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Amazon said employees receiving an email banning TikTok was an error

One of the biggest e-commerce companies in the world, Amazon has updated the news where employees were said to receive an email from the company banning them from the installing TikTok app.

Earlier this month, Amazon employees said they received an email from Amazon to remove TikTok from their mobile devices, “Due to security risks, the TikTok app is no longer permitted on mobile devices that access Amazon email,”

Which was directly citing security risks. This was noted by New York Times, the company email stated that the app is now prohibited from all employee phones that can “access Amazon email,” and must be done for email access to continue. But the company confirms that an email was sent out in error earlier.

In response to that, Amazon says that it will not ask employees to remove popular social video-sharing app TikTok from their mobile devices. The company confirmed that it was sent as an error message.

Amazon spokesperson said, “This morning’s email to some of our employees was sent in error. There is no change to our policies right now with regard to TikTok.”

Amazon has said in the email that employees can still check TikTok on their laptop browsers. Since an Amazon spokesperson has accepted the fact that it was an error, employees are not required to remove the app from their phones.

Before now, the Chinese tech company ByteDance’s owned TikTok app has come under serious fire, which triggered millions of Indians giving the app 1-star rating on Google Play Store and iTunes store.

It didn’t just end there, India has also banned the app for the second time, alongside with other 59 apps. Even US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo confirmed that the US could ban Chinese apps like TikTok due to the potential threat to national security.

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James Martin/CNET

With Pompeo statements still on grounds, we are not still sure of the outcome, and the TikTok community is in a state of confusion worrying about whether the app will be removed in the US.

Citing a new Chinese national security law that would make it impossible to use, the ByteDance’s TikTok app has also pulled itself out of the Hong Kong market. TikTok problem is all about China, but from their perspective, it is quite harder than we think for them to find a permanent fix.

TikTok was recently caught accessing user clipboard data when running in the background, this exposes not just passwords, but threads of other sensitive data.

In order to support its claim that TikTok’s data isn’t stored in China, and Chinese government doesn’t have access to the app, the company has stopped employing Chinese moderators and also claimed that the majority of its business and data decisions are made outside China.

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