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How to subscribe to Airtel Talk More 500% Plan

    Actually, this is not a new plan. However, it was supposed to be among the Top Best Airtel Tariff Plan, where we featured most of all the Best Airtel Tariff Plan.

    Calls are especially used by business men to control and ensure that there is smooth communication and transaction between themselves and their workers.

    Airtel TalkMore Bundles

    That is why, fastest conversation is really an important skill all over the world. Here is what Airtel said:

    “TalkMore Bundles are great value bundles that give 500% the value of airtime to make calls and send SMS to ALL NETWORKS in Nigeria WITHOUT RESTRICTION.

    Talkmore Bundles can also be used to make international calls to USA, Canada, UK landlines, China and India as well as browse the internet.

    TalkMore Bundles are open to all Airtel customers (Prepaid and Postpaid) and comes in different price points that fits every size of pocket.”

    What is Airtel Talk More?

    With Airtel Talk More Tariff Plan, you can get 500% on all recharge including the data!

    Airtel Talk More offers you three voice bundles of N150, N250 and N700 with different validity periods. With this, you can get amazing bonuses on data, SMS and calls to all networks!

    With the Airtel Talk More bundle, simply recharge, subscribe and start enjoying this amazing bonus on calls (local and international), SMS and data. This Airtel Talk More Plan is like the Mtn Better Talk, where you can also get 500% on all calls.

    This is an innovative product that allows you get the best value tariff regardless of what network you are calling.

    Airtel talk more bundle

    How to check Airtel Talk more bundle

    To check your Airtel Talk more data bundle and minutes balance by dialing *123*5# OR *223#. And you will receive the balance shortly.

    How to subscribe to Airtel Talk More

    To buy and subscribe to Airtel Talk more bundle, you are required to recharge your line with either N150, N250, or N700.

    Note: You get N*** (this is the Value Received)

    *. For N60: You get N180. Dial *234*60# for 30 Days.

    *. For N100: You get N500. Dial *234*100# for 30 Days.

    *. For N150: You get N750. Dial *234*150# for 30 Days.

    *. For N200: You get N1000. Dial *234*200# for 30 Days.

    *. For N250: You get N1,250. Dial *234*250# for 30 Days.

    *. For N300: You get N1,500. Dial *234*300# for 30 Days.

    *. For N500: You get N2,500. Dial *234*500# for 30 Days.

    *. For N700: You get N3,500. Dial *234*700# for 30 Days.

    *. For N1,000: You get N5,000. Dial *234*1000# for 30 Days.

    *. For N1,500. You get N7,500. Dial *234*1500# for 30 Days.

    *. For N3,000. You get N15,000. Dial *234*30# for 30 Days.

    Bundles validity for N250 and N700 could be extended for 1 day by dialing *234*250*1# OR *234*700*1#.

    TalkMore bundles are open to all Airtel prepaid and postpaid subscribers.

    airtel talk more

    Airtel Talkmore Validity

    All the Airtel Talkmore bundle plan are all valid for 30days. In essence, when purchasing the bundle plan, undertand that you can purchase as many TalkMore bundles as you need.

    But if you buy another TalkMore bundle before validity expiry, your unused bundle balance is rolled over into the new bundle and assumes the new bundle’s validity.

    If you do not buy another bundle before validity expiry, any unused bundle value will be lost upon validity expiry.

    All your unexpired bundles would adopt the validity date of the latest purchased bundle.

    Terms and Conditions

    *. Each bundle could be used for Voice, SMS and data.
    *. Bundles can be purchased from the MAIN account balance only not bonus account.
    *. Bundle can be used to call all local networks and top 5 international destinations of USA, Canada, China, India and UK landline. You can also use it for SMS to all networks as well as Data on PAYU basis.

    You can dial *123*5# to check amount of minutes available for use. And you can also buy more than one bundle at a time but the highest validity purchased will take effect. Also note that, all unused value would expire and be unusable.