How to activate Airtel smartCONNECT 5.0 – Enjoy 8x recharge and double data

Anyway, in the race with high competitive network providers like Glo Nigeria, Airtel has just announced another amazing tariff and double data Plan offer called Airtel smartCONNECT 5.0! The new Plan has been enhanced and equipped with the full quality on how to make calls cheaper and there is something more serious and amazing about this Airtel smart connect 5.0!

Airtel Nigeria is here once again! They are currently one of the best data bundle providers for Android, iPhone, iPad, PC, Windows in Nigeria! So if they could conquer that aspect then what about Making Cheap Calls to all other Networks in Nigeria!

What is Airtel smartCONNECT 5.0?

And just like the MTN StartPack and the Glo Twin Bash and Talk Special Plan, you can enjoy 8times the value of what you recharge, on Airtel smartCONNECT 5.0.

Airtel Smart CONNECT is Airtel’s default prepaid plan. The plan has just been enriched with additional bonuses to give additional value to our customers.

The Customers on this plan enjoy 8 times the value of EVERY recharge (N100 and above). And yes, the secrecy of the Airtel smart connect 5.0 is enjoying a 100% double data bonus offer, this is what old Airtel subscribers are currently missing. With smart connect 5.0, you will get an extra 1.5GB when you subscribe for Airtel N1000 for 1.5GB, which is 3GB data.

Airtel smartCONNECT 5.0 8X bonus Recharge

These are the airtime bonus, you will enjoy on Airtel smartCONNECT 5.0.

– Recharge N100, you get N800 value instantly (N100 in your main account, N100 bonus credit, N250 data bonus, N250 bonus credit for family and friends, and N100 for the social bundle). Smart Connect is really amazing.

– Recharge N200 and you’ll get N1600 in total (N200 in your main account, N200 bonus credit, N500 data bonus, N500 bonus credit for family and friends, and N200 for the social bundle).

– Recharge N300 and you’ll get you N2400, (N300 in your main account, N300 bonus credit, N750 data bonus, N750 bonus credit for family and friends, and N300 for the social bundle).

– Recharge N500 and you’ll get N4000, (N500 in your main account, N500 bonus credit, N1250 data bonus, N1250 bonus credit for family and friends, and N500 for the social bundle)

– And then, Recharge and you’ll get N8000. (N1000 in your main account, N1000 bonus credit, N2500 data bonus, N2500 bonus credit for family and friends, and N1000 for the social bundle). That is insane data and voice call bonus for new subscribers.

Airtel smartconnect 5.0 Double Data Bonus

With the Airtel smartCONNECT 5.0 plan, customers will enjoy a 100% data plan bonus on every bundle. Be very much aware that it is applicable for 90 days on all purchases of data bundles below N5,000.

– Recharge and subscribe to N50 and you will get 20MB + 20MB. Totaling up to 40MB, valid for one day.

– Recharge and subscribe N100 and you will get 75MB + 75MB. Totaling up to 150MB, valid for one day.

– Recharge and subscribe to N200 and you will get 200MB + 200MB. Totaling up to 400MB, valid for 3days.

– Recharge and subscribe to N300 and you will get 350MB + 350MB. Totaling up to 700MB, valid for 7days.

– Recharge and subscribe to N500 and you will get 750MB + 750MB. Totaling up to 1.5GB, valid for 14days.

– Recharge and subscribe to N1000 and you will get 1.5GB + 1.5GB. Totaling up to 3GB, valid for 30days.

– Recharge and subscribe N1500 and you will get 3.5GB (2.5GB Day + 1GB Night) + 3.5GB (2.5GB Day + 1GB Night).
Totaling up to 6GB (5GB Day + 1GB Night), valid for 30 Days.

– Recharge and subscribe to N2000 and you will get 3.5GB + 3.5GB. Totaling up to 7GB, valid for 30days.

– Recharge and subscribe N2500 and you will get 5.5GB (4.5GB Day + 1GB Night) + 5.5GB (4.5GB Day + 1GB Night). Totaling up to 10GB (9GB Day + 1GB Night), valid for 30days.

– Recharge and subscribe N3000 and you will get 6.5GB (5.5GB Day + 1GB Night) + 6.5GB (5.5GB Day + 1GB Night). Totaling up to 12GB (11GB Day + 1GB Night), valid for 30days.

– Recharge and subscribe N4000 and you will get 9.5GB (7.5GB Day + 2GB Night) + 9.5GB (7.5GB Day + 2GB Night). Totaling up to 17GB (15GB Day + 2GB Night). Valid for 30days.

Remember, any data plan above N4000 will no longer work. Let’s say, you want to subscribe to N5000 for 12GB (10GB Day + 2GB Night), it won’t double up to 17GB (20GB Day + 4GB Night). And so on and so forth. To get started, dial *141# to select your data plan.

How to activate Airtel smartCONNECT?

However, if you are interested, then go ahead, purchase and register a new Airtel SIM, and then insert it in your phone and recharge with *126*pin# and *123# to check your balance.

And you will enjoy 8 times (8x) the value of EVERY recharge of N100 and above. This new tariff plan is available to NEW prepaid customers.

Remember that the bonus is valid for 7 days but Main Account Credit DOES NOT EXPIRE! However, note that the double data offer and 8X airtime bonus is valid for 90 days.

Airtel smartconnect

FAQs of Airtel smartCONNECT 5.0 Plan

Below are more questions and answered concerning the Airtel Smart connect Tariff Plan! What are waiting for? Go to the street and get a new Airtel Sim Card.

Question: What is smartCONNECT?

Answer: SmartCONNECT is a new PREPAID plan that allows customers to enjoy 8 times the value of EVERY recharge.

Question: Who is eligible to take this product?

Answer: The product is available to NEW prepaid customers.

Question: How does a customer get unto the plan?

Answer: Buy a new SIM, register it, insert it in your phone and recharge it to enjoy 8 times (8x) the value of EVERY recharge of N100 and above

Question: What do I stand to enjoy on this plan?

Answer: Customers on this plan enjoy 8 times the value of EVERY recharge (N100 and above)

Question: How do I recharge?

Answer: Dial *126*pin#

Question: Can I enjoy 8 times bonus if I Recharge with ERC?

Answer: Yes. ERC recharges also qualify for an 8 times bonus.

Question: How do I check balance?

Answer: Dial *123#

Question: Can I use my bonus to call ALL NETWORKS?

Answer: Yes. A bonus can be used for data and calls to all networks.

Question: How long can I use my bonus?

Answer: All bonuses are valid for 7days.

Question: Can I roll over my unused bonus?

Answer: Yes, simply recharge before your bonus expires.

Question: How much will I be charged for calls on this plan?
Answer: Calls from Main Account and Bonus will be charged at 50k/sec.

Question: How to register family and friends?
Answer: Dial *311*2*Airtel number# to register number.
–  Dial *311*3*Airtel number# to delete the number.
–  Dial *311*4# to view your registered friends and family.

Question: What will happen to me after 90 Days?
Answer: After 90 Days you will enjoy 6 X the Value of your Recharge in addition to the existing.

Question: How do I check My Data Balance?
Answer: Dial *140#

Question: What are the tariffs and call rates charged on smart connect?
Answer: Applicable smart connect tariffs as are follows:
+. Main Account:
– Airtel to All Local Networks & Top 5 International Destinations: 50 kobo/sec
– SMS to all Local Networks: N4/SMS
– International SMS: N15/SMS
– Data: 5 kobo/KB

+. Bonuses:
– Airtel to All Local Networks: 60 kobo/sec
– Family and Friends Calls: 40 kobo/sec
– Bonus Data: N10MB
– Social Data Bonus: N10/MB

You can buy a new Airtel Sim Card to enjoy this amazing Tariff Plan from Airtel Nigeria! And please, try using the below Facebook, Twitter, G+ share buttons to share this to all your online friends and you can also pin it to Pinterest!


  1. pls how do I opt out from this plan?
    I need to subscribe buh they keep using my credit for this 6x whatever
    pls I need a reply

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  6. pls i no longer understand this airtel 6x bonus, am nt allowed 2 use d 250 to call other network buh rather 150

  7. hw can i go to my 6x bonus

    • Try reading the post through before asking ” you can get into the plan by buying a new SIM, register it, then insert it in your phone and recharge with *126*pin# and *123# to check your balance. And you will enjoy 6 times (6x) the value of EVERY recharge of N100 and above. This new tariff plan is available to NEW prepaid customers”

  8. What’s the migration code for the smartconnect plan

    • I buy a new sim,BT I covert to another traffic plan I want go back to smart connect, I dn know how to re_migrate to smart connect

  9. What’s the migration code for the smartconnect plan

    • There is no migration code. Buy new sim and you are good to go. You can get into the plan by buying a new SIM, register it, then insert it in your phone and recharge with *126*pin# and *123# to check your balance

  10. *123# won’t show me my dAta and bonus balance. how do I check that balance on the move?

  11. Hmm! Airtel this is just 419 for 9ja and I rather for etisalat super recharge because they are starting charging u from the bonus account if u make a call but Airtel 419 starting picking ur main account before starting picking from the bonus why???.

    • I won’t say you are lying Onestar, most times, you don’t have to blame the network because the operating computer memory can misbehave. Hence, changing the order around. Just try it another time and pls reply back. Thanks

      • Hello Admin good day, pls I have an accumulated balance of #1,500 on my faf account how do I use item thanks.

      • Why tha Fuck will someone migrate to dubious trybe n cannot immigrate.. that 419, opt in and can’t opt out, the thunder that will fire airtel office both far n near,is coming with the new smart connect, don’t worry

      • It’s always my main account first. Until my main account is exsusted they will will not charge from the bonus.

  12. fbl admin u no c my msg abi me no need reply

  13. is it true that browsing whatsapp and others are free?Even with zero balance?

  14. I have just buy new airtel sim and i am in smartconnect but unfortunate i migrated out and i want to migrate back how can i do it.

  15. I buy new airtel sim am in smartconnect before,but i migrated out and i want to migrate back

  16. I can’t mk call with my 250 bonus credit voice on airtel smart connect y?

    • Most times it is from Airtel Service.

      • I have N1600 8x airtel to airtel calls bonus, N968 8x local calls bonus, N700 8x family and friends calls bonus. BUT I CAN’T USE THEM! Wats all dis nonsense? How long will i continue to recharge and whn i make small call, na my main credit una go dey charge. Bonus just dey dere for fancy? The bonus is useless na… And u r sayin its airtel service problem. Wat nonsense is dat! HOW CAN I USE MY PLENTY BONUSES ABEG?

  17. I’m not able to use ma voice bonus again

  18. Wot is the normal tariff plan on airtel sim card for making call

  19. Hello pls I mistakenly subscribed to smart trybe on my new sim so am not sure if the 6x bonus is still available there cause all my 7000 bonus has been cleared due to the subscription to smart trybe

  20. i do i subscibe back bcux i am currently in smart speedoo

  21. I am in this plan before so migrate to another plan now how is the possibily of returning back

  22. hello…i m on this plan for a week now but to my surprise on checkin my acct balance yst’i noticed i ve bin diverted to talk more plan thereby loosing my bonus of more than 2000…i never migrated to any plan’
    plz what could ve bin d problem…nd is dere any possibility of bin divertd back?

    • Have you confirm about the tariff plan very well? How long have been using Airtel SmartConnect? Maybe someone did some fishy stuffs with your phone. And to the other questions, there is no possibility of migrating back. The only way is buy new Airtel Sim Card.

  23. Am I going to be beneficiary of this offer if I port my line to Airtel network?

  24. Why can’t use my voice bonus to call other networks?

  25. Why can’t i use my voice bonus to call other networks?

  26. Thanks to FBL
    I bought a new Airtel Sim card,insert it in my Phone,recharged with *126*pin# ,But didn’t get the offer.What will I do?

  27. I have the bonus but i cant use it why???? How do i use it?? My airtym finished i hve bonus but cant use it

  28. Airtel wat u people ar doin iz nt fair u think buyin of new sim is easy why sm 1 can nt migrate dat nt hw othr netwrk those it

  29. I thought you ppl said 250 mb buh all I see is N250 for data, how is dat mb or equivalent to 250 mb.

  30. hello Admin, i jst add up a num to my fnf bt to my suprise when i make cal to the fnf num the money was deduct frm my main acc. Y that ?????

    • Hello Abdul, most times, the bad service network in Nigeria is disturbing the actual plan of Smart Connect, but if it repeats itself twice, try giving them a Call.

      • please FBL Admin,, am using 6X bonus and i can use all d bonus except the FaF bonus i can not make use of it… i tried to activate FaF contact but is not doing… am having more than 2500 for FaF but i cant make use of it… please what is the problem

    • Ok, plz how can i make use of my data bonus & social

    • Hello FBL, plz i can’t find fnf & social bonus on my account anymore, what’s the problem?

  31. Please am having 2500 in 6X plan or smart Connect but i cant make use of it… what is the problem… i tried to activate FaF but it not doing… what is the problem please

  32. What Can The Social In 6 Times Bonus Use For

  33. pls is there another way to rigister my FAF i treid with code *311*2* nmbr# but wasnt rigister

  34. So are you are you people encouraging us to dumb the old Sim, it’s not fair ooo

  35. I delete my 2 numbers for faf but is deny to Registered my new numbers what is the prob

    • Please quickly call the Airtel Customer Care number and inform them of this because the fault is from them, 111/121 from your Airtel phone. You can also dial +234 802 150 0111 and +234 802 150 0121 if you are not using an Airtel phone or if you are abroad.

      Or you can whatsapp them too. Please remember to drop their reply here for others to learn from it.

      Thanks for reaching to us. We appreciates.

  36. buy another sim card

  37. Hello they have stop giving me bonus for FaF what is the problem?

  38. Pls……. I cnt dump my old line i migrated out how can i get back

    • How can you migrate to Smart connect? It isn’t possible, you have to get a new Airtel Sim to enjoy the Smart connect 2.0 Meanwhile, if you have migrated out of your former plan and really want to get back, then try commenting which plan is that. Thanks.

  39. This tariff is totally rubbish. I am having airtel sim card already and you are telling me to buy another one. meaning this one is useless.
    another problem I have with you people again is you no more connecting your customers directly to speak to your agents for complains and clarification which is too bad. unlike other networks who listen to their customers

    • Hello Moses, FBL understands your point but the buying new Airtel Sim card doesn’t actually mean, you will have to lost your old and main sim card. You can get a new Sim card, after making calls, go straight back to your old sim card.

      And concerning the other aspect of Airtel not answering calls isn’t real, Airtel always attend to the complains of their customers. And they also have Whatsapp number where you can connect with them and lay your complains. Thanks Moses Luka for dropping by.

  40. please how can I check my airtel balance after using *243# to migrate. I mean the plan that allows 11k/sec from first minute of the day.

  41. I want to ask maybe smartconnect is still working on new sim card

  42. Pls, how much data can #100 give me from other plans, other than smartconnect2.0? And how can i achief that?

    • Hello is giving out 20x bonus of your recharge, recharge 100 on Airtel, then dial *241# to receive more x of Data, Credit and many more.

      • hello FBL.. the 20x bonus, will they wipe out my 100 jus to get the 20x bonus??
        then can it be used to call all network??

        • That is transaction. They will take all your N100 and then give you the 20x bonus and yes, it can be used to call all network. The N100 will get you 3000mb but when I tried it, I didn’t used it up to 3days and it got expired or should I say Exhausted. Thanks

  43. Which tarrif plan is the best on airtel network apart from buying a new sim..?

  44. I am aready in smart connect2.0 but I no longer receives bonus and megabyte, whenever i recharge
    what should i do?

  45. What’s code that i can use to migrate to smart connect

  46. Admin am enjoying the offer but i can’t make calls with the bonus oo, but pls those smart connect have F&F, meaning can we add F&F number.

  47. I have problem in my sim the problem is like if i recharge card than we allow me to x20 wot we i do pls tell me or u help me check it this the num i have problem is dis 09072696895 thanks

    • Hello Emmanuel, am not getting your question but are you actually saying that “If you recharge, they WON’T GIVE THE X20 BONUS’ Please throw more light. Thank you.

  48. Hello pls how i will get 20x bonus

  49. Its immediately i buy sim i will load

  50. i mistakely magrate out of my 8xbonus tarrif, how can I migrate to 8xbonus so that i will b collecting my 30 mb

    • Hello Tobiloba, this is exclusively for some sim card and especially for new sim card. Or you can call the Airtel Customer Care for more information. Thanks

  51. Wot is d useful of faf call?

  52. I can’t uses my subscribe data for internet browse and many other things in my phone my tariff plan smart connect I subscribe for #1000

  53. they did not multiply my bonus ooooi

  54. and I bought #1500 credit

  55. How can I migrate to airtel smart connect 2.0 with my air tel new sim?

  56. please I just bought a new sim how do I migrated to airtelsmarthconnect2.0?

  57. Please is it possible to migrate from this 6x bonus to another tariff plan because I can’t use my bonus telling me l huv not sufficient call credit except l call airtel to airtel

  58. I am using the smart connect but it not calling all network

  59. how do I migrate back to smartCONNECT

  60. Please I need a help, whenever I load a card I always received 8x bonus but I cannot make use of the VOICE CALL and FAF, please what can I do so as to get access to this bonus, cos it pain when I always see the bonus expired without making use of it.

  61. Oh God… What is doing this Airtel guys….this is not just fair nd somehow m regretting buying this Sim….I have tried every possible way to contact them(customer care o, WhatsApp number?,everything)to tell them that I cant use my voice bonus which has accumulated to become so much…while broke in my main account
    Pls tell me wat to do cos Airtel is really vexing me now

  62. Please, FBL admin u have not replied my complaint.

  63. FBL Admin Pls i was on smart conet plat4m, enjoyn all bunoses, but disdays if i recharge no way 4 d bunos and i even try call center no respond, na so so music dey give me to activate 4 caller tune. Wat wul i do 4 now.

  64. how can I join airtel smart connect 2.0

  65. Pls what is the different BTW smart connect 8X and 6X bonus

  66. Please how are the FAF and voice bonus credit be used.

    • Hello Ahmed, the full meaning of FAF is Family and Friends, so you need to add numbers to your FAF list to make use of the bonus. You have the liberty to add and remove as many as 5 numbers on the Family and Friends Service.

      How to Add Numbers

      Dial the following USSD – *141*2*NUMBER# e.g., *141*2*08080000000#
      Dial *141*3*NUMBER# e.g. *141*3*08021234567#
      Dial *141*5#


  67. this plan is too expensive. 50kb/sec lol

  68. how do I change my airtel smartphone they refuse to be giving me bonus on recharges instead they will be deducting and taking money from my account unknowingly

  69. Pls am on smart connect 2.0 with 8* bonus but I can’t make use of my family and friends bonus. I had tried adding an airtel number but is not activated. What should I do? Kindly assist.

  70. how do i go back to my plan 8x bonus. please

  71. Hello please how can I register a F&F number

  72. hello please..i mistakenly activated Smart trybe but i was on smart connect before and i really want to change back to smart connect..please how do i do that

  73. I mistakenly opt out…pls I need the code to migrate back

  74. hello FBL Admin you’ve not replied to my comment

  75. Hello fbl.
    I noticed in my smart connect bonus, when I browse or chat, its from my data, my social bonus. Is just pilling up. How do I use that bonus

  76. pls how do I option out on Airtel smart connet

  77. Please I mistakenly migrated out of smart connect, is it possible for me to migrate back if I get a new SIM card and do a welcome back (to my old number).

  78. Hello admin,
    I just bought an airtel new SIM, I recharge my line with 1k,but no bonus was given to me, I tried to check my tarrif plan, I saw smart connect and not smart connect 2.0
    Is there any different between this two packages?

    • Hello, Samson, actually, they are not the same thing, Smartconnect gives you 8x while Smartconnect 2.0 gives you 6x but among any of them, it was suppose to give you bonus as it is a new sim card.
      WE will contact Airtel and get back to you.

  79. How do i go out of plan?

  80. How do i go out of plan? smart connect

  81. please I can’t use the airtime bonuses on my airtel SIM????

  82. please how can I unsubscribe from trybe night browsing

  83. What a stupid line it mad me angry ? when I ℹ discover that I can’t go back to smart connect I such but the sim and you are advising me to buy new line…. Can’t you guy just do it for does people who bought the new line and change by mistake…… If I want to buy new line I chang e to airtel

  84. What a stupid line it mad me angry ? when I ℹ discover that I can’t go back to smart connect I such but the sim and you are advising me to buy new line…. Can’t you guy just do it for does people who bought the new line and change by mistake…… If I want to buy new line I chang e to etisalat

  85. why cnt i use my voice bonus

  86. Please am trying to get 100% bonus of my data on my new Airtel sim and it’s not working

  87. How do i leave smart trybe 2.0 and migrate to smart connect

  88. I bought a new sim and recharge on it airtel connect plan,unfortunate i migrate frm it,pls i want to get back.

  89. I bought a new sim and recharge on it airtel connect plan,unfortunate i migrate frm it,pls i want to get back.

  90. pls admin, give list of tariff plan with migration code on airtel so I can choose. this trybee ain’t good

  91. I have never really used my bonus till it finishes, my account balance says I have so much bonus but each time I try to make a call, it keep telling me account low, pls recharge. Why is it like that?

  92. please admin how can I add numbers to FAF?

  93. Hw can I view, delete and add no on my family and friends. Becus I tried using #311*4#, 3, 2 nd it do nt work

  94. Hello admin… I tried sending “please call me back” with *140*number #, even with *141*8*number# but it doesn’t seem to going, telling me invalid transaction as if I want to buy data or request for my data balance… This occurs anytime I try.. Please do you think it can be my sim tariff plan or what?? Though I don’t know my tariff plan, but it is not favourable to me, no free call bonus, no data or data bonus on every recharge even on bigger airtime recharge like #3000 above… Please what do I do??admin

    • Hello Samuel, try retrieving your sim, it will basically take you the Airtel Smart connect. This is how to check your Airtel tariff plan, Dial *121# » select 5 » choose 2.

  95. Please what if I get a new sim but I still want to maintain my old number would I still get the benefit of smart connect
    Plus whenever I try calling customer care they don’t connect me to talk to someone

  96. How do i migrate back to smart connect
    I need quick answers please

  97. formerly, i used to receive 3gb data for #1000 data subscription using the code(*144#)….on smartconnect 2.0, but for sometimes now, it’s different or maybe changed.
    I can’t use the that code anymore, instead i was told to use this code — *141# or *496# for 1.5gb data plan with d same amount #1000

    so, is there anyway i can fix it or do you have an idea how it could work back like before

  98. fbl.i hv loads of credit on my 8x bonus but im nt able to use it nd wen i call,it tells me to recharge nd wen i recharge,airtel rather takes 4rm ma main acc nd 6x bonus wen i have much airtime on 8x bonus.pls tel me hw to activate it or airtel should take dat thing off wen i want check ma balance nd airtel should stop deciving people with dis bonus issue!!!

  99. Hello I Have Bonus in My Voice Account But Why Can’t I Use It? Secondly When I Recharge My FAF Account I Can’t Even See It Any More Not Talk Of Money Entering In To It,What Could Be The Problem?

  100. How do i use my 8x voice bonus?

  101. What is the code to migrate to smart connect

  102. If I migrate to trybe will my smart connect still work?

  103. Please how do I migrate to smart connect 5.0 on my line

  104. Please how can i change from my current tariff to smartconnect

  105. Admin pls add me to your what’s app group, 07069396131

  106. Please admin so without me buying a new sim I can’t get access to smart connect?? What of your old customers?? Does it mean we have to buy a new sim before we can use smart connect??

  107. What if I’m on smart trybe how will I go back to smart connect

  108. Admin what happened with 7days (*341*7#)

  109. Admin how can i opt out frm smart connect


  111. I can’t use my bonus to call any network including airtel,
    After my main balance is finished,I canymake use of the airtime bonus to make calls,why?and what should I do?

  112. Please I may like you people to connected back on smartconnect

  113. I’m on smart connect but I can’t make use of the 8x bonus… its just there piled up

  114. please am on smart connect but I can’t make use of my 8x bonus. its just piled up there

  115. pls admin cn someone re register his new airtel line to bk to smartconnect?

  116. fbi…i have a new sim dat am on smartconnect before but i mistakenly opt out pls wanna knw if i cn re register to bk to smartconnect?

  117. I have over 5000 plus on my 8x bonus and I can’t use it why

  118. pls I mistakenly migrated to another tariff plan….but to go back to smart connect isn’t working…..pls help

  119. Must I get a new SIM to activate Airtel smart connect? What if I have an Airtel sim I have been using, is it possible to change the tarrif just like mtn does?

  120. Please how can I go back to double data… cos I reacharge late,since den dey Ave not be giving me my double data anymore….

    • After 6months, the double data will no longer work. You can try re-activating or re-registering your SIM as lost SIM, it might restore the double data bonuses. But in other words, you can also try to send GET to 141. And wait for the reply!
      Your feedback will be highly appreciated!

  121. This is madness! I have over 86,000 voice bonus but I can’t use it after I retrieved my line. Whats the solution

  122. Hi, please…i got a new airtel Sim so i have been on smart connect, but i migrated to smart trybe when i saw that d bonuses on smart connect was not paying me well….pls i need to know what i stand to gain on smart trybe in clear terms… do i get a representatuve to speak with when i call customer care…i never get a response…thanks…

  123. What code should i deal to migrate to airtel smart connect

  124. Pls.ineed my sim card update to smartcoonect.

  125. Am already in Airtel smart connect 5.0 but am not receiving double data and 8x recharge what should I do oga,pls reply me via

  126. I Want To Back To Smart Connect

  127. if I re-register, will it be new number or same number that I will still have?

  128. A friend told me, to use airtel smart connect5.0 for old customer I have to dial *311*2 Ariel number#. I want to know if this is true

  129. I mistakenly migrated to another tariff and i want to comeback to airtel smartconnect.pls help out

  130. I just bought a new AIRTEL SIM and I recharge 200. I wasn’t given any bonus it is still 200. What is happening.

  131. I can’t use my bonuses to make calls anymore..what’s happening please

  132. I want to migrate into smart connect back, pls hw do can make it

  133. This is rubbish!!Getting another sim just to switch back to smart connect

    • We are very sorry about that, but that is the way Airtel programmed it.

  134. How will I get smart connect plan code

  135. Please I’m still in smartconnect but I don’t get bonuses on calls anymore. How do I go about that?

  136. I was asked to send SMART to 311 to migrate but it didn’t work what else should I do??

  137. I need to migrate to another good plan what should I do?

  138. victor the enterprenuer

    ona they try sha but why ona want make every body buy new sim befor he go enjoy the smart connect? this is nigeria is bad all u think is making money u just leverage on people u cant inmagine young guys in my area buying sim card every week u people should change o the kingdom of GOD is at hand…

  139. Have registered my Airtel line and still no bonus have recharged and no bonus

  140. Pls I was giving 3000 bonus when I recharged my line and twas weekend bonus but I have been trying to call and is not going

  141. I have up to 3k on my weekend bonus but I can’t use it why??

  142. How can i migrate to smart connect

  143. I mistakenly migrated from smartCONNECT to smartTRYBE..
    What do I do

  144. How can I opt to Faf i don’t like this TalkMore anymore

  145. They are telling me that I can opt out from SmartTRYBE to any other tariff again

  146. How can I opt from Airtel smart trybe and go back to Airtel smart connect with a new sim card

  147. I was on smart connect
    How do I join back
    Because I don’t knw what happen to me line

  148. Please, Admin, i was on Airtel smart connect 5.0 before, with (8x bonus) and i mistakenly migrated to another tariff plan because an ads popped up on my phone screen, which i just pressed ‘Ok’. Now the question is “if i do a welcome back by re-registering my sim as a lost sim, will i be back on smart connect, and continue enjoying my (8x bonus)?

  149. am using 6x bonus before airtel just change my tariff plan all of the sudden, please I really want the code to migrate to 6x bonus back

  150. Am on airtel trybe and i want to migrate to smart connect the code

  151. Pls I wanted to be on smart connect but my sim is telling me that am not allowed to access the service
    Pls what should I do

  152. How can I migrate to smart connect

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