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Android 10 Q is another hard name to guess!

After the wait, Google announces the name for their latest operating system, it is the Google Android Pie. It wasn’t that hard anyways, after all, they have been following the food trend to get names for their OS. Probably, guess the Android 10 Q might be a lot harder.

But it sounds meticulous, looking from the angle, how Google slowly and carefully chose the name. But the issue here is, what will be the name for the next operating system?

Google might follow the lead from the previous years, “something that sounds sweet” Before Android Pie pops up, we had ridiculous names such as, Pear, Passionfruit, Pumpkin, Plum, Peach, Popsicle, Peppermint, Pastry, Pecan Pie or Pumpkin Pie, Android Pi but at the end, there was the Android Pie hovering around the corner.

Looking further to next year, yes, the Android 10 Q OS, what will be name? The latest update for Android is the ninth generation, while the Q OS might turn out to be the tenth!

Android 6.0 launcher for marshmallow

Google is definitely looking for something delicious, palatable and sweet for their next major update, but the simple fact here is that, Q doesn’t have much enticing name for attractive or any spicy food or fruits.

I consulted the internet and found some few stuffs interesting names like:

– Android 10 Q- Quesadilla
– Android 10 Q – Quisp
– Android 10 Q – Qurabiya
– Android 10 Q – Quick bread
– Android 10 Q – Quail
– Quince
– Quinine

It didn’t help but they tried at least. Finding sweet names for letter Q is harder and rare in US, talk less of Africa, Nigeria. We do hope, Google find something more enlightening to bring up!

They are numerous other interesting name, but wait, Q doesn’t seem to stand in line for what Google is offering. It kind of sound different from others, we won’t be surprised that Google may divert and change from the normal hierarchy method, we knew before.

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