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Airtel Launches New Weekend Data Bundle

    Airtel wants to rule the internet with its data bundle and they are really going with it. Although, MTN, GLO there to counter attack them.

    In a recent news about Data Bundle, Mtn just introduce 3GB For N300 as Weekend Data Plan, which works for weekend to the other weekend and also Glo is also hitting the internet.

    Informing you, Airtel has just Introduced Unlimited Data Plan For Night Users. For those who really want to download heavy files, movie lovers, apps lovers and many more, then using this Airtel Weekend Unlimited Data Bundle is really advisable.

    How Does this Airtel Weekend Data Looks and Works Like

    Remember the Airtel Hourly Based Plan, this newly airtel data bundle has the same three category but it is more preferable than that hourly plan. See Below the divided category:-

    *. Category 1==> 1hour plan for N100
    *. Category 2==> 3hours plan for N300
    *. Category 3==> 6hours plan for N500.

    Please be aware that it is unlimited download based on the plan you choose until your plan expires. The time for this data plan offer its from 12am -6am every day.

    How to Activate the Airtel Weekend Data Bundle Plan

    Before you register, please we want to assure you that it will work on all eligible Smartphones ranging from iPad/iPhone, Android, Blackberry10, Windows Mobile and for PC users and other Mac Pc.

    *. 1hour plan, dial *481*1#
    *. 3hours plan, dial *481*2#
    *. 6hours plan, dial *481*3#

    Welcome to the New World of Airtel and also welcome to the new world of 2016 and welcome to the new world of WE not paying too much just to browse the INTERNET!