible but its not working. Kept displaying no internet access.

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