Airtel are not joking this time around, maybe, Airtel Nigeria are planning on bringing a much better competition than GLO Nigeria. Airtel shook the internet with it latest Data Bundles by introducing more amazing but cheap data plan and their activation codes.

The Airtel latest New Data Bundles Plans offers 6GB For N500 and 2GB For N200. Probably, later on this year, one can pay just one thousand to browse the internet unlimited for one full month, nonstop.

airtel data bundles

This latest Airtel Night plan works hand in hand with the MTN Night Plan where you can get MTN 1GB for N200, 2.5GB for N500 and 5GB for N1000, you can check them out HERE. But one thing special about the newly introduced Airtel plans is that the plans currently works both day and night.

Below are the latest Airtel bundle plans and their activation/subscription codes. And there are necessary things, you are required to know about this latest Airtel Data Bundle before subscribing. In order, not to get lost and so.

What You Need to Know about Airtel 6GB and 2GB Night Plan

Nothing much. But Airtel Nigeria has set this latest Plan to work only 2G network. That is to say, if your phone is using 5G, 4G, 3G network, all you have to do is to manually goto your (using my tecno c8 direction) Settings >> …More >> Mobile networks >> Preferred network type and then select 2G network. Just like the image below.

airtel 6gb

And again, you have to make use of new Airtel sim or any Airtel Sim that you do not have any existing data bundle plan on because upon subscription, it will automatically deactivate any existing data plan. Please Note this, because it is very important and essential.

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And lastly, this Airtel Plan works on all device, you do not need any tweaking of a thing, all you have to do is to dial the codes below and get started. That is all. Read the activation code and the validity period of the plans.

airtel 2g

How to Subscribe to the Airtel 6GB for N500

With Airtel N500 you can 6GB worth of data. The Plan is really cheap and affordable. You need not to tweak imei, it is not a cheat. It is a new plan from our Airtel Telecom Nigeria and it works on device but note that, it is a Night Plan but works both day and night.

Before proceeding with this step, note that, you have successfully read the above important things you need to know before subscribing. You can activate this plan by dialing *482# and choose the 6GB plan, that is all. And note that, the validity period is just 28 days!

How to Subscribe to the Airtel 2G for N200

You need no tweaking thing. All you have to do is to make use of new sim card because if you dare subscribe to this newlyy plans, it will automatic deactivate any existing plan for instant, you are previously using the 9GB for N3500, then you activate this plan, it will deactivate it and you will lost everything.

Before you continue, you can at least try to read the aforementioned things, which are really important and essential. To subscribe to this plan, you can dial *482# then select the 2GB plan for N200, that is all. Remember it works on device and it can be used both day and night. The validity period is 14days.

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How to Opt-out of Airtel 2GB for N200

It is very simple and short. Below are the step by steps guide on how to opt out of this Airtel Plans. Just dial *482*4# and you will receive invalid request message, Don’t worry, >> Reply with * then reply with 3. You will now receive something like this “You have cancelled your 2g data subscription

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