Airtel is an amazing telecom network provider in Nigeria, but they have a remarkable presence in Asia countries. Meanwhile, in Nigeria, we have a lot of data plan for all and the How to activate Airtel N2500 Data Plan is another choice.

Normally, browsing and surfing the internet is way different in people lives. We have light and heavy users on the internet, where heavy users streams videos / movies / games online and also download heavy files but light users does the opposite of that.

The scenarios between the two customers is a little bit different, and customers can easily fit into any aforementioned category. Choosing or picking a portable data plan bundle plan for yourself is quite hectic and somewhat distressful. But with Airtel N2500, I really think you can do much more that that.


How to activate Airtel N2500 data plan?

Mobile phone users can now activate the monthly Airtel N2500 data by dialing *437*1#. And automatically, you will receive a confirmation message.

The Airtel N2500 data plan is a monthly plan, that gives you 5.5GB (4.5GB + 1GB Night). Where the night data plan can be used within 1AM – 7AM Daily.

It is known as Android 2.5 on Airtel homepage. Luckily, if your SIM is eligible for the double data offer, then you will receive extra 5.5GB (4.5GB + 1GB Night), which will total up to 11GB (9GB + 2GB Night). Recall, the 2GB Night plan is usable from 1AM – 7AM at Night.


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