All Airtel Data Plan Prices and Subscription Code – Airtel Bundles Plan

Once again, we are here providing you the best and cheapest Data Bundles Plans for your Android Smartphones and PC, Laptops for those using Airtel Nigeria.

Although in 2016, GLO and Airtel kind of dominated the world of Telecommunications office by introducing a cheaper rate of Data Bundle for all gadgets users.

Well, let’s go back to business. Today, FBL will be listing out the cheapest and almost all the current plans of Airtel Nigeria Data Bundles Plans which is usable on Android smartphones and PC.


Airtel who are known to be among the cheapest data plan providers and customer-care love in Nigeria. Airtel Nigeria keeps surprising us with newer plans.

We also have the Airtel SmartRecharge that gives you 10x of all your recharge, here, you can Call. Connect. Download. With smart recharge, Airtel give you 10times more on your recharge value for voice and data!

For instant; If you load N100 gives you N500 for calls and N500 for data while
N200 gives you N1000 for calls and N1000 for data. And many others.

To activate, all you have to do is to recharge your phone by dialing *220*Recharge pin# Simple and easy!

How to buy Airtel data plan

It is simple and short. To subscribe or activate any of the Airtel internet bundle plan, just:

*. Dial *141#
*. Choose 1
*. Choose 1 for Daily/Weekly
*. Choose 2 for Monthly
*. Choose 3 for Mega
*. Then select a bundle

List of all Airtel Data Plan

Right now, their plans can make you browse on your device throughout the entire month.

Airtel Data Plan PriceData CapsUSSD CodeValidity
N5020MB*141*50#1 Day
N10075MB*141*100#1 Day
N3001GB*141*354#1 Day
N5002GB*141*504#1 Day
N200200MB*141*200#3 Day
N300350MB*141*300#7 Day
N5001GB*141*502#7 Days
N15006GB*141*1504#7 Days
N500750MB*141*500#14 Days
N10001.5GB*141*1000#30 Days
N1,2002GB*141*1200#30 Days
N1,5003GB*141*1500#30 Days
N2,0004.5GB*141*2000#30 Days
N2,5006GB*141*2500#30 Days
N3,0008GB*141*3000#30 Days
N4,00011GB*141*4000#30 Days
N5,00015GB*141*5000#30 Days
N10,00040GB*141*10000#30 Days
N15,00075GB*141*15000#30 Days
N20,000110GB*141*20000#30 Days

Airtel Daily and Weekly Plans

These Airtel data plans are specially made for everyone Airtel mobile network, but especially for those that are used to browse the internet on a limited basis.

If you are a light user, you can easily make use of the below data plan for your Smartphone and you will never regret it!

*. For N50: You get 20MB and it is valid for 1 Day. Dial *141*50# to activate.

*. For N100: You get 75MB and it is valid for 1 Day. Dial *141*100# to activate.

*. For N200: You get 200MB and it is valid for 3 Days. Dial *141*200# to activate.

*. For N300: You get 1GB and it is valid for 1 Day. Dial *141*354# to activate.

*. For N500: You get 2GB and it is valid for 1 Day: Dial *141*504# to activate.

*. For N300: You get 350MB and it is valid for 7 Days. Dial *141*300# to activate.

*. For N500: You get 1GB and it is valid for 7 Days. Dial *141*502# to activate.

*. For N1500: You get 6GB and it is valid for 7 Days. Dial *141*1504# to activate.

*. For N500: You get 750MB and it is valid for 14 Days. Dial *141*500# to activate.

Airtel Monthly Plan

The below list of Airtel internet plans is valid for 30 days. Where you can easily enjoy an unlimited data bundle plan for complete 30 days validity.

The plans begin from N1000 upwards. In order to get the below Airtel data plan working, you have to recharge the exact amount and dial any of the following codes:

Airtel N1000 Plan

This is the cheapest monthly Android Data Plans including PC Data Plan. With 1,000, you can get 1.5GB for a complete 30. To subscribe, all you have to do is to dial *141*1000#.

The Plans are usable on all devices at N1/MB all day. Enjoy Android 1.0 at N1,000 for 1.5GB. Valid for 30 days.

Airtel N1,200 Plan

Airtel just added some amazing data plans to its catalog and it is impressive, they are known as “My Offers’ It is Airtel N1,200 plan for 2GB, and it is valid for 30 Days.

You can possibly activate this plan by dialing *141*1200#. Fortunately, it is used every 24hours, for a whole full month.

Airtel N1,500 Plan

Here, Airtel recently introduced a new data plan bundle that allows you to get 3GB for a month (30 days) for just 1,500 but it is been divided into morning and night.

Where you have 3GB for both day and night. Anyways, it is usable 24hours. To activate, you can dial *141*1500#.

Airtel N2000

Another cheaper data plan for both Android and PC devices is the 4.5GB which you can get with N2,000 and it is valid for 30 DAYS.

To subscribe to it, you have to recharge your phone and dial *141*2000#. Enjoy N2,000 for 4.5GB. Valid for 30 days@ N1/MB all day, remember, it is also usable on all devices.

Airtel N2,500 Plan

Well, Airtel Nigeria has changed the plan settings for this bundle. Where you will get 6GB for 30 days. You will use the plan during the day and night.

At least, it can be used for a complete 30 days with an uninterrupted data zap issue. To activate, just recharge your sim card and dial *141*2500#. Enjoy N2,500 for 6GB. Valid for 30 days @ N1/MB all day.

Airtel N3,000 Plan

You can enjoy unlimited news update to your both Android Devices and Personal Computer (PC) with the new 8GB for both morning and night.

It is now 8GB, you can use the plan during the day and night. It all costs N3,000 for 30 days. You can dial *141*3000#. Valid for 30 days@ N1/MB all day.

Airtel N4000

You can go ahead and watch movies, download and stream music to stay up to date with Android 4.0 data plan. You will not only power up your devices, you can also watch short and long movies for 30 days.

With the 11GB total bundle, you can browse throughout the day and throughout the night. It is Daily Dial *141*4000# to activate.

airtel data plan

Airtel Mega Plans

The Airtel Mega Packs or Plans aren’t much different from the monthly plan, the 30 days validity period is also stamped on it.

But with the below plans, you can browse and download bigger files. These plans are for those that browse the internal heavily:

Airtel N5000

With the Airtel N5000 plan, you will not only watch interesting short videos or comedy but now, you will watch the long film with 15GB for both night and day combined.

Dial *141*5000# to activate. Connect all your data-enabled home and office devices with a burn rate of 1kobo/kb 24hrs weekday and weekend.

Airtel N10,000

Get 25GB with 10,000 for 30 days. Dial *141*10000# to activate. This is the best plan at the most affordable rate for the Mega 10 plan with 40GB at N10,000 only. The plan now comes with a burn rate of 1kobo/kb 24hrs weekday and weekend.

Airtel N15,000

This is 75GB with 15,000 for 60 days. To activate, dial *141*15000# . Enjoy 40GB super-fast and reliable data to stay connected with our Mega 15 plan, with a burn rate of 1kobo/kb 24hrs weekday and weekend.

Airtel N20,000

Here, you have huge 110GB to download the internet, watch movies, download games, stream online matches and many more with 20,000, you can 110GB for complete 30 days validation.

All you have to do is to recharge your sim and dial *141*20000#. The Airtel Mega Packs are designed for the heavy data user.

Airtel Social Plans

Airtel Social Plan PriceData CapValidityUSSD Code
N2510MB1 DAY*948*4#
N5040MB1 DAY*991*4#
N10080MB5 DAY*688*3#
N300600MB25 DAY*688*1#

*. For N25: You get 10MB, valid for 1 Day. Dial *948*4# to activate.

*. For N50: You get 40MB, valid for 1 Day. Dial *991*4# to activate.

*. For N100: You get 80MB, valid for 5 Days. Dial *688*3# to activate.

*. For N300: You get 600MB, valid for 25 Days. Dial *688*1# to activate.

Youtube Video Plan

– For N1000: You get 1.5GB + 3GB Free YouTube

– For N300: You get 300MB for 7days/Video Plan

– For N150: You get 300MB for 7days/Night Video Plan

Discontinued Airtel Plans

The following data plans have been officially been discontinued by Airtel due to their personal interest or whatsoever. For now, when you dial the following code, you will receive this message as the response;
“Dear customer, this plan has been discontinued, please dial *141# to select from our rich bouquet of data plans”

*. MEGA 8

With Airtel Mega 8, you do not need to be vigilant anymore. You can now browse, download, watch movies, connect to your friends and devices around for complete 30 days with the 16GB with 8,000. Dial *460# to activate. Enjoy 16GB Mega 8 plan.

*. MEGA 36

Get 50GB with 36,000 for 180. To subscribe, please send *406#. Do you require large data for the whole family or an office? Then the Airtel Mega 36 plan is the ultimate choice with 50GB at N36,000 valid for 180 days.

*. MEGA 70

In other words, this is called a Family plan for yearly budgets. You can get 100GB with 70,000 for complete 365. Dial *407# to activate. Do you require large data for the whole family or an office? Then the Airtel Mega 70 plan is the ultimate choice with 100GB for N70,000 valid for 365 days.

*. MEGA 136

Looking for good data plans for your office or to run your company business without losing tracks or service bar? Then this Mega 136 is the best choice of data plan for you and your business. Get this 200GB with 136,000 for 365. To activate this plan, please dial *408#. Enjoy 200GB at N136,000 valid for 365 days.

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      Thanks for dropping by.

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