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List of All Wapsites to download all movies, games, music, apps, etc

If are you looking for the best place, the simplest place, and methods on how to easily download your awesome mobile games, movies, and other similar kinds of stuff, then welcome to this page!

Here in this article, you’ll learn how to download movies, games, applications, themes, kinds of music, wallpaper, and many others.

The best place to get all your stuff, which includes apps, games, kinds of music, themes, wallpaper, and others, is by visiting one of the best Wap sites for downloads. You can also check out the best sites to download cartoon movies too.

What are Wap sites for Download?

Firstly, Wap sites are a list of mobile-friendly websites or portals, that host various Android apps, kinds of music, themes, ebooks, images, videos, funny videos, games, and other content.

Wap sites for download, this aspect now comes in when you want to download any of those files listed above, which includes apps, games, kinds of music, themes, and many others.

Fortunately, Wap sites are extensively amazing, it is always compatible with your mobile handset. There are a few others kinds of stuff, you must learn about this website.

Features of Wap sites

These should be more like features, benefits, and why you must download your next movies, music, games, and other important files from your mobile Wap sites.

*. Wap sites are always compatible with all types of mobile phones and wireless devices

*. The interface is always effective

*. Design is SIMPLE and Straight to the Point

*. Designs are mostly different, loads at the speed of light

*. Mainly made for mobile phones

*. They provide relevant download

For the don’t of getting your files from Wap sites, they most times display loads of adults contents, which especially includes videos and images of women.

List of all Wap sites to download

Below is the top-best list of top-notch free WAP sites either simply for your personal use or for your business. If you are ready, let’s get started:

Waptrick is the best source for free mobile games, 3gp videos, full mp4 films, Android games, photos, and wallpapers.

Choose your favorite category and browse for more Videos, wallpapers, games, and free mobile downloads. Enjoy the rhythms and you’ll never regret it.

Wapkid allows you to quickly get your Wallpaper, Operator Logos, Themes, MP3 Ringtones, Polyphonic Ringtones, Monophonic Ringtones, Java Games, Video Clips, Screensavers, SMS Collections, Picture Messages, and Compatibility.

The interface is as simple as expected, all you have to do is to look for your favorite files, wallpaper, ringtones, games, and videos, and download them. Certlibrary allows you to get better in IT examinations.



Toxicwap is another mobile and PC portal, where you can download all your favorite music, movies, TV Series, Android Games, apps, Videos, Wallpapers, and ebooks.

ToxicWap is the most trusted and popular mobile Wap site for all your free mobile download needs. Where you get the best full mp3 music, TV Series, and Movies in mp4 and avi format, Android games, the Android app store, high-quality videos, funny videos, and much more all for free.

As I already warned above, these websites are tricky. Henceforth, you must be cautious and aware of your surrounding, they might display unwanted content at any time.


Wapking. co has the top list of all ringtones, wallpapers, full Mp3 Songs, videos, Android applications, Android Games, and Live Wallpapers.

Among other Wap sites, Wapking is a little bit free of adverts. I’ve been there for a few hours, and there were NO pop-ups, but some adult contents are displayed, and many others.



This Wapsite is good, productive, effective, and perfect for everyone. has a bunch of powerful free wallpapers, ringtones, notifications, icons, and more.

However, there is an online search button to get all your files. But the company also has an Android app and an iOS app. And they can be found on your phone’s app store.



Like it, or love it, leave it, or embrace it but is among the top best wapsites for your mobile download. Where you can easily get all your files for your handset.

With Getjar, you download any of the files from the following category: games, social & messaging, productivity, entertainment, education, finance, food, health, lifestyle, maps, music, news & weather, personalization, photos, religion, search, shopping, sports, tools, travel, wallpaper, and widgets.



On Wapshared. one, you can type and search for a bunch of trending videos in Nigeria. There is other classic stuff such as Video, Music, Games, Apps, Movies, and more.

Other categories include Anime Series / Episodes, Youtube Videos, kDrama Episode, Movies, Games, App, Ringtones, Full MP3 Song, Wallpaper, Fonts, Screensaver, Audiobooks, EBooks, Video, Themes, Android Live Wallpapers, Flash, Messages, Operator Logo, Watchface, Stickers, Recipes, Manga, Icons, Song Lyrics, and Mobile Specs/Reviews.


Wapnext is a mobile-friendly wapsite that allows you to easily download your favorite, latest, and trending mp3 songs, 3gp videos, mp3, and music videos.

The moment you land on the page, you will be shown popular music, that might interest you to download and enjoy. Anyways, Wapnext is definitely among the best. They are different categories to select from!


Waptrendz is a pack-filled website, where you can get the latest blog news, music, videos, wallpaper, and ringtones.

And sincerely, it is awesome and productive. The categories are just superfluous to my expectation. If you want the latest stuff, please visit the website.

Others include,, and Most of these websites have closed due to insufficient management and they have publicly apologized to everyone!

Do you know any other wapsites that are not listed above? do you have or own any other websites? Please kindly use the below comment box, and we will add it here.

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