Airtel SmartRecharge gives you 10x bonus of your recharge

Introducing to you is the latest Tariff Plan from Airtel Nigeria! Lets make welcome the Airtel SmartRecharge that gives you 10x of all your recharge! We got introduced to the #tag, #Doanyhow since yesterday being the 9th of October, but later on, by 12pm today, we found out, what it was all about!

This is the Airtel SmartRecharge bonus that allows their customers to get 10 times the connection, 10 times the calls and 10 times the talk. Labeled as Airtel SmartRecharge, where you can Call. Connect. Download. With SmartRecharge Airtel give you 10times more on your recharge value for voice and data!

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What is Airtel SmartRecharge bonus offer?

Airtel smart RECHARGE bundles gives you at least 10 times the value of your airtime when you recharge your line using the special recharge code – *220*PIN#.

With smart RECHARGE you get great value for both calls and data in one single convenient recharge. In addition to your 10 times value, smart RECHARGE also gives you EXTRA DATA VALUE on N500 and N1,000 recharges!

How does Airtel SmartRecharge work?

The Airtel SmartRecharge bonus plan works amazing, whereby, when you load N100 gives you N500 for calls and N500 for data
N200 gives you N1000 for calls and N1000 for data.

Another is N500 that gives you N2000 for calls, N3000 for data plus extra N3000 for data. Recharge N1000 and you’ll receive N2500 for calls, N7500 for data plus extra N7500 for data!

airtel smartrecharge

How to subscribe Airtel SmartRecharge?

All prepaid customers can now subscribe to Airtel SmartRecharge bonus plan by recharging their SIM card with *220*Rechargepin# and you will receive the bonus immediately. It is Simple and easy!

One amazing stuff about this, is that, the more you load, the more bonus you get for calls and data and also, both new and already existing customers has access to it full time.

You might be wondering about the Airtel SmartRecharge tariff call rates, anyways, Airtel to All Local Networks goes at N50/min while the data rate at N20/MB.

How to check Airtel SmartRecharge balance?

You can check your Airtel smart RECHARGE balance by dialing *123# and also Only prepaid subscribers have access to smart RECHARGE bundles.

This is Airtel #Doanyhow or Airtel SmartRecharge anyhow!

59 thoughts on “Airtel SmartRecharge gives you 10x bonus of your recharge”

  1. I recharged 200 and was giving 1000 for voice calls and 1000 for data ; but, all them disappeared immediately. I checked my balance over nd over, and its still 35 naira no bonus. Even the 200 disappeared too!

  2. Pls no one should use this it is a total scam
    They told me 1000 naira for data Nd it expired under 5minutes, I’m angry with Airtel nw,I think buying another Sim is a good idea
    Refund me oo.

  3. How do I change de card to data
    My data just finished only one night and my card is to many
    So pls how do I change it from that card to data
    Abegi notin in this Nigerian is a waste now

  4. Please i just recharged N100 with smart recharge but I was only given airtime bouns what about my airtel bouns that was so posed to be given after the recharge

  5. This is scam. I tried just for the data bonus but I could not download up to 30mb file. Going by what they offered in their website (N20=1mb) ; it’s too exorbitant. Even at that, I didn’t get up to 50mb. Please, how do you deregister Sim?

    • Hello Joseph, you can’t migrate to SmartRecharge, but you can dial *220*Rechargepin# to enjoy the 10x bonus of your recharge. Check the above article for the options.

  6. Nonsense smart talk.. haven’t talk for 9min everything gone.. 1500naira….. Jeeez God punish Airtel.. I need to get another sim…..nothing pays me ever since I started using dis nonsense sim

  7. I was on smart trybe tarrif plan and just recharged 1000 naira using the *220*pin# yet nothing showed, no airtime bonus no data bonus, is this a scam or what? Please rectify this nonsense

  8. Everytime my data finishes on my android phone, my sim would just continue browsing from my account balance without alerting me… Please how do I opt out of this

    • Hi Prince, the next time you subscribe, click the option of stopping your browsing when your data finishes. Or you can go ahead and dial *902# as Airtel DND code. Thank you.

  9. I just recharged using the smart recharge code and I didn’t get any bonuses at all, infact I can’t even make a call at the moment, still telling me I do not have enough airtime… Please rectify this issue. Thank you.

  10. the data in naira i no very well dnt last at all especially wen u download wit it except it’s on megabite dats wen u can enjoy it ive suffered dis for a long time so my questions is does the data in naira sign last like normal data?

    • Hello Winifred, thats a very nice question. Fortunately, when you recharge, you are given extra data bonus to browse the internet too alongside with the call bonus.
      For Instance, when you recharge N200, you receive N1000 for calls and N1000 for data.


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